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Snag Senior Clients with Superior Downsizing and Relocation Services

They're Looking to Downsize

They’re Looking to Downsize

It’s no surprise downsizing and relocation services are trending upward. The aging baby boom generation is large, and has also lived large, both in terms of family and square footage. This has left empty nesters in need of more humble habitats, especially those preparing for retirement. The best part? Real estate trends like this offer astute agents ample opportunity to broaden their client base.

How can you help downsizing work for your business?
Offering free seminars, to-do lists, and tips and tricks brochures for downsizing and relocating seniors is a great way to up the ante on your real estate services and bring new clients in the door. Seniors often feel daunted by the amount of work it takes to pare down. Assuaging their angst is a great way to help them move on – literally and figuratively.

Demystifying decluttering for retirees:
Relocating retirees need a plan – and a little help

  • Encourage enlisting…
    Enlist the help of family and friends for physical and emotional support – and enlist professional support (packers, movers, mental health counselor) when needed.
  • Teach the “one-year rule.”
    Donate to charity or throw away anything untouched/unused for more than a year.
  • Save your back.
    Ask your real estate professional for help planning your new, smaller space. Then have someone help you host an estate sale, such as local/online companies that specialize in helping seniors move.
  • Stick to it.
    Use colored sticky notices to ID containers for saving or donation. Color code valuables (jewelry, art, personal documents) as well, removing them to a safe location where they won’t be confused with donation piles.
  • Make mementos.
    Don’t have the space to keep an item? Remember it by taking a photo of keepsakes from family and friends before donation.
  • Stop stalling.
    If downsizing is imminent, start now, before crisis occur.

Missing out on the latest real estate trends? You could end up downsizing your business. Relocate your marketing efforts with the help of Properties Online today.


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