Real estate agents overwhelmingly chose the iPad presentation app as their favorite new marketing tool in a recent Imprev survey. Asked to choose their five favorite from a list of 25 real estate marketing products, three out of four real estate professionals placed presentation apps for iPads at the top of their list of must-have real estate technology tools. Here’s the list of the top five real estate marketing tools Realtors would most like to have in their tech tool bags:

  1. iPad presentation app 75%
  2. automated eMarketing campaign 35%
  3. single property websites 29%
  4. personal blog 28%
  5. video 25%

While iPad apps were the marketing tool after which most real estate agents lusted, the iPad itself came in second to smartphones as agents’ favorite technology. Fifty-two percent of real estate professionals choose smartphones as the technology they couldn’t do without, reflecting the increasing popularity of mobile marketing which many are calling a “game-changer” in the real estate industry. iPads and android tablet computers came in a distant second. Here’s how real estate marketing technologies stacked up in the survey:

  1. smartphones 52%
  2. iPad or android tablet 26%
  3. laptop, notebook or netbook 16%
  4. desktop computer 5%
  5. other 1%

Not surprisingly, the survey clearly reflected the real estate industry’s transition from print media to internet marketing. When asked to compare the real estate marketing tools they found most useful today to those they used 10 years ago, the majority of real estate agents chose email marketing as today’s most effective marketing tool. A decade ago, 69% of survey respondents said newspaper display ads formed the core of their real estate marketing program. Despite their limited effectiveness today, 8 in 10 real estate agents still use newspaper display ads to market homes. However, rather than being an integral part of a Realtor’s marketing strategy as it was a decade ago, today newspaper advertising is more likely to be done at the seller’s request or because local sellers expect it. Only one in 10 of the Realtors surveyed still considered newspaper advertising an effective marketing tool.


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