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Single Property Websites: Track Your Website Statistics

Any seasoned webmaster will tell you that having access to your website statistics is a crucial part of running a website. What’s more, website statistics are an integral part of any online marketing campaign. They are the best, most accurate feedback system.

Checking your website statistics tells you if what you’ve been doing so far is working, and whether you need to keep fine-tuning your search engine optimization and your social media marketing efforts in order to gain more visibility and achieve better results.

As experienced real estate professionals AND seasoned webmasters, we know it doesn’t make sense to build a single property website without giving you convenient access to the website’s statistics. This is why each of our property websites has built-in website statistics that tell you how many unique visitors you have had, and also tell you the top 5 referring search engines.

In addition, you can easily view your daily activity, monthly activity and total visitors. We have also included a reporting function in our property websites. This useful tool allows you to email a detailed report to your sellers. You can show them exactly how popular their home is!

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