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Social Sharing and Real Estate

According to NAR, Realtors® say social media is their #1 source of high-quality leads. In fact, according to their recent member profile, 47% of Agents get their “highest-quality” leads from social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. If you’re not marketing yourself on these platforms, you might be missing out – big!

One of the most useful features of Real Estate Sites websites is the ability to quickly and easily add listings to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Social networking is an exciting form of online marketing. It utilizes viral methods of marketing to create a natural buzz around a property. Essentially, social media marketing is a lot like old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing, but it is done on a much larger scale thanks to the wide reach of the Internet.

For example, if you’ve been active on Facebook and have a couple hundred friends there, you can post each single property website to your Facebook profile or Facebook Business Page to let people know about it. A percentage of these people will like what they see and spread the word, either in person to their friends and family, or online, through their own social networks.

Posting single property sites to Facebook is especially easy for Real Estate Sites users since the service includes an easy posting feature! In addition to sharing your listings, you should also share your expertise and experience! Share your testimonials, share links to your website content, share video tips for buyers and sellers – basically position yourself as a real estate expert by getting your knowledge out there! With most real estate website builders, you can create articles/pages anytime and share them across all social media platforms.