Smart Linking Increases Real Estate Website Effectiveness

The internet, mobile technology and social media offer powerful tools that can help you grow your real estate business. But, as we’ve been discussing recently, real estate agents and brokers must not only choose technology tools wisely; they must take steps to maximize the effectiveness of the tools they employ if they wish to reap the significant benefits these tools offer. Smart linking is one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase the return you obtain from your technology investment.

Establishing solid links between your real estate website, mobile website, Facebook business page, listing domains, Twitter feed, blog and any other web-based tools you employ provides the following benefits:

  • Providing potential clients with multiple access points to your services widens your proverbial “net,” ensuring that you will “snare” sellers and buyers no matter what media they use.
  • Linking all of your online, mobile and social resources back to your agent website and providing links from your website to other resources allows potential clients to move freely between platforms and access information from whatever application they are using. The more convenient your site is to use, the more return traffic — and ultimately clients — it will attract.

Ensuring seamless linking between all of your real estate technology tools is just the beginning. To improve linking effectiveness, follow these linking tips:

  • To build your reputation as a real estate expert and attract visitors to your own website, regularly post comments on popular real estate forums and blogs, always linking your comments back to your website.
  • Establish reciprocal links to outside sources to boost the number of inbound links on your website to at least 20. Inbound links — links posted on other websites that refer site visitors back to your website — enhance your reputation as an expert and increase search engine result rankings.
  • Post and link to source material on other websites.
  • Publish periodic online press releases that link to your site.
  • Regularly test links to ensure that all links remain active.

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At Properties Online we are dedicated to helping real estate professionals grow their business by offering innovative and invaluable technology tools with a smile. Our web-based software is extremely easy to use and makes creating a website, a flyer or a video simple and fun!
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Haus Serangoon Garden
Haus Serangoon Garden
August 6, 2012 1:05 am

Thanks for the wonderful article full of information for the new comer in real estate business. I will wait for your next post also.

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Amanda Cornelius
October 5, 2012 10:49 am

It’s our pleasure! Thanks for reading!

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