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Selling in December – Tips for Selling & Staging

Selling in December
Selling in December

Stubborn sellers pressing you to list their home at this inauspicious time of the year? Your friends at Properties Online are here to help you survive it, with real estate selling tips for your overburdened holiday schedule.

Avoid scaring away potential buyers with these holiday decorating compromises for homes on the market this December…

  • Protect privacy.
    If at all possible, convince sellers postpone decorating this year. Decorations not only block pathways and make a home feel cluttered and smaller, but could inspire biases or prejudices from potential buyers. Besides, a sparser setting better allows buyers to imagine their belongings in the seller’s home.
  • If buyers insist, suggest these real estate selling tips for toning down holiday features:
    • Don’t be a blockhead.
      Avoid blocking important selling features like fireplace mantels, stairs, and stain glass windows.
    • Go Lilliputian.
      Shrink Christmas trees. Rather than a 10 footer, perhaps a tabletop version would be passable this year.
    • Stuff it.
      Keep wrapped presents in a closet or in a corner out of the way for space savings and security.
    • Find the way to a buyer’s heart.
      Hint: Like your spouse, it is also via their stomach. Set out cookies, spicy apple cider, and festive dinnerware for a surefire hit.
    • Don’t hang yourself.
      Greenery (evergreens, rosemary) is far preferable to holiday banners.
    • Top it off.
      Pine cones and other natural, wintry centerpieces are a great decorating option – but don’t overdo the greenery.
    • Have them seeing red.
      Go for added red over green. It is a more emotionally appealing color.
    • Keep the sale from going up in smoke.
      Never leave burning candles unattended.
    • Enlist professional help.
      A home stager may be able to help you and your seller come to a compromise.

Having a hairy holiday? Find a reason for boosting sales this holiday season with real estate selling tips from Properties Online today.

How to Make the Holidays Work for You

Making the Holidays Work
Making the Holidays Work

Food, fun, and festivities… The holidays can be a blast, but sometimes not so much fun for your real estate career. Rest assured, with the right real estate promotion techniques, you’ll be sure to add a little extra winter “green” to your holiday season.

Warm up sales with these holiday marketing ideas for success:

  • Add some seasonal excitement…
    With raffles, sweepstakes, contests, games, and more. Host an ugly sweater office party or other holiday-themed contests, have a cookie swap, raffle sports tickets, give away prizes and gift certificates for home-related merchandise… The sky’s the limit – just make sure you don’t violate any state or local laws.
  • Let it go…
    No, not that awful song again. Give your real estate promotion a boost along with your community by hosting charitable donations at your place of business.
  • Help around the house….
    Make life easier for clients with holiday or seasonally inspired tips and tricks delivered via blog or email for saving time and money.
  • Deck the halls…
    Decorate your office, car, and social media sites for the holiday season. Offer free holiday photos at your office. Invite carolers and clients for an open house.
  • Create your own “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday”…
    Partner with local businesses to offer clients holiday discount packages, limited time deals, and special offers such as snow removal, HVAC services, florists, boutique/jewelry gift cards, and more.
  • Add a personal touch…
    Stay in the minds of recipients, creating and maintaining relationships with hand-signed postcards or personalized e-cards. Share a personalized photo or recipe, thoughtful greeting, and thanks for loyalty.
  • Give thanks….
    Show your appreciation for special clients with gifts such as truffles, wine, and show tickets that will be remembered fondly.

Feeling the spirit? Add a little extra jingle to this holiday season with the help of this and other real estate promotion tips from Properties Online today.