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Suffering from MLS Sickness? There May Be a Cure.

Outdated listings. Incorrect information. Ridiculous limitations. Fees. Those selling real estate know the MLS system is ailing. A rampantly spreading disease affecting all realtors, its mandated cooperation and compensation policies and membership-driven objectives have plagued the industry for far too long. And some say it’s time for change…

Is there a cure?
No more band aids, stiches, or surgeries. This aging, failing system doesn’t need another prescription to keep it thrumming to a steady beat – it’s already overregulated enough. The MLS needs a transplant. A new, broker-centered heart that puts this monopolistic data management system back in the hands of the brokerage industry to restore the competitive sales environment.

A viable alternative
Imagine if you could live life with a new, deregulated platform where you are empowered to manage your own data, pulling the plug on the MLS to replace it with:

  • A single, nationwide data system relying solely on listing brokers for management, distribution, and licensing.
  • An environment free of MLS and NAR rules and policies – you choose who to share and cooperate with – including compensation.
  • Retrieval of your data for business use is easy and free.
  • Your brokerage activities are governed only by state licensing laws rather than all those scripts you currently have to fill from multiple MLS jurisdictions and a geographic board of 750+.

Avoid systemic damage
Mainstream, MLS medicine isn’t working anymore. The industry needs a viable alternative. If you think the industry at large is happy pushing though with the status quo – ask anyone how they feel about the MLS, NAR, and state and local boards. Selling real estate was not meant to be this way. And the death toll of lost customers to today’s tech-centered, DIY environment (FSBO) is rapidly climbing.

Are the politics of selling real estate making you sick? Properties Online may have a cure for what ails you. Contact us today.

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