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The Internet is a Big Place. Make Sure People Can Get Results on Search Engines.

Don’t Use Yet? “Unthreatening” Chatbots Are Changing Real Estate Search.

In this week’s real estate selling tips, we’ll cozy-up to the latest Chatbots – software that automatically responds to client/guest questions and requests with the help of a messenger-style widget. Powered by artificial intelligence, these rockin’ robots are more than automated answering machines, capable of understanding conversational language and responding in-kind. And with over 83% of buyers and renters beginning their home search online, they may prove very kind to you!

Chattering Chatbots
Many homeowners are familiar with chatbot technology in the form of Alexa and Siri – they just take it for granted. And the who’s who of the tech community jumped aboard last year, including Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. Since then, the tech has gone forth and multiplied – possibly arriving at a brokerage near you – due to the life-like, conversational services of the system. It’s so realistic that chatbox users feel as if they’re communicating with a real human representative on the other side of the screen.

Helping People & Making Businesses More Efficient
Rather than replacing agents, as is a common fear in the real estate community, chatbots offer integral support – but nothing that can replace a flesh-and-blood agent’s ability to handle transactions. While you’re researching leads, preparing for property viewings, and closing sales, a chatbot can…

  • Handle initial client contact
  • Organize duties as per client requests
  • Qualify/prioritize leads
  • Provide you with necessary knowledge prior to meetings
  • Manage a large number of inquiries

Chatbots also save money, providing 24/7 customer service access to home shoppers that would otherwise be expensive to maintain with a live telephone or in-person customer service chat staff. This allows you to focus on the core part of your business, rather than taking requests, tracking your endless to-do list, or qualifying clients.

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Let Us Help You Feel Confident in Your Marketing Skills!

How to Use Video as a Real Estate Marketing Tool

It’s 2017, and video use in real estate marketing has not only arrived, it’s quickly becoming THE marketing tool necessary to remain competitive. According to Inman, 85% of buyers and sellers want an agent who uses video – and those homes with listing videos get 4-times the inquiries as their ho-hum counterparts. So why are you sticking your head in the sand like a giant ostrich instead of taking that first step?

Video Is Where the Action Is
Today, Facebook and YouTube are competing for world video domination, and live-streaming video is popular on a wide array of social platforms. HD-quality videos are possible from your smartphone, and professional or “pro-sumer” equipment is just a fraction of the cost it was just a few years ago.

Getting In On the Action
The first step to video marketing is deceptively simple: Make one. Keep it simple, using only your smarthphone. You’ll probably hate hearing/seeing yourself on-screen and frown at footage, but it is these criticisms that will get you on your way to collecting the data necessary to make better videos.

Can I Get-By with a Smartphone?
Yes. With an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, and a few inexpensive items, including a tripod, a camera rig, and microphones, you can create professional HD-quality videos. That’s it.

I’ve Got All This Footage – Now What?
Don’t break out in cold sweats – no video editing is required – really. Grab a margarita, and upload your content and information to the Virtuets listing video builder tool for the fast and easy creation of your video in just minutes. Free with Listings Unlimited, and available at a monthly subscription or per video price, just sit back and sip while your video is being created. Then upload it to social media (or take advantage of our social tool) for sharing.

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Should You Consider Buddy Agent for Agent to Agent Referrals?

Five Tips to Convert Internet Sales Leads into Clients

Marketing tips
Convert Your Online Leads into Sales

Helping potential clients make the journey from the virtual world to reality can be tricky. Missing out on essential real estate tips could cost you business. Take control of your online marketing efforts…

Unlock the secrets to converting online leads:

1. Be speedy.
Providing an immediate response is the single most important factor in converting internet leads. 35-50% of online leads deal with the first agent they speak with. How fast do you need to be? 56% expect a call back within 30 minutes.

2. Connect.
The next most important factor, after being first to respond, is making a personal connection. In fact, hyper-personalize. Get an email address and gain insight from the client’s Google, FaceBook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts. Tight on time? Try the Charlie app, which provides a one-page synopsis on individuals based on these sources. This will help you hone in on the lead’s needs prior to contacting, then talk it up. It’ll make you by far, more memorable. What if you must choose between delaying a return call or missing out on the investigatory process? Hands down: Return the call.

3. Interrupt.
Pattern interrupt. A technique wherein you butt-in on the client’s reconnaissance mission by drawing attention to important information they may need – and make yourself stand out: “Let me give you some real estate tips you may not know about: The website provides great detailed information on that property…” Building rapport will in turn build your business.

4. Go digging.
Avoid superficial relationships. Seek out the why’s and what’s of the sale. Why move? What’s being sought that the current property doesn’t deliver?

5. Build trust.
A trusted agent can more easily overcome objections.

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Take Advantage of Mobile Marketing for a Rockin’ New Real Estate Business Year

Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing

Among the top real estate trends you need to be aware of if you want to gain an edge in 2016: Mobile marketing. And changing your marketing tactics to reflect this technology trend could rock your world. Here’s how to take advantage:

  • Somebody’s Watching Me
    • Trend: Video ads.
    • Takeaway: Video ads will dominate across all platforms, with YouTube, Facebook, and Bing making this mode bigger. Video offers amazing benefits, not the least of which include drastically improved search engine results, sharing, and content retention. Stop stalling. If you’re not using video, you’re losing profits.
  • Start Me Up (I’ll Never Stop)
    • Trend: Dedicated apps are on the rise.
    • Takeaway: Apps can do everything websites can… But are more convenient, accessible and intuitive. Are you taking advantage of our new Facebook App?
  • Bust A Move
    • Trend: Total mobile domination (over desktop).
    • Takeaway: This year, Google announced mobile has overtaken desktop in 10 different countries. Sites not optimized for mobile viewing will soon be phased out. Keeping up with technology is essential to your business. If your site’s not mobile, you can’t afford to wait any longer – or you may find yourself waiting around for customers. That’s why all of our services included a FREE mobile website, FREE QR codes for all your marketing materials, and mobile lead capture services.
  • Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto
    • Trend: Digital assistants take over the search market.
    • Takeaway: Assistants like Siri and Cortana use traditional search engines when they can’t find information, so your search info needs to be easily accessible to them. Include more photos and videos. Digital assistants can’t bypass you to provide visual content—they route to your site directly.

You too, can be a champion my friend. Rock on to these real estate trends, and with the help of the cutting-edge services of Properties Online, you’ll soon be on your way to success.