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What to Know About the Luxury Real Estate Market in These Uncertain Times

Market Watch: What’s Hot and What’s Not in Home Design

We can’t always be experts on interior design, which is why a bit of professional advice is always welcome. In today’s real estate trends, we’ll look at what’s hot in home design from the 2018 Interior Design Show.

The Kitchen as a Focal Point
Kitchen upgrades remain a key investment opportunity, not just in design, but in technology. In today’s homes, there are an array of opportunities for design and technology to meet, and this is especially true in the kitchen. Now seen as a place to gather and even entertain, not just a place to cook, opportunities abound for kitchen personalization in both the design and technology genres. From multifunctional kitchen islands to smart refrigerators, stoves, and more, design elements turn the kitchen into an ideal second living space, the hub of the home.

Durable Materials with Clean Lines
Topping off favored kitchen materials: Engineered quartz, whose fabrication advancements have opened new doors in other areas of the home as well, surrounding tubs, showers and even fireplaces. Heavier, contrasting concretes are also quite popular surfaces around the home. Clean lines are big, with distressed wood cabinets replaced by cleaner, sharper surfaces, including boldly painted cabinet fascia.

Curvy Furnishings
Curves and soft round edges in all types of furniture, from chairs and tables to lighting, are cropping up. Lighting is more than functional, it is sculptural, with homeowners investing in lighting as they do artwork: The more fixtures the better.

Extending Living Space Outdoors
Due to limited space and sometimes crowded living quarters, extending living space outdoors continues to rise in popularity, making outdoor living spaces among the most popular real estate trends to date. Here customization opportunities abound as well, from outdoor kitchen, dining, and bar additions, to living areas, game rooms, private garden retreats, and even outdoor office space.

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What Home Design Trends Will be Popular in 2016

Au Natural
Au Natural

Real estate trends are always changing, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up – for you and your clients. Avoid yesterday’s shag, ensuring a stylishly staged setting with the help of these interior home design tips.

Stage your homes right with these up-and-coming real estate trends for 2016:

  • Warm-up colors.
    Accent colors like gold, gray and dusty rose are expected to be in the spotlight for 2016. In these uncertain times, the public is turning towards softer shades such as these to inspire a sense of peace.
  • Don’t neglect neutrals.
    Neutral shades like gray, beige and cream are in high-demand. They work great not only as starting points on walls and surfaces, but in the form of couches, armchairs and area rugs as well.
  • Know your “IT” colors:
    The world’s unofficial color authority, Pantone, reports rose quartz and iced coffee will be next spring’s big thing.
  • Understate bling.
    Shimmer and shine, or the illusion of those things, will be present in fabrics, as will bolder colors as accents in the form of decorative vases, paintings and sculptures.
  • Go au-natural.
    Natural materials such as metal, reclaimed wood, and leather mixed and matched between coffee and side table accents are no longer taboo. Mixed materials, patterns, and vintages are no longer shunned, but a widely accepted practice.
  • Clean-up lines.
    Say goodbye to clunky, carved furniture and frou-frou florals. Order and sophisticated lines are in. Clean and industrial, coupled with fabrics and fibers with a natural, organic feel that are comforting and soothing.
  • Lively, livable living spaces.
    Forget formal living spaces in favor of functional, inviting spaces with a wholesome feel. Think more casual-beachy feel, unhampered by clutter or a sense of formality.

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