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The Dos and Don’ts of Sharing Your Listings on Facebook

You know the saying, “change is the only constant in life?” Greek philosopher Heraclitus was not talking about social media when he wrote it, but it definitely applies. Facebook, in particular, has released multiple updates that ultimately change our user experience and how we market listings and our real estate business. Essentially, Facebook is currently implementing plans to improve users’ News Feeds by reducing the organic reach of posts that are too promotional, or seemingly irrelevant to the user. Before you throw your hands up and say you don’t want to play anymore, take note: Facebook drives HALF of all referral traffic to property websites. Don’t panic; just follow our Dos and Don’ts for sharing your listings on Facebook. Your goal should be developing personal relevance for your Facebook audience.

Buffer’s Guide to Growing Your Facebook Reach

As Facebook continues to change its rules and algorithms, many of us struggle to keep up. For real estate professionals, Facebook can be a goldmine of opportunity, but if you’re watching your interactions dwindle and your reach shrink, you may feel a little over the whole thing. And I don’t blame you. That’s why I love Buffer’s guide to growing your Facebook reach organically, which was written by Kevan Lee and posted on BufferSocial recently.