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Social Marketing Tips Clients ‘Like’

Marketing on social media sites is integral for agents, yet many have only scratched the surface of their social media potential. In today’s real estate marketing tips, we’ll take a look at maximizing this potential, and how to get potential customers to ‘like’ you… Before they ‘swipe left’ on your brand.

Seven Ways to Step-Up Your Social Marketing Game

– Make Sharing Simpler
With a responsive layout, clear photography, easy to find/use buttons including favorites and links to other social sharing sites.

– Take Advantage of Facebook Groups
Link Facebook Groups to your FB page, using them to boost networking and offer additional client services. Monitor questions buying/selling clients are looking for help on in the group, and show off your expertise!

– Share More, with Reviews & Services
Enable both reviews and services to gain referrals (the best kind of marketing collateral), allowing clients to make appointments or message you with questions and simplifying the ‘connection’ process.

– Add a Cover Video
Facebook promotional videos far surpass page cover photos, instantly grabbing visitor attention. (Don’t forget a matching call-to-action button, such as ‘book now’ for free consultations.)

– Go Live
At a property, promoting a behind-the-scenes, unedited ‘scoop’ on new listings.

– Get Chatty
Building a Facebook Messenger chatbot through Sprout Social to answer common questions, offer impressive turnaround on inquiries, and cut down on your workload. Include closest listings by zip code, listings by price range, how to prep a home for sale, and more.

– Build Trust
With frequent posts, infographics, how-to videos, and other free real estate marketing tips. These are some of the easiest ways to build rapport without openly ‘pushing’ your services.

Eighty-four-percent of boomers and 94% of millennials rely on the Internet to search for their future home. How big a slice might you be missing out on with lackluster, behind-the-times marketing schemes? Step things up with the help of these and other real estate marketing tips from Properties Online today.

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Single Property Websites – Put the Web to Work for You

Having a hard time keeping up with your workload? Taking advantage of the latest online trends in real estate can take a load off your shoulders. Single property websites deliver, benefiting a broad spectrum of end-clientele. Easily customizable for use with real estate sales, rentals, commercial properties, relocation services and more, Real Estate Sites’ single listing domains provide more information in a laser-focused, customizable listing space that’s perfect for shoppers and in a format that gets sites up and running fast.

Why Are Single Property Websites So Great?

– That ‘Special’ Feeling
Worthy of their own little slice of the internet, single property websites offer an exclusive feel, standing out against the competition.

– No Distractions
Dedicated to one home, no competing listings will vie for the attention of shoppers. A home won’t be lost among a sea of listings, or be navigated away from your space.

– Outside-the-Box Inclusions
Include all the information you want – right where you want it: Large, multitudinous images, listing video tours, school, park, restaurant information –even your own sidebar or header agent advertisement.

Professionally Designed, Affordable Websites – Fast
Choose from hundreds of existing design combinations and real estate images – or use your own, designing a custom site quickly and easily. Customize a layout and header, or take advantage of fast default options and let us do the design for you.

Everything You Need to Market Your Properties Online
Create stunning video to post on your site, taking advantage of Virtuets, our free video listing creation tool, free with Real Estate Sites. Make sharing fast with built-in posting tools for today’s most popular social networks and listing services, or upload unlimited documents and flyers for printing.

Are you missing out on trends in real estate that could work to your benefit? Take full advantage of online sales opportunities with single property websites and the array of time-saving tools available from the Properties Online family today.

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What’s in a Number? Get More Sales with Number Psychology

Selling or buying a piece of land property, such as a house, is usually the biggest financial decision that you will make in your lifetime. With the high stakes of the transaction, a host of psychological factors come into play that decide the price at which the property is to be sold. You can also use a basic knowledge of psychology to set the price for the property that guarantees the maximum chance of a successful sale:

1. Say no to the 99.99 dollar habit

There’s a myth as old as business itself that removing one unit of currency from the price will convince buyers they’re getting a bargain. This old wives tale is about as helpful for procuring a sale as getting a ritualistic cleansing performed on the house by a gypsy witch to attract more buyers to it.

In the new online world of price searches, listing your house in such a manner will exclude it from the searches for houses that actually fall within your price range.

2. Forget Commas

Putting commas in between the rows of zeroes for your price range draws extra attention to the zeroes, whereas removing the commas fools the buyer on a subconscious level into believing the cost is lower than it actually is.

3. Avoid Round Numbers

Assigning your price in terms of odd numbers (eg – 170470) gives the impression that it is a more closely calculated and thus, final, price offer than if you use round numbers ( eg- 170000).

