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Notability for iPad – Take Note

2012’s bestselling note taker app for the iPad was Notability, and it’s no surprise.

This intuitive, feature rich app allows users to take organized, media rich notes, record audio, embed photos, pictures drawn by hand, web pages, and more. Annotation, automated lists, and multiple backup and export options make the app even more attractive to professional users, such as real estate agents.

There is no need to wait until you’ve back at the office to finalize a contract for a client. Simply open the document in PDF form using Notability and sign then and there with a finger or a stylus.

Auto-synchronizing features allow users to sync tools like Dropbox between their iPad and iPhone, ensuring notes, photos, lists and more are always available.

The app, created by Ginger Labs, has received a customer rating of 4.5 stars in the iTunes store. It integrates handwriting, PDF annotation, typing, recording, and organizing simply and stylishly.
The latest version (4.42) is fantastic for users who regularly hand large notes and PDFs. “Not only can you bookmark pages, but you can also filter the entire note by bookmarked pages, or by PDF annotations if you’re working on a PDF,” says Justin at Ginger Labs.
And Notability is now in the cloud, with Google Drive. This free cloud service allows you to store and share your notes, as well as automatically backup your notes (when combined with auto-sync). And with Google Drive, you get the added benefit of being able to import .ppt, .doc, and .xls files as PDFs into Notability. Winning.
The paperless office fantasy may never materialize, but great apps like Notability get us one step closer.