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Instead of Retiring How About Partiming in Real Estate?

No Need to Retire When You Can Be a Part Time Realtor
No Need to Retire When You Can Be a Part Time Realtor

Real estate is an ideal part time job. In fact, nearly 20% of realtors have another occupation. In realtor news, the Texas Association of Realtors’ (TAR) recently published report noted median net income for agents, post taxes and expenses, at $23,000. Not stupendous, but for a part-time gig supplementing retirement income, some serious pocket change.

Why real estate?
For retirees, real estate can allow individuals to capitalize on their experience, for instance:

  • Experience living in a specific neighborhood.
  • Knowledge of local resources/networks.
  • Making continued use of skills gleaned from business and corporate positions:
    • Communication: setting a realistic selling price; identifying homes that meet a buyer’s needs…
    • People-management: influencing sellers to accomplish tasks that may boost the appeal of their listing…
    • Negotiation: bids to buy/sell, fixing wrenches in the work involving closings…
    • Analytical skills: market values, saleability…
  • And more…

Ample opportunity
Though representing buyers and sellers does involve a time investment, its not realtor news the industry offers an enjoyable, profitable career, especially for those retirees willing to forge a new path with existing skills or develop new skills related to the industry.

The road ahead?

  • Flexibility
    In setting your schedule and making time in your life for retirement while ensuring you’re comfortable financially.
  • A healthy balance
    Between career and personal interests – provided you don’t overextend yourself!
  • Building relationships –
    Working connections and building your network within the community. Not only a great way to add to your social circle, but a great fit for those who have lived in their community for an extended period of time who understand what it has to offer.
  • Education and licensure
    Which varies by state, but typically involves a 90 hour basic course that may be completed online, followed by a licensing exam and continuing education requirements.

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