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What is Compass and Why Is It In the News?

What Will a Trump Presidency Look Like for Real Estate?

In his next 4 years as president, Donald Trump could have a major impact on real estate selling across the U.S. Licensed real estate brokers and agents nationwide are looking to Trump and how his time in office could change their industry.
What are some possible outcomes of the Trump presidency?
Trump has centered his platform around deregulation to further the recovery of the financial market, and there are a host of changes that could be made that would affect real estate sales…
• Lower premiums.
While Trump hasn’t articulated much on his housing platform, he has expressed interest in boosting home ownership and cutting fees for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Lowering premiums for FHA loans could offer the boost consumers need to make owning a home an affordable reality.
• Potential reforms.
Fannie and Freddie could also be on the chopping block for cutbacks, alongside such programs as the Low Income Housing Tax Credit and Section 8 housing vouchers.
• Loosening lending regulations.
Trump, alongside the Republican party, have been vocal about changing banking regulations, including significantly altering the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Dodd-Frank Act’s regulations on lenders to replace it with something else that would allow for easier securement of home loans.
• Preservation of mortgage interest tax deductions.
Trump explicitly stated his desire to preserve mortgage interest deduction in a tax plan he shared last year. However, his current plan has yet to detail this issue.
• Construction deregulation.
In Trump’s August meeting with the National Association of Home Builders, he pointed to over regulation in the industry, with some 25% of costs to build a home tied to regulations, and announcing his desire to get that down to 2%. This alone could greatly lower the costs of real estate selling and home ownership.
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Tips for Putting Together Great Marketing Photos

Are You One of the New Breed Realtors?

Just 15 short years ago, the real estate market was a different beast, with information buried in file folders and prospective property buyers unable to source necessary information without the help of an agent. Today’s real estate trends are quite different. Gone are paper and file cabinets, replaced with a glut of online websites, apps, and technology that puts buyers in the driver seat… How can you stay relevant?

Become a new breed of realtor
Advancements in the tech industry have provided tons of tools that allow agents to make better use of data – and remain connected on-the-go – necessities in today’s fast-paced market. If you’re not raising the bar for what it means to be a good agent here, you could get left behind by more tech-savvy agents, or the consumers themselves.

Making the mutation
Real estate today is no longer about possession of information; it now centers on the ability to translate that information into something useful for buyers and sellers. To accomplish this, you need technological resources designed to put you in the driver’s seat, proving your relevance through client experience.

Finding an edge
Technology that simplifies the buying or selling process for consumers adds incredible value. But why is this important when consumers have near-instant access to information? Because now clients suffer the opposite – information overload. Raw data is imperfect. Consumers are in need of timely and relevant information. Your edge is in the ways you find to provide it to them – fast – which makes finding the right technology that much more essential.

Continued evolution
As more advanced technologies are invented that change the market, bridging the gap from sellers to consumers, your continued evolution will be key to survival. Redefine yourself in the wake of today’s endlessly changing, tech-driven real estate trends. Make the move to a new breed of realtor with the help of Properties Online today.

Real Estate Home Sales Are Hot! What's Up for the Rest of 2018?

Is New Home Construction Cutting Into Your “Game”?

Sales a little lackluster recently? Real estate selling may be a little tougher in upcoming months, courtesy of new home construction, which has jumped substantially. Adding to this complex quandary: Buyer ignorance of the new home buying process.

How many new homes are we talking?
According to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s monthly new residential construction report, the number of brand-new homes completed and ready for real estate selling in August jumped 4.9% from just one month prior, up 6.7% from one year ago. The new homes, finally seeing a jump in the entry-level market versus the industry’s past preference for luxury builds, are hoped to alleviate the current housing crunch – although they are still expected to fall short of what’s needed.

Is the end nigh?
Nope. Builders are convinced of demand, prompting an increase in permits, rebounding from July and up 12.5% from July to August – 8.7% year-over-year. Permits and construction of new condos and apartments are also rising.

New homes, where are they?
Primarily in the South (51,000 builder permits in August), where companies and people are migrating to enjoy a lower cost of living. The West also saw a 14.5% rise in permits from the previous month, at 25,300. The North saw a large rise percentage-wise, up 16.7% at 9,800, but land is scarce and expensive, holding builders back.

Homebuyers, where are they?
Many are sticking their heads in the sand, shopping new models and hoping for reduced prices in the amount of agent commissions, not understanding these costs are commonly built into the price of homes. Others are ignorant, viewing homes solo, losing their opportunity for realtor representation, and leaving builders to pocket the money.

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