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Terrible Real Estate Photos Can Kill A Home Sale

Numerous studies have shown that more and better quality photos lead to faster home sales and higher sale prices. More photos on an MLS listing historically help a home to sell more quickly. But quality is critical. Professional grade photos give the home seller a distinct advantage in the selection criteria. Really, photos can make or break a home sale. Terrible real estate photos can kill a home sale.

Did you know that listings with nicer photos (taken by a professional or, at the very least, with an SLR camera) command higher sale prices? The unspoken rule says that a seller who values their home enough to invest in good photography does so because the home is more valuable.

Make it your mission to include at least 20 compelling, high quality photos of each property and home that you list.

Now, for many perfect examples of what not to do, visit Terrible Real Estate Photos, browse, gasp in horror, laugh, submit your own examples, and hope you don’t see one of your listings featured!