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Real Estate Video & Marketing Go Hand-In-Hand

Real Estate Video & Marketing Go Hand-In-Hand

Despite being ‘mature’ technology, email is the longest lasting, most private social network venue available. And video usage in real estate marketing can help you make the most of this effective – and cost effective – marketing channel.

Achieving Top Video Newsletter Marketing Results
Closed, targeted, and permission-based, email makes the ultimate marketing ‘channel’ for clients, with 18.48% open rates. 98% of top-producing agents lean on such video emails for converting leads. Providing complete communication, video usage in real estate marketing newsletters gives your message a face, personality and voice that establishes the emotional connection customers crave and successful agents rely upon. Just ensure you’re using the right techniques to reach your potential client base.

What are the Key Steps to Video Email Marketing Success?

Video newsletter sent from a person (i.e. net better open rates than those from a company ( Generic does not do well, and frequently sees the trash bin.

Instead of sending out one email to a massive list of prospects, targeting newsletter mails to 2-6 smaller lists can increase open rates by 27%.

Recent subscribers see higher open rates and increased activity compared to those receiving their fourth or fifth email – working to generate new subscribers and engaging new leads is key. Wednesday and Thursday offer the best open rates – but testing different days of the week may yield better results.

Tracking open rates and reviewing who’s receiving which emails can give substantial insight into prospect engagement: Where are clients looking? What videos were watched? Which messages generated the most interest?

Newsletters and videos must look and function well on a variety of devices, as 36% of all opens are on mobile devices, 33% on desktop, and 31% webmail.

Ready to Increase Your Viewing Audience?
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Tips for Putting Together Marketing Videos

Top Marketing Videos to Do For Every Listing

Video usage in real estate marketing is exploding, and surprisingly enough to many agents, it involves more than listing videos. Are you missing out on the benefits that these essential real estate marketing videos can deliver?

Look Beyond Listing Videos to these Prime Video Marketing Solutions:

  • Informational Videos
    Provide value to buyers and sellers alike with short, educational videos on common real estate topics and questions (and lighten your to-do load).
  • Agent/Office Promotional Videos
    What makes you/your office stand out? From awards to finding foreclosures for flipping, tout it in a short promo.
  • Interview Videos
    Generate new leads by interviewing past clients on their first-person experience working with you. Interviews with respected figures in the community, as well as colleagues in the industry (lenders, inspectors, attorneys) will boost your video marketing currency.
  • Profile Videos
    Help potential sellers and buyers better understand what you have to offer with a brief “about me” video, highlighting your family, hobbies, successes, and even funny stories or anecdotes.
  • Neighborhood & Community Videos
    Capture special community events like annual festivals and parades, hone-in on area amenities, shopping and dining hotspots, beautiful scenery and more with a short, informational video to offer a deep and unique community perspective.
  • Local Business Reviews
    Area restaurant, retail store, or business win an award, or simply have a strong community following? Feature these shining venues.
  • Client Testimonials
    Quick, short videos of happy, satisfied clients are among the best video currency.
  • How-To Videos
    Provide potential customers with information on everything from how sellers should prep their home for showings, to how buyers can speed up the perusal process.

Extend Your Reach
Don’t just post these videos on your site, email them as part of your promotional marketing collateral, and more importantly, share them via social networking!

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Drowning in Digital Marketing Strategies? Find Out What Really Works

So Much Digital Marketing
So Much Digital Marketing

Real estate agents are increasingly looking to digital marketing tactics to capture leads, build branding, and show off skills that make them stand out as a leader in their respective markets. But the elusive, vast, and ever changing nature of real estate trends in digital marketing can leave everyone from seasoned digital marketing veterans to newbies feeling lost at sea.

Don’t worry, you’re not on a sinking ship
According to Inman, the leader in real estate industry news and tech, of 374 respondents polled on their habits, successes, and failures in digital marketing, results were as diverse as digital marketing options, from oceans of opportunity to triangles of traps.

What offers the security of a lifeboat?
The most effective digital marketing strategies were reported to be:

  • Email marketing
    Dubbed “most effective” by respondents, it’s easy, cost efficient, and trackable. A great way to stay in constant communication with new and old leads.
  • Digital ads
    Specifically Facebook and Zillow, which came in neck-and-neck for getting agents top showing with their target audience.
  • Social media
    Specifically maintaining and promoting a Facebook page. An inexpensive option for showing potential leads who you really are.
  • Videos
    YouTube and other video marketing strategies grab attention like nothing else, offering fun, fresh, informative messages customers don’t forget.

Titanic disappointments?

  • Twitter (not visual enough).
  • Paid leads (due to cost, competition).

How can you ensure smooth sailing?

  • Constantly assess.
    Evaluate, determine resources, sketch a plan, then rinse and repeat.
  • Be yourself.
    Apply what you do in real life to your digital marketing strategy.
  • Focus.
    Simplify. Focus on a single strategy rather than spreading yourself thin.
  • Engage others.
    It’s not just about you. Showcase yourself AND engage conversation.
  • Stay positive.
    Building relationships takes time, so positive perseverance pays.

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