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Tips for Helping Empty Nesters Sell the Home They’ve Have for 30 Years

Leaving an empty nest and its memories can be tough on aging Baby Boomers. How can you help older couples let go and move-on? With the right real estate selling tips aimed at addressing their emotional, financial, and organizational challenges, such as:

• Point out positives.
Empty bedrooms are a flashing neon sign, pointing to a home’s now less-than-perfect fit. Though letting go of the past can be difficult, try tackling this issue by presenting new opportunities. Instead of pointing out opportunities that have passed, focus on the new ones that lie ahead: Less space to maintain, new scenery/lifestyles, restaurants, cultural offerings, etc.

• Focus on financials.
The good and the bad. Identify opportunities to yield equity that can come in handy in retirement, versus capital gains penalties and how those might affect the purchase price of a new home. Uncover any issues in the home the client has lived with for some time that may turn away potential buyers (80s décor, ancient appliances, problem plumbing, outdated electrical, and more). Contemplate the risk/reward of putting forth a little money in sales pace and final price. Note that curb appeal is what will make the home stand out to potential buyers.

• Get clients started out right.
The day a home sells is NOT the time to start packing. Uncover a path to reduced stress with the help of real estate selling tips in the form of a handy-dandy checklist for sellers. Emphasize that excessive inventory, small spaces, and tight timetables do not make for a happy ending. Help them find focus by taking the time to address items that can never be replaced (photos, kids’ first drawings, a wedding dress), and beginning to separate those that have lost importance, can be replaced, upgraded, or let go of.

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Trying to Break into the Luxury Home Real Estate Business?

How to Understand the Luxury Buyer – They Are Different

Looking to break into the lucrative luxury market? To meet the needs of this unique and high-demand segment, you’ll need the right real estate selling tips. Luxury home buyers are not your average clientele.

What do luxury buyers love?

• Buzzworthy reputations
Both yours as an agent – and the property’s. Wary of the intentions and the opinions of others, they will often choose an agent based on personal recommendation, and will gravitate toward properties with a newsworthy buzz in social media, amongst friends, and in the community. To keep a specific property in the spotlight and ramp up interest, never neglect to spread the word amongst your most socially active contacts.

• Ultra-exclusivity
You should not and will not sell a home to a luxury buyer in the same way as you would a typical client. Luxury buyers see themselves as special and expect to be treated as such, with invitation-only open houses, private viewings, professionally presented information via luxury home booklets (for each listing of interest), live music, fine food and wine . . . the works.

• Emotional connection
Luxury buyers will happily shell out big bucks for homes they experience a connection with, which you can bring to light with the right marketing efforts. The best real estate selling tips to evoke this emotional connection involve helping buyers see themselves at the property.

Rather than describing the home as having a fabulous outdoor living space on your marketing booklet or in conversation, establish an emotional connection by suggesting how your client could host a fantastic graduation party or family reunion in that space. Helping prospective buyers imagine themselves in these situations evokes an emotional connection and positive feelings toward the listing.

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What Does the Average Home Buyer Look Like?

Tips for Buyer’s Agents to Countering Over the Asking Price Sales

Sellers coming back with over-asking price counteroffers typically create a lot of drama. Though it may come to a surprise to many buyers, there are many reasons a seller may decline a full price offer. Do you have the right real estate buying tips to help your buyers navigate these shark infested waters?

Take a bite out of emotion
Buyers, who become emotionally attached, picturing themselves in homes, need to be brought back to some rationality, specifically:

  • The MLS doesn’t guarantee prices like an area superstore, it’s a listing service for the industry, holding participants to certain standards, and protecting commissions.
  • The owner, not the agency, makes the decision on final sales price.
  • You do not know, nor do they have to disclose, the financial situation of the seller.
  • The owner may not have ‘changed their mind’ or thought they could get more following full price offers. Homes are often listed, underpriced, at 5-10% to generate over-asking price offers.
  • The seller may have another offer, or be unhappy with the terms.
  • The property may be recently listed, generating high-interest.

Must buyers accept?
No. In this awkward situation, created by the seller, they can…

  • Walk away.
  • Choose to put the offer in a back-up position.
  • Decide if it’s still an awesome deal.
  • Make a strong case for your offer (or counter-offer) with comparative market analysis data.

Life preserver
In future situations, heed these real estate buying tips for agents to prevent such antics. As the old saying about flies and honey: Making a positive impression on the listing agent and seller can work wonders, as can including financing pre-approval with offers – and a brief letter (The Jones enjoyed viewing your beautiful home and look forward to living in it with their 3 kids…).

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First Impressions are Everything: Draw Potential Buyers in with a Welcoming Interior

Summertime Sales Boosting Home Staging Tips

With the summer busy season in full swing, buyers are taking advantage of the beautiful weather, looking for the perfect home to get their families resettled in before the start of the next school year. Are your sellers doing what it takes to market their home effectively and earn top dollar? Impressions of the home are made within the first 15-20 seconds it’s viewed, and passing along a few simple real estate selling tips can help them present it in the best possible light.

Heat up summer sales with these real estate selling tips for effective home staging:

  • Spruce up the exterior.
    It’s the first impression buyers get. Keep the lawn neat and tidy, tackle weeds, and keep clutter cleared. Anything that looks high maintenance is going to turn-off potential buyers.
  • Update the interior.
    Tastes have changed in recent years. Kitchens are hot, and stained cabinets are not – especially darker varieties. White cabinets are currently very popular. For baths, updating out of style brass hardware for chrome or silver is also recommended. In the rest of your home, a fresh coat of light neutral paint, neatly applied, can also clean and brighten things up considerably.
  • Seek out a stager.
    From photos to figurines, collectibles are clutter, and poor furniture arrangement can ruin a space. A stager offers a neutral third party opinion, taking some of the pressure off agents and helping prod sellers in the right direction. Many brokers include this with the listing.
  • Know when to leave well-enough alone.
    In today’s lending environment, it’s difficult to do improvements before closing. Consider saving major improvements for the buyer, whose tastes may be radically different, and opting to pay closing costs instead. This allows the buyer the necessary cash for improvements, making your home more appealing.

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What Experts Want You to Know About Drone Use in the Real Estate Industry

Tips for Top Realtors to Get Some Out of Town “Me Time”

Time For Vacation
Time For Vacation

Can’t remember the last time you took some time for yourself? Get out of town – literally. It may be the only way to retain your sanity – and subsequently your business. Think that’s counterintuitive to the usual real estate agent selling tips? Think again.

You need time off
The world won’t fall apart without you, but your mind and body – not to mention your family – may if you don’t take a break every now and then. Vacations are important to your physical and mental health.

The infamous Framingham Heart Study revealed women who vacationed rarely (every 6 years or less) were 8 times as likely to experience a heart attack, or develop heart disease, than those who took at least 2 vacations annually. Men were also not immune, with those who sidelined vacations 32% more likely to succumb to a heart attack than those who took an annual getaway.

How can you take time off without losing out on business?

• Partner up.
If your real estate business is uber-busy, it may be feasible to consider taking on a partner. With two sets of commissions coming in – you may not even feel a financial pinch. It will not only offer you a chance at time off, but additional freedom and a higher quality of life when you return.

• Add on.
Hire someone to act as a buyer’s agent. They will be perfectly capable of handling clients while you are away enjoying time off. Want to stay solo? Consider an assistant who can handle a host of duties in your absence instead.

• Consider a temp.
Hand off business to a fellow associate for an agreed upon split.

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