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Tips for Promoting Your Real Estate Videos

New to video use in real estate marketing? We’ve got the tips and tricks to get you up and running fast. Make the most of your energy and investment with this no-fail video marketing plan for the experienced and uninitiated alike.

Step 1: Do NOT Pass Go: Go Directly to YouTube
The second largest search engine in the world and a subsidiary of Google, the largest search engine in the world, hosting your videos on a YouTube channel can propel you to the top 55% of Google’s top ten search results. YouTube is a veritable search engine optimization (SEO) goldmine. From here, you can set up your account to autoshare to other social media arenas. Leading us to…

Step 2: Be Social
Sharing your listings increases exposure, with some social media venues, such as Facebook, delivering even more potential customer views than YouTube. Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more only increase your marketing potential. Pin status updates of your top-performing videos to the top of your social accounts, or splice videos into 30 second clips and extend your marketing efforts.

Step 3: Don’t Overlook the Tried & True
Don’t let email and web opportunities fall by the wayside. Outside of YouTube, your website should be the premier place you host your videos, and is an excellent avenue for reaching your market niche, showcasing your personality and expertise.

The key to reaching your target audience is proper search engine optimization that gives today’s mobile generation fast access to your product. Add videos to your blog, featuring listings and advice throughout. Don’t forget to include video links (and a photo) to landing pages in your direct email marketing – it’s a powerful tool for accomplishing direct, personal communication with clients and leads.

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Marketing via Drone Video is a Whole New Way of Seeing Real Estate!

Use of Drones is Growing Outside of Luxury Real Estate Categories

Think drone technology is only worth it for McMansions? Think again. In today’s dog-eat-dog cyberworld of listings – it’s hard to stand out from the pack. Drop-in drone technology is topping the list of real estate selling tips that give you the edge you need to produce those sky-high sales numbers that you’ve been lusting after.

Fly It & Buy It
High-quality video and photography offer an amazing return-on-investment, differentiating property listings with dramatic photography for MLS photos and video listings. And it’s applicable to more than multi-million dollar homes.

Bring Property Advantages to Life with Drone Technology:

  • Fly from the driveway to the front door for a walkup.
  • Give a 360-degree fly-by of home exteriors.
  • Offer potential buyers a better idea of views, property landscape, and footprint.
  • Create a flowing, whole-house motion tour in HD.

Ready, Aim, Fire!
The latest and best real estate technology, using drone photography as your real estate marketing weapon of choice can really help you narrow-in on your target audience. And it can be added to your arsenal for as little as $1,000 (and FAA flight training), or farmed out to a drone photographer, then used to create compelling, professional-quality videos that far surpass ground-based shots.

Action-Packed Footage – In Minutes
Paired with Properties Online’s newest video builder, drone and ground-based footage can be assembled in minutes into a stunning video that will knock the socks of clients, and earn you those much-needed referrals with very little time investment. Our latest software:

  • Automatically adds captions, voice-overs, listing data and agent information.
  • Goes beyond default options to offer customization for color, design, content, logos, Spanish translations, and IDX-compliant versions for listings.
  • Automatically syndicates to YouTube, and provides an easy way for social sharing.

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What Marketing Trends Should Be On Your Radar for 2017

2017 is in full swing, and barreling along the high-tech bandwagon. Which trends are essential to your success this year? Let’s take a look at the real estate selling tips with the highest return for your monetary and time and investment.

