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The Serious Impact of Flood Insurance on Real Estate Markets

Stronger storms have taken their toll across the U.S. Yet real estate news points to a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in peril. Long-term reauthorization of the program remains in limbo, with yet another 4-week extension allotted by Congress. But this short-term fix gives little confidence to homeowners, who stand to lose access to flood insurance if the NFIP lapses.

FEMA Could Stop Selling/Renewing Policies Nationwide…
Stymying sales on properties with a flood insurance requirement to the tune of 40,000-sales/month nationwide. And though private insurers are popping-up, this option is not available in every state, limiting opportunities for Americans seeking to protect themselves from flood losses.

NAR Pushes for Five-Year Re-Authorization
A senior policy rep for the NAR is pressing for the passage of the 21st Century Flood Reform Act. The bill would provide money for helping homeowners mitigating flood risk, limit insurance rate hikes, and improve flood mapping, seen as key to success. Of the more than 180,000 Houston-area properties flooded by hurricane Harvey (10% of the property tax roll), only 15% were covered by a flood insurance policy. Many of the homes imperiled by Harvey’s historic 50-inch rainfall were outside federally-recognized flood zones, and were uncovered. Improved flood mapping would increase awareness of flood risk, alerting homeowners to the need for coverage in areas previously designated as outside flood zones.

What Will the Future Hold?
Imagine the future of markets without access to this insurance. Homeowners need confidence in the availability of flood insurance. Though a lapse in the NFIP is unlikely, and FEMA will continue to have the authorization to pay valid claims with available funds, the realty community and homeowners await upcoming NFIP real estate news. Congress has until January 19, 2018 to take its next step.

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Helping Your Buyer Make Their Bid – Tips to Getting It “Right” and Winning the Sale

One of the biggest purchases in a person’s life, buying a house is a big deal. Such a life-changing event shouldn’t be entered into lightly. So, as a realtor who respects their clients and is looking to build their reputation, it’s essential to have the right real estate buying tips to both cinch the sale and protect the sellers.

Six Steps to Helping Sellers Present the ‘Right’ Offer:

1. Research
Search for comps and consider local market data to surmise fair market price, considering the seller’s original purchase price and date to determine offer flexibility.

2. Find financing
Be sure to have prospective buyers get a pre-approval for the offer to ensure it is taken seriously. Given multiple offers, sellers will always lean toward those backed with approved financing.

3. Protect buyers with contingencies
Including a home appraisal and acceptable inspection, as well as a commitment of agreeable financing terms, making certain the buyer fully understands each before submitting. These are essential to protecting the buyer’s right to cancel the contract without penalty and preserving their down payment money.

4. Safeguard funds
Arrange to hold the down payment deposit in an escrow account (not with the seller). This way, money can easily be recouped if the offer falls through, or deducted from purchase costs at closing.

5. Make it official
Put together a written “purchase agreement” for delivery to the seller’s agent that meets state legal requirements, including:
• Date
• Address
• Offer
• Financing terms
• Escrow details
• Closing/possession dates
• Contingencies

6. Sign on the dotted line
Accept/counteroffer until a price is mutually agreed upon or either party exits negotiations. Work with a legal team as necessary to navigate and fully understand the contract, as once the offer is signed, it is binding.

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How to Care for Your Buyers

Danger Zones: What You Don’t Know May Just Hurt You

From gas explosions to sinkholes and neighborhood crime, it’s a jungle out there. And whether you’re helping sellers list or helping buyers find the perfect home, it pays to get the details. Failing to do so could come at the expense of your reputation.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Get the 4-1-1 On Home Safety
Use these real estate buying tips to distinguish homes in the danger zone…

• Crime Rates
Check Trulia’s neighborhood guides to detect high crime rates – or simply ask neighbors, who are often a cornucopia of information.

• Flood Zones
Seek out flood zone maps, and beware of ground pitch under homes. Soil should be graded to slope gently away from the home to prevent flooding in storms. Homes located at the bottom of a hill are at additional risk.

