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How to Grow Your Online Presence

According to NAR research, 90% of homebuyers use the internet as part of their search for a new home, as opposed to just 27% who still look in the newspaper. Yard signs factor in to 53% of homebuyers’ search methods. But look at that first figure again. You have to be actively marketing your homes online, and you have to have enough of an online presence that buyers will find your homes, right? So, here’s a quick ‘how to’ on grow your online presence.

“A website is an absolute must for any self-respecting business, and that includes real estate agents,” says Amanda Cornelius, co-founder and CEO of Properties Online.

But a website in and of itself is not enough.

To truly grow your online presence, Cornelius advises, you should ideally have a mix of the following:

1. An agent website. Your agent website is your online business card and resume, and should be used to highlight your achievements, experience and expertise and to provide clients and prospects with valuable information.

2. Single property websites. These focus around a single property, highlighting its features and benefits and providing all the information on that property at one place. Sellers and buyers alike love single property websites , and they are great at helping you to win listings.

3. Social media accounts. You need to have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Update your social media accounts frequently, add useful info and links, and reach out to new friends and followers weekly. Over a year or so, you can significantly grow these accounts. The beauty of social media is that it functions just like word of mouth marketing, but on a much larger scale.

4. Don’t forget email! Being active and proactive rather than passive when keeping in touch with clients and prospects can make a big difference, and email drip marketing programs are a huge help.

5. Incorporate offline marketing tools. Remember those 53% of homebuyers who looked for yard signs? Custom sign riders, complete with QR codes, are designed to direct people immediately to your website, while also logging and sending their mobile phone number to you as a lead.

“Growing your online presence takes time and patience, but it is also lots of fun and the return on investment is very real,” says Cornelius.

5 MORE Marketing Ideas for Your Real Estate Business

I hope you enjoyed our previous post that offered 5 ideas for marketing your business. Really, marketing ideas are endless. It’s up to you to take them and run with them. So, with that in mind, here are 5 MORE marketing ideas for your real estate business.

Use QR Codes. Do you know what a QR code is? QR codes are a quick and awesome way to market and provide information via mobile smartphone. QR Codes direct people to your property sites quickly and easily. It takes only seconds to scan the code and redirect users to your individual listing website, and the codes can be added to your business cards, flyers, newspaper ads, sign riders and more.

Make the most of flyers using PDFs. Back up your online efforts with real life flyers. Email or print gorgeous color flyers highlighting each and every one of your listings. Customize the flyers by changing layouts and color schemes. Or simplify the process completely by using an automated PDF flyer builder.

Engage with video. Sellers want to work with agents who use video. Why? Because video engages buyers. It brings a home to life in a way still photography can’t. Lucky for you, making high quality videos for your listing sites is incredibly easy with online software like Virtuets.

Mobilize. Your brand and your listings need to show up wherever the buyers are. These days, more and more buyers are mobile. So make sure your websites and your listings can be accessed easily and in full quality from mobile phones and other mobile devices. You don’t want your marketing efforts to fall down on the job.

Integrate. Last month’s post talked about Facebook. Go one step further and integrate all your social media, so that your sales tactics gain maximum reach. Twitter, a blog and Pinterest are three popular avenues for real estate professionals. Make sure your presence on all is accessible from every one.

Marketing your real estate business and property listings comes down to being seen, establishing a professional brand and inspiring confidence. There are so many places to market yourself and your business. Best of luck!

Why You Should Market Your Real Estate Business Online

Greater than 90% of home buyers shop for their new home online. Relying on traditional methods for marketing homes – newspapers, yard signs, bulk mailing – these cannot sustain a real estate business. The fact that the majority of your potential clients are online is only the beginning of why you should market your real estate business online.

1. Online marketing initiatives are easy (or easier, at least) to monitor, track and evaluate.

2. Made an error? No problem. You haven’t just spent hundreds of dollars printing that error. Make changes quickly and respond to issues immediately with online marketing.

