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Throwback: Why Classic Communication Skills Give You a Marketing Edge

Stand Out From The Crowd

Hate the constant texting, tweeting, posting, and annoying constant digital interruptions in today’s real estate marketing world? Be true to yourself – and your customers – by taking a few steps back to your snail mail roots. Really. It can work for you. #DigitalFatigue

Yes, Tech Can Better Your Biz, But Its’s Not the End-All, Be-All
Because clients yearn to work with someone genuine, honest, and authentic, some of your favored forms of dated communication can make you memorable and unique, giving you an edge against a flock of smartphone sheep. While staying up on industry trends in tech is advisable, getting back to basics and flaunting your social skills (while today’s internet encrusted generation rapidly sheds theirs), can help you become a big bad business wolf.

Hello? Is there Anybody Out There?
Lost in a sea of emojis and hashtags, and hiding behind digital screens rather than engaging in up-front conversations, society’s social skills are waning. People skills, such as impersonal, typo-ridden texts, common courtesy, and stellar customer service seem to be living in the past. (Let’s face it folks, great people skills are on the endangered list.)

Fostering Etiquette & People Skills
In a crowded industry with strong competition, rise above the digital detritus with:

• Listening
As in – more than you speak. This will net you sales-winning client goals/motivations.

• Common Courtesy
Call/text if you’re running late or canceling a listing showing. (Busy, tired people are working to structure their day around you.) Use phone and digital auto-responders to denote absences. Don’t respond in haste or anger. And always be kind.

• Authenticity
Only empathize if you ‘get it.’ Be honest and unafraid of ‘I don’t knows’(and research).

• Send Thank You Notes
For everything. Old-fashioned courtesy and communication will get-it everytime. (Wow! You know cursive!)

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Why Cheaping Out on Videos Will/Could Cost You

Are you afraid that video usage in real estate marketing will cost you dearly? Are you resorting to budget video ‘solutions’ like the ones you send to friends and family from your iPhone? Sending videos using popular messaging mediums could cause your reputation to self-destruct. Luckily, there are ways to produce affordable, quality videos without the need for an over-the-top budget.

Quality Caveats
Too often, brokerages and agents mix up the importance of quality with quantity. Longer does not equate to better. This mistake could hit you in the wallet (or career) and today’s grab-and-go generation will look elsewhere.

Worse, poor quality hits your brand in the bread basket. 62% of consumers get negative impressions of a brand after a low-quality video experience. Professional video outperforms user-generated content by 60% in vital metrics (views, clicks, shares, likes, etc.).

Social Misapprehensions
Agents/brokers also commonly underestimate the importance of quality video use in real estate marketing when they’re posting on social media. Social doesn’t mean you can get away with the video production equivalent of breaking out the sweatpants.

Professional video boasts a 1200% increase in engagement on social media compared to text/images alone. That’s why social giant Facebook figured out the importance of video so quickly and has heavily invested in video – what about you?

Affordable Solutions
True custom video can be pricey, ranging in the $500-10,000+ range, and is obviously not an option for everyone. However semi-custom is an affordable solution, offering quality video at a scale with prices in the $10-30+ range. They also make production easy: Inject content and personalize it with branding and a call-to-action, and you’re done!

Also, the return-on-investment is amazing: boosting lead conversion with email campaign compatibility, digital marketing on YouTube, social, websites and blogs, and more.

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Virtuets – The Top Real Estate Sellers’ Secret

As video use in real estate marketing continues to climb the popularity charts as the preferred way for home shoppers to gain information nationwide, “average Joe” agents are becoming increasingly aware of top real estate sellers’ secret weapon: Virtuets video marketing.

A Standout Property Sales & Marketing Medium
Video is highly leveraged content, and the next best thing to face-to-face interaction. And leading agents know a good video sales strategy can help them decrease their workload, accelerate the sales process, and improve closure rates, providing information that only costs a click to potential buyers. But what about the agent cost? Those missing out often wrongly assume a massive time or monetary investment to glean the advantages of video, but that’s just not so if you know the secret: Virtuets.

