Welcome to Part 2 of a 3-part series on social media statistics. In our first post, we looked at some recent Facebook statistics. Today, we’ll explore Twitter and some numbers that might make you stop and think, “Wow!”

Twitter Infographic

Twitter is the reigning king of microblogging sites. When it launched six years ago, it left a lot of people shaking their heads. But today, the site has more than 465 million account holders who send more than 175 million tweets a day into the twittersphere. These numbers will soon be obsolete, considering that 11 new Twitter accounts are created every second, and the site grows by approximately 1 million accounts every day.

A year after its launch, Twitter was valued at $5 million. That year it raised $1 million. Two billion tweets were posted in 2009, and the site raised $35 million – a massive jump in just two years. In 2010, the site was revalued at an astounding $3.7 billion, and it raised $200 million.

The United States is home to the largest proportion of Twitter users, with 170.7 million account holders. While the web remains the most popular access point for users (64%), 16% access Twitter from their mobile phones, and 10% primarily use a Twitter client.

Interesting content is cited as the #1 reason to re-tweet. Sounds simple, right? Give your followers something they want to see, read or hear, and they’ll probably pass it on. Make it funny, and you’ve got 66% of followers willing to share. Incentives attract some 32% of re-tweets.

Here’s how tweeters decide who to follow:

• 69% follow other tweeters who have been suggested by friends
• 47% follow tweeters they found in an online search
• 44% follow tweeters suggested by Twitter
• 31% follow promotions

Your friend network can be very powerful here – ask them to follow and recommend you, locally and otherwise.

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Join us next time for the final installment of this 3-part series, when we’ll explore some fascinating LinkedIn statistics.

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