3. Make connections. Linking among campaigns or online locations isn’t just easy – it’s good business practice. Your website, blog, social media networks, YouTube channel – they’re all fodder for marketing and linking. Your options are virtually endless.

4. Get real-time performance results. You don’t have to wait until the very end of a campaign or marketing push to know if it is paying off.

5. Be more targeted. You can take one marketing idea and target it to many different client types, simply. Online marketing allows you to narrow or expand your focus easily.

6. Convert faster. Using cool technology like SMS, QR codes and unique property websites means you can combine technologies like mobile and physical advertisements with web technologically to give buyers and sellers instant access to you, your listings and your business.

What has been your biggest benefit to marketing your real estate business online?

Why You Should Use QR Codes as a Real Estate Agent

QR Codes or Quick Response Codes are a quick & easy way for real estate professionals to drive mobile traffic to their website. It allows a person to scan what is effectively a barcode with their mobile phone, accessing online information instantly. Here’s why you should use QR codes as a real estate agent:

How would this work for real estate, you ask? In seconds, with the use of a smart phone, a user can scan the code and be redirected to a designated website, where they can find additional details and photos of a property listed for sale. Services like provide a built-in tracker that will tell you how many people used the QR Code to visit your property site.

In real estate, there are three popular uses for QR Codes:

1. QR Codes in print media. This enables homebuyers who pick a flyer to quickly get to a website filled with rich information and color photos of the house. The idea is that instead of typing a long web address into their phone, the prospect can quickly and easily get to the same place and get all the information they need. QR codes beautifully connect offline with online, making the most of what modern technology has to offer, and – most importantly – engaging leads.

2. QR Code on yard signs. Typically, the prospect sees the home and the sign, and while they’re still there, they can quickly access the property site,full of information about the house, including a link to the agent’s email. It’s a great way to capture a lead that otherwise might have just moved on and forgotten about the house.

3. QR Codes to capture leads. Different from a traditional QR Code that sends prospects directly to the property’s website, QR Capture Codes first route the potential buyer to the agent’s SMS (text message) gateway capturing their phone number as they go. This service is a new and unique way to capture mobile leads from a QR scanner/reader.

If you’re a real estate agent, you should be using QR Codes to market your properties. They’re free, innovative and simple to add to your traditional marketing materials, such as business cards, flyers, newspaper ads and more.

Use Real Estate QR Codes to Boost Website Traffic

Sometimes described as bar codes on steroids, QR codes have become an essential mobile marketing tool that offers real estate agents a cheap, easy and effective way to drive traffic to their real estate sites.

Sometimes described as bar codes on steroids, QR codes have become an essential mobile marketing tool that offers real estate agents a cheap, easy and effective way to drive traffic to their real estate sites. Short for Quick Response, real estate QR codes live up to their name. When scanned by a smartphone camera, QR codes immediately transport home buyers and home sellers to a target location; for instance, the Realtor’s website, the agent’s contact information, a particular landing page, a specific property listing or video. QR codes allow consumers to instantly access detailed information about a real estate listing or agent with a wave of their phone. Consumers do not need to enter a web address or click through a series of options. A quick swipe of their phone is all it takes to access the information they want, making QR codes are the perfect mobile marketing tool for today’s successful real estate agent.

Real estate agents can forge connections with potential home buyers and sellers by adding QR codes to business cards, flyers, newspaper ads, direct mail, online property listings and lawn signs, using different QR codes to direct consumers to different sites or information. Different QR codes can be imbedded in different marketing vehicles to help track their effectiveness. QR codes are also proving effective in building social media relationships between real estate agents and potential clients. QR codes are still novel enough to generate excitement and curiosity. People can’t seem to resist scanning QR codes when they appear in Facebook posts and Twitter tweets. Their popularity and convenience are making real estate QR codes the preferred method of linking to detailed information and video tours of new property listings.

As smartphone become the new communication standard and consumer interaction becomes increasingly mobile, QR codes are expected to become the go-to method of imparting information to real estate consumers. can help you add this powerful mobile marketing tool to your real estate tool bag. Free real estate QR code generation is included with all Properties Online website products.