• Gas
Contact the local utility to find out if/where larger gas lines are buried in relation to the home.

• Natural Disasters
Contact a local insurance carrier to inquire which natural disasters are common to a potential home site. A move of even a few miles could make a major difference.

• Trees
Often overlooked, trees can cause a good deal of damage, turning a simple rainstorm into a waterfall over a home. Luckily, local arborists or tree specialists often provide free consultations to homeowners/buyers, and can point out issues.

• Seller Disclosures
Though legally required disclosures vary somewhat by state, carefully review disclosure documents, which typically require disclosures regarding:
– Lead paint
– Water damage & mold
– Drainage issues (basement floods, standing water)
– Significant physical issues (foundation, roof leaks, asbestos, radon, etc.)
– Pests (snakes, mice, bats, bedbugs…)
– Neighbor disputes (boundary issues)
– Emotional defects (murder, suicide, violent crime, paranormal activity)

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Five Qualities Buyers are Looking for in an Agent

For home buyers, finding the ‘right’ agent can be a harrowing experience. As the largest investment most will ever make, today’s buyers are keenly aware that the wrong move here could land them in hot water. So those in the know are going to be extraordinarily picky about whom they team up with. Do you have what it takes to earn the business of today’s home buyers?

Five Real Estate Buyers’ Agent Tips for Standing-Out from the Competition

1. Know Your Market
By and large, market knowledge is priority #1 for home buyers. Knowledge not only of current home values, but schools, community stats, area amenities and recreational opportunities, and local ordinances will prove your experience and dedication to potential buyers.

2. Be Responsive
Agents with the fastest response times, up-to-date listings, and current blogs and social activity will move to the head of the pack in today’s digital, on-demand world.

3. Be Honest
Who do you think buyers will be more comfortable having on their side? An agent who glosses over home issues to snipe a sale, or one who points out possible concerns? A broker who is honest, ethical, and not emotionally-responsive is key to buyer comfort.

4. Be a Teacher, Not a Salesman
Home buyers are frequently overwhelmed by the buying process. It may be brand new – or it’s been decades since their last purchase. Being a willing resource and teacher throughout this process can help prove your worth, prevent problems, and reduce buyer stress that leads to last-minute sales snafus.

5. Actually Care
Potential buyers will be quick to leave false sincerities by the wayside in favor of those who take the time to listen to their wants and needs, follow-up promptly, keep their word, and take customer feedback to heart.

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Get the Angle You Need to Up Your Marketing Game

Drone Videos Give Home Buyers a “New Perspective”

As federal drone use laws have become clearer in recent years, the use of drone photography has continued to grow in popularity in real estate marketing. As a fresh way to spice-up listing photos and video, the unique views provided by drone-captured shots offers buyers a far more complete perspective not only of homes, but their surrounding neighborhood and area amenities.

Marketing that Makes an Impact
A far cry from Google Earth’s satellite views – which leave a lot to be desired – drone video goes beyond simple and common front and rear exterior photography, providing a top-to-bottom, 360-degree view of a home and surroundings. The added dimension and additional information provided can help cinch sight-unseen sales for out of state buyers, and in some cases even drive-up property prices via the showcasing of expansive natural views or sought-after amenities.

Getting the Bird’s Eye View
Adding drone photography to video usage in real estate marketing is more intense for commercial drone pilots than those who fly recreationally. Those snagging real estate shots via drone need a Federal Aviation Administration drone pilot’s license.

Training in drone usage and photography are essential, as is insurance against mishaps. For example, rules forbid flying over people, allowing the drone out of the line of sight, etc. It also takes a good deal of practice to both ensure the safety of the public and get clear shots while flying these miniature marvels. Fortunately, there are a host of reasonably priced drone services for hire to handle your shoot. All you have to do is Google ‘find a drone photographer near me’ and choose among area providers.

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