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How to Grow Your Online Presence

According to NAR research, 90% of homebuyers use the internet as part of their search for a new home, as opposed to just 27% who still look in the newspaper. Yard signs factor in to 53% of homebuyers’ search methods. But look at that first figure again. You have to be actively marketing your homes online, and you have to have enough of an online presence that buyers will find your homes, right? So, here’s a quick ‘how to’ on grow your online presence.

“A website is an absolute must for any self-respecting business, and that includes real estate agents,” says Amanda Cornelius, co-founder and CEO of Properties Online.

But a website in and of itself is not enough.

To truly grow your online presence, Cornelius advises, you should ideally have a mix of the following:

1. An agent website. Your agent website is your online business card and resume, and should be used to highlight your achievements, experience and expertise and to provide clients and prospects with valuable information.

2. Single property websites. These focus around a single property, highlighting its features and benefits and providing all the information on that property at one place. Sellers and buyers alike love single property websites , and they are great at helping you to win listings.

3. Social media accounts. You need to have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Update your social media accounts frequently, add useful info and links, and reach out to new friends and followers weekly. Over a year or so, you can significantly grow these accounts. The beauty of social media is that it functions just like word of mouth marketing, but on a much larger scale.

4. Don’t forget email! Being active and proactive rather than passive when keeping in touch with clients and prospects can make a big difference, and email drip marketing programs are a huge help.

5. Incorporate offline marketing tools. Remember those 53% of homebuyers who looked for yard signs? Custom sign riders, complete with QR codes, are designed to direct people immediately to your website, while also logging and sending their mobile phone number to you as a lead.

“Growing your online presence takes time and patience, but it is also lots of fun and the return on investment is very real,” says Cornelius.

Why You Should Use QR Codes as a Real Estate Agent

QR Codes or Quick Response Codes are a quick & easy way for real estate professionals to drive mobile traffic to their website. It allows a person to scan what is effectively a barcode with their mobile phone, accessing online information instantly. Here’s why you should use QR codes as a real estate agent:

How would this work for real estate, you ask? In seconds, with the use of a smart phone, a user can scan the code and be redirected to a designated website, where they can find additional details and photos of a property listed for sale. Services like provide a built-in tracker that will tell you how many people used the QR Code to visit your property site.

In real estate, there are three popular uses for QR Codes:

1. QR Codes in print media. This enables homebuyers who pick a flyer to quickly get to a website filled with rich information and color photos of the house. The idea is that instead of typing a long web address into their phone, the prospect can quickly and easily get to the same place and get all the information they need. QR codes beautifully connect offline with online, making the most of what modern technology has to offer, and – most importantly – engaging leads.

2. QR Code on yard signs. Typically, the prospect sees the home and the sign, and while they’re still there, they can quickly access the property site,full of information about the house, including a link to the agent’s email. It’s a great way to capture a lead that otherwise might have just moved on and forgotten about the house.

3. QR Codes to capture leads. Different from a traditional QR Code that sends prospects directly to the property’s website, QR Capture Codes first route the potential buyer to the agent’s SMS (text message) gateway capturing their phone number as they go. This service is a new and unique way to capture mobile leads from a QR scanner/reader.

If you’re a real estate agent, you should be using QR Codes to market your properties. They’re free, innovative and simple to add to your traditional marketing materials, such as business cards, flyers, newspaper ads and more.

website mobile ready

Is Your Real Estate Website Mobile?

Sometime in the next year, it has been predicted that mobile internet use and searches will surpass desktop computer use and internet searches. What’s more, 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal, whether it’s on smartphones, PCs, tablets or TV (Source: Think Insights). In a business as internet reliant as real estate, it is critical that your agent website and all property websites are fully enabled optimized for mobile use. Have you ever visited your websites from your own mobile phone? Is your real estate website mobile?

Mobile traffic to listings websites has increased 600% in the past 18 months (Source: Listing Domains). 600 per cent!!! If all of those users are getting a bad mobile experience, they won’t be coming back.

Did you know that using Listing Domains for your individual property websites means that you’ll get a mobile website free with every single listing? That means that no matter where a buyer views your property – from their home desktop computer or out on their smartphone – they will get a flawless experience.

