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Is Your Home Buying Walk Through Taped for Intel?

Is Your Home Buying Walk Through Taped for Intel?

It seems that sellers are getting increasingly overbearing these days. Real estate trends point to eyes and ears – both literally and figuratively – on potential home buyers. How bad is it? Holy privacy violations and paranoia, Batman, creepy clients are everywhere…

A Sneak Peek

As it turns out, clients nationwide are becoming a bit too voyeuristic. Perhaps social media has the average Sally Seller thinking privacy is relative, but it is now commonplace for a seller to follow a prospective buyer through the home on a home tour, and even install ‘nanny cams’ and other digital security devices in efforts to track potential buyer conversations and actions. Post-Facebook privacy invasion drama, this rise of seller shenanigans is seriously stirring the pot.

Creepy or Crime?

With home media and security devices becoming more prevalent, including ‘smart’ devices like Siri and Alexa keeping an eye on things, it pays to keep clients in the know – even if it means an uncomfortable conversation. Until such time as the legality of such practices comes to the forefront, advising clients to watch their comments is key. You never know what might be recorded – for posterity or bargaining power.

Tips to Avoid Overseeing – and Overpayment

To prevent sellers from potentially using a client’s desire for a home against them in the bargaining process, creating an organizational-wide guide for sellers touring homes is ideal, noting such surveillance devices. On the seller side of the coin? Ask each seller about the presence of equipment, being certain you completely understand the privacy laws in your area.

Hanging a sign on the door forewarning of surveillance is strongly recommended. Because of this real estate trend’s prevalence, the NAR now offers a best practices tutorial on the subject, with state-specific legislation.

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How to Plan Your Buyers Walk Through Before Closing

As a realtor, we understand your time is precious. But it’s never a good idea to let overeager buyers blast through a walk through. You need to protect those enthusiastic buyers from unexpected repair costs and unwelcome surprises before ownership of the property changes hands.

Know these top walk through selling tips:

  • Timing is everything.
    Schedule the walk through within 24 hours of the closing. Viewing properties at the last possible moment allows for the identification of damage before it changes ownership. (Think storm damage, leaks, vandalism and theft, and electrical and plumbing issues.)
  • Repairs mean a replay.
    If the contract requires repairs before purchase, schedule a walk through a week before closing to check the integrity of repairs. This will give you time to address problems that could delay the closing. Once issues are sufficiently addressed, schedule a final walk through 24 hours before closing.
  • Don’t skip a step!
    For every walk through:

1. Bring the home inspection report, property condition disclosure, and contract copy so you don’t overlook flagged items.

2. Identify items that were to be left for the buyer. (These items must be written in the contract, not promised verbally.)

3. Check for abandoned items the buyers don’t want so they can be removed.

4. Test all appliances.

5. Test the heating and air.

6. Bring an inexpensive electrical tester from your local hardware store and test all outlets. (Don’t have one yet? Try an LED night light.)

  • Mend broken promises.
    If the problems you find are worth disrupting or postponing the closing, notify the seller immediately. Think big picture: leaks not light bulbs. Guide unrealistic or picky sellers and buyers against issues that could increase legal fees or postpone the closing indefinitely. Negotiate a solution that works for both buyers and sellers.

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