Want the Most Bang for Buck? Tackle These Trends:

  • Real Estate Listing Videos
    Video listings give you added value in the eyes of the client, extending your reach to the buyers segment through improved Google search results, and a fast, efficient means to share listings. Video greatly reduces wasted commute times and unnecessary showings, creating quick and convenient “in-house” access for potential buyers. A definite boon for those in the initial stages of searching, and especially for weary sellers, who with the help of video can allow potential buyers to “tour” their home without having to abandon ship. Think you don’t have the time? Let Properties Online’s newly released video builder tackle the task for you in minutes.
  • Facebook Ads
    The increase in popularity of these ads makes them a good marketing strategy – but like all trends with a fast rise… A likewise rapid fall is to be expected. Eventually, FB lead cost will far exceed median home values – get in fast, the window for success is short!
  • Marketing Automation
    This year, marketing automation will be adopted by the masses, and it can save you time and money – especially when you’re busy with prospects. Are you transferring new leads to your CRM and email marketing software? Or spinning your wheels on tasks easily farmed out to tech when you could be closing sales?
  • Retargeting Ads
    Instead of generic messaging that redirects to your home page, spend the time on specific, meaningful, hyper-targeted messages to reap superior results.

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Leverage Facebook Messenger for Lead Generation and Conversion

Leverage Facebook Messenger for Lead Generation and Conversion

Facebook Messenger, the most popular app in the world, was downloaded 59.7 million times in the first 6 months of 2016 alone. Do you have the real estate selling tips you need to take advantage of its newest ad features?

Destination: FB Messenger
In previous versions, Messenger users had to seek out your business. Now you can select Messenger as a destination for website click objectives, simplifying the conversation initiating process (which allows clients to receive your messages) with a “Send Message” call-to-action to link to the app. This not only brings prospects further down the sales funnel and directly to your door, but allows for faster assessment of where they are in the sales cycle without being intrusive.

Heating up sales
The update offers businesses greater opportunity to warm up sales leads, drawing cooler leads away from “cold” general interest content and getting them in on the action. Those unlikely to have progressed can be warmed up via direct conversation, generating sales potential that would not have previously existed.

Guiding prospects into a conversation about product offerings also helps sift out uninterested leads. Messenger’s in-app messaging services feature an open-rate over 60% – far higher than the paltry 10% open rate of conventional web advertising. Personalized attention (“I’d be happy to chat with you regarding XXX…” versus generic form letters) further increase chances of success.

Nothing lost in transit
The Messenger app doesn’t deliver instant access to just dialogues, it also delivers to content like blog posts at the top of the funnel. Programming for messages allows for easy access to advertising campaigns and other content, just like those “learn more” buttons for landing pages used to do. The difference is, here the goal is a personal discussion – not just an increase in website traffic.

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Inman’s Savvy Predictions for Real Estate Selling in 2017

Can This Near-Term Market Boost Go The Distance?

According to Brad Inman, founder and sole owner of Inman, real estate selling’s leading name in news, 2017 promises to be a fun and exciting year…

What does this innovator and thought leader predict for 2017 that others may have overlooked?

• In 2017, home sellers will come out on top
Between the market itself and home seller-centered tech innovations such as Opendoor and Knock, sellers are expected to sit down to – and leave the table – smiling throughout the majority of the year.

• The market to experience a temporary boost
Thanks to the Donald, job creation, and IRA jumps. However, this may not hold thanks to robot job theft.

• A woman won’t lead the country, but one will lead the NAR
Inman forecasts the National Association of Realtors will make a woman the CEO, despite “the old guard” lobbying for one of its own.

• Zillow will venture overseas
Acquiring a European portal in efforts to fill valuation expectations.

Opendoor will do just that for nontraditional sellers
Becoming the second-largest broker in the U.S. after NRT, offering sellers the certainty they cannot get with traditional tactics.

• Redfin hits Wall Street
Taking the money and running to capture more share in existing markets as well as on the recruiting lines to fuel innovative and technological advancements.

• DocuSign hits the street, too
The IPO of the paperless crusader could be huge.

• Equity sharing goes mainstream
Supported by Freddie, Fannie, and other big lenders as buyers short on funds look for solutions to down payment dilemmas in pricey markets.

• The luxury market re-emerges post-facelift
Walkable neighborhoods are what all buyers are ogling, and as high-end cash hoarders tiptoe back into the market, green will fly.

Dropped your crystal ball? We’re here to help, from real estate selling predictions to legislation surprises. Buckle up your seatbelts for 2017. Properties Online is here to help you hang on through the bumpy ride.