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How to Keep Your Offer Hot in a Fast Paced Market

Tips to Keeping Your Offer Hot in a Fast-Paced Seller’s Market

In today’s real estate market, homes are moving fast, especially in the starter home sector where competition is uber-intense. With homes selling in hours instead of days, do you have the real estate buying tips you need to keep your buyers at the head of the pack?

Help your buyers break through the competition and beat rivals with these real estate buying tips:

  • Move fast.
    To ensure your success in retaining your current clientele and ensuring additional business, it’s in your best interest as a buyer’s agent to be aggressive and timely in today’s market. Especially when it comes to helping your client secure a contract, so you will prevent lost opportunities for you both. Time is of the essence, so staying on top of things and moving fast when opportunities present themselves is essential.
  • Be on the alert.
    Property alerts (also called instant notifications) on most real estate websites offer the option to save search criteria and have alerts emailed/texted immediately when relevant new listings hit the market. A great tool, as when homes are selling within hours every minute counts. Advise clients to choose sites with direct feed to their local MLS (sites that update within minutes, rather than daily) for the fastest results.
  • Be aggressive.
    To compete, be certain to structure offers in such a way as to make them appealing to sellers. (i.e.: don’t ask for too much or make offers too complicated.) In a multiple offer situation, those that don’t immediately stand out may be quickly relegated to the selling agent’s ‘reject’ pile. Formulating a strategy BEFORE buyer’s fall in love with a home is advisable – then you can simply pull the trigger.

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No, You Don’t Need to Wear a Web Designer ‘Hat’ Too!

Alright oh professional real estate agent, what hat are you wearing today? Or should I be asking which hats – plural? Your marketing hat? Ye old networking hat? The sales hat? How about that couples’ therapy cap for those buyers who can’t even agree on a doorknob color? And now with all the digital technology these days, you’re expected to put on a web designer hat to boot? Just how many things should one person be expected to be an expert in?

Jack of all trades, master of…. ?
None. That’s how many hats you need to wear when it comes to web design with the help of WordPress Themes for real estate agents. With the help of WordPress, you can create a top-notch, customized real estate website that’ll boost your business and your clientele, without all the development, design, and maintenance hassles of a traditional real estate website. Put away those sunglasses Neo, you don’t need to know the code.

WordPress? Is that what happens when you have writer’s block?
Nope. WordPress Themes for real estate agents allow you to easily create and manage your own customized real estate websites with the help of design templates. With a few simple clicks, WordPress helps you manage content, pages, and menus, change colors and themes, update content, and more.

Templates? That means simple and boring, right?
Heck no. With WordPress Themes for real estate agents, you have access to an affordable, easy-to-use, turn-key website solution designed by agents – for agents – with high-tech features including…

  • Responsive design compatible with any size/style mobile device.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • IDX property searches.
  • Integrated blogs.
  • Video content.
  • Lead management solutions.

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