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Five Times Bargain Hunting Leads to Buyers Remorse

Five Times Bargain Hunting Leads to Buyers Remorse

Buyers looking for a bargain? In today’s housing market, that’s a tall order. Before buyers take their thriftiness too far, they need a few real estate sales tips to warn them of the pitfalls that can lead to a regrettable purchase.

Five Times Bargain Hunting Blows Up:

Assuming a Better Deal from a Short Sale

Buyers new to the market often rely on short sales to snap up a bargain, but can be left frustrated when they fail to realize up-front how few and far between these deals are. The market has changed considerably in post-crash years. The onset of shopping is when to kindly help your buyer get with the times.

Making Huge Compromises to Score a Better Deal

In a hot market, buyers can be quick to jump the gun, compromising on homes without enough bedrooms, far from work, and trying to come in below budget. This shortsighted mentality will quickly lead to remorse within months of move-in. Help your buyer carefully rank must-haves and stick to them.

Hiring a Cheap Home Inspector (or Skipping it)

Among top real estate sales tips for buyers: A cheap (or neglected) home inspection may seem like savings out-of-the-box, but those few dollars saved could quickly lead to heartache as thousands-of-dollars in hidden home issues, from termites to electrical and foundations, surface. Reminding buyers an inspection is a tool that will allow them to renegotiate price and address dangerous issues is key.

Requesting Unreasonable/Endless Inclusions/Repairs

In today’s market, this will cost buyers a deal, fast.

Lowball Offers on Languishing Homes

Instead of cinching a deal, this costs in credibility, and often leads to bidding wars. It’s important to stand out in a positive way, especially in multiple-offer scenarios.

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Wealthy Russians Love Miami Real Estate

Aerial View or Miami Beach, condo units and art deco buildings with ocean view.
Aerial View or Miami Beach, condo units and art deco buildings with ocean view.

With the U.S. dollar remaining stable as other global currencies have depreciated, international buyers are flocking to the comfort of American real estate investments. Among them? Russian and Ukrainian buyers, ranking fifth and sixth respectively on the list of top buyers in the Miami market according to current real estate trends.

Who’s the boss?
Shepherding these primarily Russian high net worth individuals (HNWIs) is leading real estate firm Miami Luxury Real Estate LLC (MLRE). Specializing in HNW international buyers, MLRE’s is known for its extensive websites featuring over 200 existing and pre-construction homes in areas from Miami’s South Beach to Fort Lauderdale, Sunny Isles, Bal Harbour, and the ultra-exclusive Fisher Island.

A discrete purchase of a high profile property
One of prestigious MLRE’s most recent sales involved an anonymous buyer in the purchase of South Beach area’s Penthouse 3, a 5,640 square foot unit on four levels with an additional 1,825 square feet on two terraces. The penthouse property held the much sought after distinction of being the highest penthouse unit in the entire Portofino, South Beach area with the best views. Formerly owned by NHL hall of famer Sergey Federov, who for a short time also shared the property with Anna Kurnikova, the unit sold for a record breaking $11,000,000 or $2,000 per square foot.

Not the end of the road
MLRE anticipates many additional purchases from Russian and other international buyers in the coming year. According to Daniel Pansky of the firm, clients purchase primarily in the $1-$50 million range, and MLRE is currently working with several Russian HNWIs looking to procure a penthouse in Miami in the $10-50 million range.

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Rising Mortgage Rates Fail to Dampen the Buyer's Market

Preparing Your Sellers for Home Showings

Selling a home can be a long, complex process. If only selling a home was easy! But the reality is, selling a home is anything but easy (hey, that’s why sellers need your expertise!), And while you as a real estate professional are well aware of this fact, not all home sellers realize just how much effort selling their home would require. It is therefore your job, as their agent, to prepare your sellers for home showings.

Preparing the home for the sale is different than preparing the sellers. Preparing the sellers is more about emotional preparedness. The most important thing you could do is to have a conversation with the sellers about the psychology of buying a house – instead of  telling the sellers what they should and shouldn’t do, explain how buyers act and react to different circumstances and how the sellers’ behavior could therefore have a real impact on the sale process.

Above all, you want the sellers to be flexible and to realize that they will need to accept that some showings are going to be scheduled at the very last minute. They also need to realize that agents and buyers won’t always be on time, and that it’s important that they are not present in the house during showings, since this could be a serious turn-off for potential buyers who would feel uncomfortable truly exploring the home in the sellers’ presence.

As much as the sellers are attached to the house and feel that it’s “theirs,” they need to realize that once the sale process starts, their home becomes a real estate property that needs to be sold. Their stuff, their presence and their opinions are not necessarily helpful and could in fact interfere. The more emotionally detached the sellers can be about the process, the easier it will be on them – and on you.

Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

The Informed Agent – NAR statistics

Years ago, if you wanted to buy a house, the first thing you’d do was pick up a local newspaper. Those days are officially over. According to the latest NAR statistics, only 1% of home buyers find their house this way anymore. Still, 27% do actually look through the home classified ads in the newspaper in conjunction with more preferred home search methods, such as the internet (90%), through an agent (87%), yard signs (53%) or visiting open homes (45%). At the end of the day, 42% are more likely to sell a home by listing on the internet, as opposed to the newspaper. Do you know these important facts? Are you an informed agent?

Perhaps of even greater interest is that fact that a prompt response is one of your strongest weapons as an agent. The first agent to respond to a home seller usually gets the listing. Sixty-six percent of sellers go with the first agent they contact.

Are you using video to sell homes for your clients? If not, you should be. 73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a realtor offering to do a video, yet only 14% of agents create listing videos.

The internet is the most popular place to advertise a listing – 93% of agents market their listings on the internet. This is followed in popularity by yard signs (79%) and open houses (55%). Syndication sites are used by 28% of agents, and 7% are now using social networking sites to market their listings.

Technology increasingly helps real estate sales happen. It provides real estate agents with a competitive edge, reduces lag time in responding to clients (buyers and sellers), makes an agent appear more current, saves time and money, and more. It’s understandable, then, that 48% of agents and associate brokers would like their broker to expand the amount of technology provided.

SOURCE: The Broker Report