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Your Audience on Facebook

Infographic: Your Target Audience on Facebook

Facebook accounts for half of the traffic single property websites receive. Check out Qwaya’s amazing infographic explaining how to understand and find YOUR audience on Facebook.

You may be wondering still if Facebook should be part of your overall real estate marketing plan. It should. Facebook accounts for half the traceable traffic to single property websites, according to our internal research. But, I’ll be the first to admit, Facebook can be a major time suck. You want to be able to focus your time and energy where it matters most. So, who is your target audience on Facebook?

Qwaya recently put together an awesome infographic that is all about “Finding Your Audience on Facebook”. This handy graphic shows you in clear terms all your options when building a Facebook relationship with 1/5 of the world’s population – or at least the percentage that matter to YOU and your real estate business (or any business!).