4. ‘Zero’-ing in on a Discount

While letting your client know about a discount offered on a property, make sure to write out as many zeroes as possible to give the impression of a greater discount price. Saying your client is getting a discount of $10000 dollars doesn’t sound as impressive as saying the discount is for $10000.00. The client will unconsciously associate the extra zeroes with a greater discount price.

What’s new for you in 2015?

January has always been known as the month for resolutions. It is also a great month for predictions. I love seeing what experts anticipate for the coming year in areas like technology, marketing and real estate. Each new year is full of possible, and things unknown yet to come. So, what’s new for you in 2015? Where will your real estate business take you? Will you (continue to) embrace digital technology and social media marketing to better market and sell your listings? Will each of your listings have its own single property website? We’d love to be part of your resolutions.

January has always been known as the month for resolutions. It is also a great month for predictions. I love seeing what experts anticipate for the coming year in areas like technology, marketing and real estate. Each new year is full of possible, and things unknown yet to come. So, what’s new for you in 2015? Where will your real estate business take you? Will you (continue to) embrace digital technology and social media marketing to better market and sell your listings? Will each of your listings have its own single property website?

I’ve been scanning 2015 prediction lists, and when I do I end up smiling. Mobile, social media, video – they’re all buzzwords again. And we’ve got you covered in all directions.

We are looking forward to an incredible year. Before I go back to our more typical posts next week, I just wanted to take a moment to talk about what we’re doing and what we’re excited about at Team Properties Online. We live and breathe real estate and technology. Getting to put them together has been fun for over a decade now.

We are committed to a bigger and better 2015, and we’re excited to have you on the journey. One of our tasks as an online real estate marketing firm is to watch trends. Video is not a trend. Video was the future. Now it is the, well, now. In addition to our top-of-the-line single property websites and agent websites, we are offering new video solutions in a big way. In addition to our easy-to-use Video Builder solution, we are in love with Virtuets, our video marketing, website content and property videos solution. You can incorporate Virtuets Video for Real Estate into any of your Properties Online products or services, dramatically increasing their impact. Have a look HERE for sample content to see just what I’m talking about. You can be using these videos on your real estate websites right now! Articles and video are now the most popular formats for content marketing, and as you can see, we make sure you can do both.

Did you know that the 45-55 age group is now the fastest growing age group on Facebook, and that Facebook adds 600,000 new mobile users every single day? Did you further know how easy it is to put your listings on Facebook with our Facebook App? You see, we have everything you need linked to everything else you need.

A whopping 91% of customers say they’d give referrals, but only 11% of sales people ask for them. Crazy, right? Did you know that when you use Properties Online for your agent and single property websites, we have a feedback and referral system built right in? You hardly have to lift a finger to get the results and information you need. We like it that way, because we know you’re bending over backwards for your home buyer and home seller clients.

What I’m getting at is that I hope we are part of your New Year’s resolutions for 2015. I hope you want to join us on the fabulous journey that is real estate and website technology. We’d truly be honored to help your business grow this year.

Could You Be Stealing Stock Photos?

Lawyers and artists are on the lookout for stock photos users who don’t pay for the photos on their blogs and websites. Could you be stealing stock photos?

I’m part of a couple of different business groups, and in the last two months, a serious but surprising topic has come up among the group members three times: My professional peers were contacted by lawyers telling them that they’d used an image on their blog without paying for it or citing its source. If this is something you’ve ever done, say, scrolled through Google images to find what looks like a great pic to include with your latest blog article, you could be the next facing legal action. So, I have to ask – who took the photo in your blog post? And did you pay for it? Could you be stealing stock photos?

“Come on,” I can practically hear you saying, “I don’t want to/can’t afford to buy a new image every single time I post a new article to my blog.”

Well, I have two responses to that. 1) It’s a lot more affordable than you might think (and a LOT more affordable than legal fines), and you can rest easy knowing you’re covered, if you do purchase all your images; but, 2) There actually are many free resources for images that you can use safely.

Designmodo recently published a Carrie Cousins’ article on great places to source free stock photography. Titled 16 Places to Find the Best Free Stock Photos, it’s just that – a comprehensive and fabulous list of 16 separate sources of free stock imagery.

Cousins’ selections include:

1. Raumrot
2. Unsplash
3. Little Visuals
4. Gratisography
5. Free Refe
6. Jay Mantri
7. Magdeleine
8. Foodies Feed
9. Picography
10. Im Free
11. Death to the Stock Photo
12. New Old Stock
13. SuperFamous
14. Public Domain Archive
15. Picjumbo
16. The Pattern Library

I’ve personally used Death to the Stock Photo ever since I heard about the photo sharing site months ago. I look forward to trying some of these other options, too. Tell me, where are your favorite stock photography sources?