Beautiful home exterior during late spring season with clean landscapeAre you one of the many real estate professionals suffering a bout of spring fever, organizing print and email marketing campaigns and fastening your seat belt for the wild ride cold calling? Before you fork over your credit card information for “hot leads” courtesy of online real estate marketing companies, you may want to switch to decaf and make sure you’re on the right path with your marketing tactics.

Successful lead generation begins with you:

1. Do your research.
Before you purchase a lead list, do a little investigation into the source of listings and reputation of the company. You don’t want a useless list – or the same one as everyone else.

2. Be thorough.
Review service and cancellation terms before purchasing a lead list. In addition, verify you aren’t violating company, do not call, state and federal policies.

3. Set realistic goals.
Data lists and internet leads are a gamble, yielding mixed results owing to a variety of factors from over-farmed zip codes to cheesy sales scripts and poor follow-up tactics.

4. Avoid the salesman stereotype.
Don’t try to hard sell every person you have a conversation with in the effort to “get your money’s worth” out of your list. Differentiate yourself. Br real and have sincere conversations.

5. Respect those with whom you’re interacting.
Understand prospective clients may have had a negative experience and need a break from listing their home. Realize others may have simply been curious, and it may be six months before they’re realistically ready to move.

6. Know your limits.
Find a sales script that matches your style and comfort level, and be among the real estate professionals who understand cold calling is only one way to generate business among many.

Don’t be one of the many real estate professionals prospects are dodging. Generate genuine leads by finding the marketing path that’s right for you today.

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