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Video Usage in Real Estate, the Stats Are In

Have You Seen These Important 2016 Trends Yet?

Are real estate trends for 2016 going to make this a boom or bust year? It’s not all sunshine and daisies – but things are looking pretty good so far for the year. What’s trending?

  • Prices and mortgage rates are rising.
    Gaining since mid-2012, both are still climbing, just at a slower pace than recent years, inspiring confidence and prompting many to take advantage of rates before they continue to climb higher.
  • Millennials are driving the market.
    Buyers age 25-34 are now the largest share of first-time buyers (68%) and largest share of home buyers overall (38%).
  • Urban sales are rising.
    Particularly in 18-hour cities as Millennials drive sales back into town from the burbs in search of late-night options.
  • Amenities are evolving.
    Developers are ditching swimming pool construction in favor of outdoor theater and large, 24-hour, state-of-the-art fitness and spa amenities.
  • Beacon technology reduces the need for on-site handholding.
    One of the major real estate trends for 2016, Beacon texts area listings, provides detailed information during tire-kicking/open houses, and reduces time consuming one-on-one meetings.
  • Regulatory changes begin…
    Including the frustrating implementation of TRID (TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure), combining four complicated disclosures (The Good Faith Estimate, Initial Truth-in-Lending Statement, HUD-1 Statement and Final Truth-in-Lending Statement) down to two (Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure), but unfortunately slowing down transactions with financing, appraisal, and inspection issues in efforts to increase transaction clarity for buyers.
  • Online funding is moving on up.
    Becoming increasingly accepted, especially as several marketplace lenders have been eaten up by consolidations or gone out of business.
  • Mortgage brokers are moving in…
    As part of real estate agency in-house teams, they’re quickly closing deals and snapping up the best interest rates for buyers.

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2016 Consumer Trends that Impact Real Estate

Real Estate
Real Estate

Times are constantly changing. Are your methods of doing business keeping up? Here is a look at the consumer trends that are driving today’s real estate customer…

What’s most important to 2016’s real estate clients?

  • Consumers want to use their phones – even over their computers.
    That doesn’t mean simply texting. Consumers are looking for a high quality mobile consumer experience – that’s the whole package – from accurate home data on your listing site to financing tips on your blog.
  • Consumers expect rapid response times.
    In this mobile era, the buffer on return contact has shrunken considerably – clients expect rapid response. Providing this to existing clients sets you apart. For an added boost, return responses in kind: Text for text, email for email, PDF for PDF, catering to their methodology likes – not yours.
  • Consumers want syndication.
    Consumer trends show sellers love syndication via video, social media, and property website portals because it means more exposure for them – and a better chance of selling. Buyers love syndication because it allows for a more personal connection to homes. Are you spreading the word? Try kicking it up a notch with the syndication of open houses via live streaming apps.
  • Consumers are actively seeking social connections for every purchase.
    Buyers love searching for homes with the help of important people from their lives, but did you know sellers can take advantage too? 70% of users rely on social data – reviews and opinions – over hard data. Have you considered linking sellers and buyers via social networks? Seller posts are a great way to fill in potential buyers with information on everything from convenient parking and local amenities to photos of the home site and family through the seasons, offering a truer feel and a site-specific emotional connection.

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