Virtuets Does the Work for You
Free with Listings Unlimited, our latest video builder tool creates professional, HD-quality property listing videos within minutes, including a custom call-to-action with each video showcase along with contact and brand information, making sharing your properties (and your amazing video skills) a snap. Not a Listings Unlimited user? By the project and by the month licensing options are also available, which include our entire suite of buyer and seller promotional videos.

Justifiable Benefits…

  • The preferred messaging medium
    An ingrained habit, 78% watch videos online weekly – 55% daily.
  • Boosts rank
    Search engines, especially Google, love videos.
  • Builds relationships
    Similar to in-person interactions, live demos are seen as genuine, gaining trust.
  • Magnifies word-of-mouth
    92% of mobile video consumers share them with others – something you won’t pull-off with email marketing.
  • Delivers to today’s mobile, instant-gratification generation
    On Facebook, more than 65% of videos are viewed on mobile devices – and buyers “want it now.” Capitalizing on this keeps customers under your wing.

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Don't Waste Time, Learn These Negotiation Tips Now!

Top Tips on Negotiating a Lower Selling Price for Your Buyers – Part Two

In our last installment, we offered a few pointers on easing buyers back into a hot market. In this installment, we’ll discuss a few more ways to give buyer’s a bit more breathing room – emotionally and financially – with these real estate buyers agent tips for dealing with today’s limited inventory.

What else can you do to help ease negotiations?
Helping your clients understand the process is key.

  • Be a listing P.I.
    Buyers must have as much information on-hand as possible for the best chance at a competitive offer. This includes property and neighborhood information, alongside the 4-1-1 on why the seller is moving. Be sure to ask a lot of questions and do the necessary digging through public records and online to put the best strategy in place. Consider:

    • Is the property a foreclosure/short sale?
    • Has the seller found another home and prefers a fast closing?
    • Is the seller still searching and in need of a rent-back agreement or longer closing?
    • Is there a divorce (has it been previously listed)?
  • Look past the small stuff.
    Outdated décor can be easily changed, and won’t earn you a better price.
  • Expect compromise.
    One of the toughest real estate buyers agent tips to sell clients is that there is no perfect house, or perfect price. When buyers understand this in advance, it makes the process less of a shock. Expect compromises on amenities, size, price, and location.
  • Don’t let terms fall through the cracks.
    They can be as important as price. Make a bigger down payment, accept estate contents, remove inspection contingencies – in short, make the offer attractive.
  • Be personal.
    Add a personal letter so the offer stands out. Sellers often yearn for buyers who will enjoy the home as much as they did.

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Tips to Boost Your Real Estate Business!

Boost Sales & Come Out On Top with these Real Estate Marketing Tips

Is your current real estate marketing plan boosting sales – or falling flat? To stay ahead of the curve, you need marketing solutions custom-tailored to today’s digital era.

Raise sales – and your rankings on Google – with these proven real estate marketing tips:

  • Revamp your website.
    It’s the foundation of your digital marketing efforts.

    • Go responsive…
      With a responsive site design optimized for mobile looky-loos. Ease of use across a variety of platforms is integral to reaching more potential clients.
    • Be a blogger.
      (Or at least create a company news section.) It’ll ramp up your visibility on search engines, social media, and more.
    • Create videos.
      This powerful medium better showcases your properties – and your talents as an agent.
    • Build your base.
      Adding a newsletter signup is a free and easy way to gain potential clients.
    • Improve SEO.
      An effective Search Engine Optimization strategy can help you get the search engine traffic you need for success.
    • Track it.
      Stay informed of your progress by running Google Analytics on your website – and checking results regularly.
  • Increase exposure.
    Once you’ve given your website the TLC it deserves, drive traffic its way through enhanced online marketing efforts.

    • Be newsworthy.
      Stand out and stay in touch with valuable prospects and customers with a regular company newsletter.
    • Opt for quality over quantity.
      Quality content boosts search engine rankings – and builds your audience.
    • Keep it professional.
      With LinkedIn networking strategies including blogging, group discussion boards, and search functions that keep you engaged with industry professionals.
    • Keep your eye on the prize.
      Targeted advertising campaigns such as Google AdWords are a great way to efficiently target potential clients and showcase services, as is remarketing, which shows ultra-targeted ads to those who’ve already visited your website.

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