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What Every Real Estate Agent Should Know About SEO

If you want to successfully grow your brand, optimizing your web presence is a requirement. With the right real estate marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and best practices so rapidly changing, keeping up with the latest tricks of the trade is essential to your rise in the rankings and gain in sales.

What changing SEO real estate marketing trends do you need to be aware of in 2016?

• Links rule.
Aside from web page authority, Moz’s data points to quality of links holding the highest correlation to Google rankings. Quality content gives individuals and websites more incentive to link to it, bolstering your website user’s experience.

• Keywords drool.
There continues to be a dwindling positive correlation between keyword use on your pages and search rankings. Google searches are becoming smarter, focusing on “user intent” to determine optimal search results for clients. In short, it’s time to change your focus from keyword-zealous to quality content.

• HTTPS and URLs may surprise you.
Expected: Page length, total number of links, and international targeting positively increase exposure in search results. Unexpected: An HTTPS URL, which is a more secure protocol for sending data, provides a small SEO boost, offering advantages where search results are similar.

• Dot coms don’t matter.
Is the Dot com you wanted taken? Don’t sweat .net or .realtor domain names. They’re just as effective in terms of SEO. Do keep domain names short and clear. However, there is a definite negative correlation between good SEO and lengthy URLs and URLs with numbers.

• Social impact.
SEO experts disagree on whether social signals directly affect Google searches. However, there are still SEO benefits to high numbers of social shares. Which sites offer your business the biggest benefit? Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have the biggest positive impact, according to Moz.

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50% Smarter than 98% of all Marketers

Want to learn something (A LOT) about landing pages, conversions and Internet marketing? Want it to be funny while you’re doing it? I know that sounds like a tall order, but only a smidge of the way through you’ll receive this proverbial pat on the head: “You are now 50% of the way to being smarter than 98% of all marketers.” I’m talking about The Moz Blog’s “The Most Entertaining Guide to Landing Page Optimization You’ll Ever Read.”

“Landing pages rule. Blah.
“Homepages suck. Blah.
“Do some A/B testing. Blah.
“Base your optimization strategy on customer feedback. Blah.

“All of those statements are true. But they sound boring and being boring is lame. It’s twenty fourteen and I refuse to be lame.”

That’s Oli Gardner, co-founder of Canada’s And, gosh darn it, he sounds like my kind of guy.

Oli will walk you through these 7 key topics, with increasingly amusing anecdotes, metaphors and comparisons:

1. Landing pages and why they’re essential
2. Why context is even more important than content when it comes to conversion
3. Why forms are worth your attention (even your love)
4. How to write killer copy
5. Design
6. Conversion
7. Samples and Examples (think the Landing Page Best & Worst Dressed List)

And now, without further ado, is your link to The Most Entertaining Guide to Landing Page Optimization You’ll Ever Read by Oli Gardner on The Moz Blog.