Mobile websites increase speed; improve usability and convenience; can enable mobile-specific technology features, such as click-to-call, location-aware advertising and services, and mapping; can improve search and SEO performance; increase connectivity; promote a sense of professionalism; integrate with traditional advertising formats through use of QR codes; and meet current market expectation.

QR Codes for Real Estate

We love technology and believe it can greatly help real estate agents. One noteworthy example is the use of QR codes for real estate. A QR (Quick Response) Code is a barcode that is readable via a smart phone. The idea is that users scan a barcode using their phone, and are then directed to a specific landing page. In real estate, we see QR codes used in several ways.

QR Codes Embedded into Print Advertising

This can definitely be useful, as it enables a prospect who looks at a print ad to scan the code and use their phone to get to the property site or to the agent website, where they can learn a lot more about the property.

QR Codes Embedded into Agent Sites

This seems to us like more hype than a useful feature. Why would anyone whip out a camera and take a picture of a QR code to bring them to a website on their mobile phone, when they could just click a link on their computer that takes them to the page?

QR Codes on For Sale Sign Riders

This is another useful tool for Agents. However, not everyone has a smart phone (yet) so Property Address Domains are much better and easier for the consumer because they can simply enter the url and go to the website, either in front of the home, or later in front of a computer.

Another issue with focusing too much on QR codes is that this marketing method pretty much eliminates anyone who doesn’t own a smart phone with internet access, and there are still plenty of those!

It will be interesting to see what new programs and platforms that utilize QR codes pop into the real estate tech field in the near future. I for one am looking forward to that!

Properties Online Incorporates QR Codes into their Website Builder Software

As QR Codes become an integral part of real estate marketing, Properties Online enables real estate agents to quickly and easily generate QR Codes for each listing.

Properties Online Incorporates QR Codes into their Website Builder Software

January 20, 2011 — As QR Codes become an integral part of real estate marketing, Properties Online enables real estate agents to quickly and easily generate QR Codes for each listing.

QR Codes, short for Quick Response Codes, have been quite a hit overseas for some time now but are just starting to make some noise in the US real estate marketing arena. A recent study by Morgan Stanley’s analysts believe that, based on the current rate of change and adoption, the mobile web will be bigger than desktop Internet use by 2015. With mobile traffic on the rise and projected to surpass desktop browsing in less than 5 years, QR Codes are a quick & easy way for real estate professionals to drive mobile traffic to their website. Real estate professionals can take advantage of this free and innovative way to promote their listings by adding these codes to their business cards, flyers, newspaper ads and more. It takes only seconds for a smart phone to scan the code and redirect visitors to a website with additional details and photos of a property listed for sale.

“QR Codes are a great way to drive mobile traffic to our users’ websites.” says Amanda Cornelius, President and CEO of Properties Online, LLC. “With our new system we can save our users time by creating the QR Codes for them. All the agent has to do is save the QR Code and incorporate it into their print marketing efforts.”

The QR code creation process is very simple. When a Properties Online user creates a Listing Domain website or adds a listing to their agent website, a QR code is automatically created for that listing. Properties Online takes the QR code one step further with a built in tracking system that allows users to track and quantify the number of visitors each QR code has driven to their website.

Some companies are charging a monthly fee for this service but Properties Online has chosen to offer this as an added value service to their over 20,000 users. In February the company plans to print the QR Codes on their Domain Rider signs for a nominal fee. Also in February Properties Online will be releasing a new flyer builder program allowing real estate professionals to create print quality PDF brochures for each listing complete with QR code. Because not everyone has a smart phone, it is important for agents and brokers to include the direct URL of the property, i.e. or Properties Online includes Property Specific URLs with their Listing and Agent website products.


About Properties Online:
Properties Online is dedicated to helping real estate professionals grow their business by offering innovative and invaluable technology tools with a smile. With a user base of over 20,000 real estate professionals, Properties Online products and services empower agents to efficiently expand their business while generating more traffic and leads. Their web-based software is extremely easy to use and makes creating a website, a flyer or a video simple and fun!