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Should You Consider Buddy Agent for Agent to Agent Referrals?

Should You Consider Buddy Agent for Agent to Agent Referrals?

In this week’s real estate broker tips, we’ll take a look at Buddy Agent, a newly introduced brokerage-centric platform designed to help today’s successful real estate agent achieve work-life balance. Should you use its real-time data advantages to better build your brokerage’s internal culture?

Houston, We Have a Problem
One of the biggest problems every real estate agency faces is star agents that are just too busy to keep up with their volume of leads, while other agents simply can’t stay busy enough and struggle to earn enough income. This can lead overburdened agents to miss out on important personal life events, from their kid’s big game to countless weekends – and even entire family vacations. It can also lead burgeoning yet struggling agents experiencing common growing pains to leave for presumably greener pastures in their efforts to earn enough income to cover basic expenses.

Buddy Agent to the Rescue
Buddy Agent’s mobile and web app attempts to solve this problem. A self-service system for agents, it requires no additional work from brokers. Rather than letting money walk, the app keeps clients and commissions within the firm. Overbooked agents – or ones simply enjoying time away – can select from a list of favorite fellow agents, quickly locating the right agent, at the right location, and with the right expertise to manage the task at-hand, creating a trusted, on-demand team that works well together. No more burn out. No more disappointing family, friends, and clients with a relentlessly busy schedule.
The app is flexible, featuring iOS, Android, or web-based operation, with a free initial trial and special introductory pricing. Visit to learn more.

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Promote Yourself by Video to Increase Exposure and Sales

Will Opendoor Revolutionize Real Estate Buying?

A new, Phoenix-based real estate tech start-up is making its mark in real estate trends for 2016. Making “instant offers,” Opendoor is snapping up homes in a matter of days, then turning around to flip the properties for profit.

How does it work?
Opendoor touts its simplification of the home selling process, leaving behind the repeated cleanings, showings, and strangers traipsing through your home with a typical sale. But their biggest advantage is time savings. Fill out a fast, free survey listing the unique facets of your home, and Opendoor will send you a competitive offer based on this and a comparative market analysis. If you accept, they confirm with a free home inspection, then you choose your move-out date, anywhere from 3-60 days following contract. Opendoor even arranges escrow.

What do customers think?
Opendoor’s website is packed with positive customer reviews, including an AAA “A-rating” and an impressive 4.1 of 5 stars in Google reviews.

Is it making any money?
According to Wall Street Journal, the company made $80 million in October in a third funding round led by Access Industries owner and billionaire Len Blavatnik. Valued by the investor at roughly $580 million, as of mid-December, Opendoor had purchased and sold more than 200 homes at an estimated profit of between $10,000-15,000 per home. This includes the approximately 9% in fees earned from sellers, less the costs of reselling the home.

Where is it opening its doors to home sellers?
After a successful launch in Phoenix, Opendoor is now live in its second market: Dallas, with plans to expand as its funds allow. Will the company move beyond real estate trends for 2016 in their quest to take-on additional markets? Only time will tell.

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Is the “Connected Consumer” Your Target Demographic?

The Mobile Client
The Mobile Client

Consumers are traversing the digital landscape more than ever in the discovery and purchasing of nearly every product imaginable – even real estate. Are you cashing in on mobile real estate trends?

Tune-in to the digital landscape – and make it work for you:

  • Embrace change.
    The digital landscape is ever-evolving. Getting stuck in the past is not an option if you want to ensure success. Be aware of generational shifts, evolving with technology to better take advantage of new opportunities that those stuck in the past may be missing.
  • Buy-in to reviews.
    Social media and app-related reviews are powerful – even in the home buying arena. Online reviews have changed the way consumers make decisions about available services and products. How much pull do reviews have? 92 percent of consumers point to online reviews as extremely important to their online buying decisions.
  • Work on “your presence.”
    Be certain you have not only a website and a blog, but a presence on most social media sites to ensure potential clients perusing online will find – and connect with you. Social media is a powerful real estate marketing tool, and among a broad number of digital real estate trends that are here to stay. Without a strong digital presence, you may miss out on today’s generation of online consumers.
  • Personalize.
    Personalized mobile apps give you direct access to buyers, and a place where they can find any information they might need from one source – you – keeping your all-encompassing services at the forefront of the entire transaction.
  • Develop stronger relationships.
    Don’t rely solely on technology to connect with clientele. Authentic personal connections are still necessary and craved – even by today’s digitally-entranced generation.

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