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Instead of Retiring How About Partiming in Real Estate?

No Need to Retire When You Can Be a Part Time Realtor
No Need to Retire When You Can Be a Part Time Realtor

Real estate is an ideal part time job. In fact, nearly 20% of realtors have another occupation. In realtor news, the Texas Association of Realtors’ (TAR) recently published report noted median net income for agents, post taxes and expenses, at $23,000. Not stupendous, but for a part-time gig supplementing retirement income, some serious pocket change.

Why real estate?
For retirees, real estate can allow individuals to capitalize on their experience, for instance:

  • Experience living in a specific neighborhood.
  • Knowledge of local resources/networks.
  • Making continued use of skills gleaned from business and corporate positions:
    • Communication: setting a realistic selling price; identifying homes that meet a buyer’s needs…
    • People-management: influencing sellers to accomplish tasks that may boost the appeal of their listing…
    • Negotiation: bids to buy/sell, fixing wrenches in the work involving closings…
    • Analytical skills: market values, saleability…
  • And more…

Ample opportunity
Though representing buyers and sellers does involve a time investment, its not realtor news the industry offers an enjoyable, profitable career, especially for those retirees willing to forge a new path with existing skills or develop new skills related to the industry.

The road ahead?

  • Flexibility
    In setting your schedule and making time in your life for retirement while ensuring you’re comfortable financially.
  • A healthy balance
    Between career and personal interests – provided you don’t overextend yourself!
  • Building relationships –
    Working connections and building your network within the community. Not only a great way to add to your social circle, but a great fit for those who have lived in their community for an extended period of time who understand what it has to offer.
  • Education and licensure
    Which varies by state, but typically involves a 90 hour basic course that may be completed online, followed by a licensing exam and continuing education requirements.

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A Cautionary Tale: Direct Mail Piece Backfires on Agent Team

Not a Good Business Move
Not a Good Business Move

A direct mail advertisement distributed in September mail to homes in the Snoqualmie Ridge, Washington area has working mom’s fuming – and a pair of local agents wearing egg on their faces and looking none too professional – courtesy of their latest real estate selling endeavor.

Costello and Costello Real Estate Group of Issaquah. But don’t worry, because they – uh – posted an apology on Facebook. Yeah, that’ll sure handle all the negative press… It’s unknown how long they’ll be feeling the heat from the consequences – across social media and in the community.

How bad is it?
Definitely not good. The direct mail ad features Chase and Jeffrey Costello on one side dressed in suits. On the other side, a mother of three is tied up while one child paints her face, a younger child sits with a colander on her head, and the remaining child (and a duck) stand amongst a disheveled living room.

Can you see the writing on the wall?
Written on the Costello side: “Full time professionals.” On the mom’s side: “Part time agent.” Underneath both photos: “Who would you rather represent you?” Flip the debilitating direct mail piece over and wait… there’s more… The ad lists what the Costello’s can provide compared to what the woman can offer, being “available at THEIR convenience – not yours.”

Behemoth backlash
Woman control 70-80% of consumer spending, and with a number of professional full time female agents in the industry – many of whom have families – its certain the piece has lost the firm more than a few clients.

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Part Time / Full Time Agents the Bias is Real

Looking Down On Part Timers
Looking Down On Part Timers

What’s the deal with real estate selling part-time agents getting a bad rap from full-timers? Is it unfounded? While the bias is real, the reality is a bit more sticky and a bit less straight-forward than you might expect.

Is perception reality?
Perceived – and real – drawbacks of part-timers include:

  • Scheduling conflicts.
    Being busy with something else other than addressing clients can put a cramp in your business and reputation, especially if scheduling issues are perceived as being responsible for missed offers.
  • Commitment.
    Because they have other employment/responsibilities, the dedication of part-timers are often seen as less dedicated. Worse, if an agent does a poor job, they’re often assumed to be part-time.
  • A lack of market knowledge.
    An essential ingredient in pricing/paying for homes.

A hidden benefits package
Part-timing may not be all bad, however…

  • Less pressure.
    Clients not in a rush to sell, who prefer time to consider offers, may fare better with a part-timer.

A mixed bag
Like most situations in life, the quality of both full and part-time real estate agents is a mixed bag. You must look at why the part-time agent is in the business, and what they’re bringing to the table….

  • Perhaps they’re starting out their careers.
  • Maybe they like the freedom and perks of being an agent, but need a steady base income due to dependents/financial needs.
  • Perhaps they’re interested in realty solely as a means to building their investment property portfolio.

The takeaway
Whether full or part-time, real estate selling bias should boil down to work ethic. The ability of an agent to get things done – not how many hours logged in the office.

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Real Estate Agents Part Time or Full Time What You Should Know

Part Time Realtors
Part Time Realtors

Just starting out? Testing the waters in real estate selling by sticking your toe in as a part-time agent? Cannon balling in as a full-timer? Real estate can be an interesting and fulfilling new career – if you stay out of the deep end.

Beware of these hazards before diving head-first into real estate selling:

  • Belly flopping with brokers
    Finding a broker may present challenges to new or part-time agents, as a brokerage’s success rests on the shoulders of its agents. Don’t get discouraged. It may take a while to find the right broker. Additionally, don’t rule out joining a team, especially if you’re part-time. You’ll give up some commission, but a team can cover for you in sticky scheduling situations, helping you succeed – and keeping you from feeling alone in the deep blue sea.
  • A sinking schedule
    Obligations such as family or other employment can take their toll on your realty career. As an agent, you’ll have to be available at all times – whether or not they’re convenient for you.
  • Making room on the raft
    Both part and full-time real estate agents will find a time when they simply cannot accommodate a client’s scheduling needs. It’s not a catastrophe of tsunamic proportions. Sometimes you’ll need help. If you don’t join a team for support, work out an agreement with a fellow agent or two who you trust to step in on your behalf. Just be sure to work out the ripples – like the details of compensation – in advance.
  • Riding the rapids
    Kiss the lazy river good-bye. Long days, busy weekends and bizarre schedules are here to stay. Evening and weekend work is the norm. Plan your adventure and schedule wisely to beat burnout before you go under.

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