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.REALTOR Domain Coming Soon

NAR secures new top level domain with .REALTOR.

There are approximately 22 URL suffixes [ICANN generic top-level domains (gTLDs)], and you’re no doubt familiar with several, from the most popular .com to .gov, .edu, .net, and more. In early 2011, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers—which oversees policies dedicated to keeping the Internet secure, stable, and interoperable—approved an expansion of the number of top-level domains. What’s more, they decided to allow companies and organizations to create domains for their brands. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has done just that, and will be making the new .REALTOR domain available to NAR and CREA members from October 23rd, 2014.

“This is truly an exciting time for NAR members to be on the cutting edge of Internet technology. When consumers visit a .REALTOR website they will know that they have reached a source of comprehensive and accurate real estate information, NAR President Steve Brown told media.

ICANN is currently in the process of reviewing hundreds, if not thousands, of potential new gTLDs. As part of this process, NAR applied for and secured the .REALTOR domain to showcase its real estate professionals in a “crowded online space”.

The first 500,000 NAR members and 10,000 CREA members to sign up will receive their .REALTOR domain address free for the first year.

Understanding Traffic to Your Property Website

Getting traffic to your property websites is step one. Understanding where that traffic comes from is a VERY important step two.

Getting traffic to your property websites is step one. Understanding where that traffic comes from is a VERY important step two. Traffic = visitors. Visitors = potential leads and clients. Understanding traffic to your property website is crucial.

Analyzing your website traffic is about more than counting your weekly or monthly visitor numbers. You should also review live statistics that tell you where your visitors are coming from. How are these visitors finding your property website, and where are they coming from? How can you maximize these visits and convert them into home buyer or home seller clients?



The most recent statistical data from Properties Online [see graphic] tells us some very interesting and important things. We have compiled the traffic statistics from ALL Listings Unlimited and Listing Domains single property sites and found that:

  • 44% of traffic is direct traffic, meaning these visitors have gone directly to your site by typing in the URL. This includes both sign rider and word-of-mouth traffic.
  • 28% of traffic is referral traffic, and this is an important one to watch. Facebook currently refers HALF of all referral traffic to single property websites. Social media should be an important part of your real estate marketing plan.
  • Most visitors (56.8%) view your single property websites on their desktop computer, but growing numbers (28.7% and 14.5%, respectively) use their mobile phones or tablets.
  • It’s easy to increase your traffic. Property websites with Top Level Domain ( AND sign rider drive 5 TIMES more traffic than those without.

It’s in your best interest to:

1. Promote all your listings through single property websites

2. Make sure your websites are optimized for mobile (here’s a hint and some reassurance: if you’re using Listings Unlimited, they are

3. Use Top Level Domains AND custom sign riders

4. Be involved in social media – start with a Facebook Business Page

5. Make use of the automated Facebook App, free with every Listings Unlimited site

Questions to ask:

  • Who are my visitors?
  • Where do they come from?
  • Where do they land?
  • How long do they stay?
  • Which referring sites send the most traffic my way?
  • How to custom sign riders and top level domain names affect my traffic?
  • What are the most popular pages on my site?
  • How many repeat visitors does my site receive?
  • How often are pages on my site shared (this can be viewed at a glance with social sharing buttons installed)?\

Once you start to do a little digging and applying, you’ll probably find your websites statistics fascinating. You’ll be able to compare your stats to the compiled stats we found, and look at ways to improve your individual site’s traffic. We’re good at that, so feel free to ask for help.

Domain Rider Signs Help Your Website Get Found

As real estate professionals, we know how important it is that buyers find your website. Therefore we include a free Domain Rider® sign with each and every Listing Domains single property website order.

The Domain Rider® sign displays the street address domain name of your real estate listing right above, or under your real estate “For Sale” sign, directing potential buyers and open house visitors to visit your website for more info on the property.

This is real estate marketing and branding at its best: the property website promotes the listing, and the Domain Rider® sign on the listing promotes the website!

We offer several color choices and expedited shipping for a nominal fee. Our rider signs measures 24″ or 18″ wide by 6″ high and are made of high-quality, waterproof, 4mm corrugated plastic. The Domain Name is showcased in red for maximum visibility. Along with your Domain Rider® sign, you will receive two nylon ties to easily attach your rider to your “For Sale” sign.

Your custom Domain Rider® sign will be shipped quickly – the following business day. Don’t need a sign rider? Get a $10 shipping & handling rebate instantly!

But our personal recommendation is to definitely use a sign rider. It is a highly useful tool for promoting your single property website.

Single Property Websites: The Importance of a Custom Domain Name

When you create a Listing Domains single property website, your website will have its very own property address domain name.

For example, if the listing’s address is 425 Maple Avenue, the domain name will be

Having a custom domain name for your single property website has several important benefits. First of all, it is important in terms of search engine optimization, because you want people who look for details on this particular property to find your website.

Ideally you want your website to be the first search engine result for the listing’s address – and a property website with a custom domain name increases the likelihood that this will be the case.

In addition, having an entire website dedicated to their listings, including a custom domain name, makes clients VERY happy. It shows dedication, professionalism and knowledge about the latest tools in real estate marketing.

Buyers too are impressed by property websites with custom domains, for similar reasons – it gives them all the info they need in one place, and it demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail.

A property website with a custom domain name will make your listing stand out in the crowd. Make sure you take advantage of this valuable feature.