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Home Staging Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

Selling Tip: Dealing with a Buyer’s Down Payment Anxiety

Down Payment Anxiety
Down Payment Anxiety

Following the great housing bubble burst, real estate investment phobias abound. One of the largest fears scaring would-be buyers away from a home purchase: A lost nest egg, gobbled up by a home which, when later sold, nets little to no return on down payment. But what if those precious funds were protected? Would more buyers bite?

Crisis of confidence
According to a recent Harris Poll, would-be buyers continue to be reluctant to enter the housing market, despite recovery. Only 55% of renters expect to get a return on their down payment investment if they buy today and resell within the next few years.

Safety net
Step-in the +Plus by ValueInsured, a down payment protection program designed to reimburse buyers should funds be lost in a market downturn. Beginning in 2015, buyers nationwide can purchase a policy for a one-time fee at closing, $1,000 on average depending on the state. Should a home later be sold for less than the purchase price, and if the FHFA Home Price Index for the homeowner’s state at the time of sale is lower than it was on the purchase date, compensation is provided in the actual equity lost, or the purchase price of the home (times the reduction in state HPI) – whichever is lesser.

Knocking down barriers
It is unknown whether or not real estate selling tips related to this emerging industry will net a change in the real estate market. But according to polls, a down payment protection program would help quell fears for…

  • 81% of renters and 67% of homeowners, whose confidence would be raised.
  • 63% of renters, who’d be more likely to buy.
  • Half of millennial homeowners, who’d be more likely to purchase a new home.

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Maybe the Grass is Greener? Realtors Switching Firms More Frequently for a Better Deal

Make the Switch for Better Deals?
Make the Switch for Better Deals?

In today’s real estate market, so called “mercenary agents” are on the rise, switching firms in search of more deals and higher commissions. Typically independent contractors, many agents are constantly being recruited by and changing teams, joining competing firms in search of greener pastures.

Why the wanderlust?

  • Low inventory
    In hot markets, agents find themselves competing for dwindling listings. To put themselves at the head of the pack, many agents are for firms with a technical edge or other advantages.
  • Commission rates
    Commission rates seem to be constantly falling, from 6.1% in 1992 to an average of 5.2% today. With newer agents in particular, by the time proceeds are split with the brokerage and other parties, their share ends up looking pretty spindly. Gaining experience and then moving elsewhere as a senior agent can offer a much better return – as much as 80-90% of commissions.
  • Improved marketing support
    Leaving an agency with a miniscule marketing team in favor of a firm with a heard of support for posting listing and sending out materials can free up agent time.
  • Culture
    Team oriented businesses may be more appealing to some than lone wolf style firms. A little bit of something is better than all of nothing.
  • More control
    Agents with a niche, such as the luxury market, may benefit from moving to other firms with additional promotion, marketing, and tech support.

Going out to pasture
Realtor trends point to about 30% of agents who have been with their firm for a year or less – up 18% from last year. In fact, it’s expected that in time big deals will be driven by brokers – not brokerages, putting the ball – and the brand – more frequently in the agent’s court.

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Should You Consider Buddy Agent for Agent to Agent Referrals?

What’s Your Funniest and Most Awkward Moment in Real Estate?

Things That Can Happen To Realtors
Things That Can Happen To Realtors

Awkward real estate moments have you breaking out in a sweat? You’re not alone. In the realty industry, “interesting” circumstances are bound to arise. How bad was yours? Compare it to these hilariously awkward realtor news anecdotes:

  • Run fast and carry a big(ger) stick.
    Once during a buyer appointment, a local agent brought along a coworker for safety reasons. The situation was dangerous, but not in the way she’d feared. The buyer’s young son, after running around the property like a wild animal, picked up a stick, and proceeded to beat the coworker on the back repeatedly.
  • Fifty shades of gray.
    As an agent, you’re sure to understand cleaning can be subjective, from language and subject matter to dirt and clutter. This showing horror: A family of buyers walking past a bedroom boasting illegal drug paraphernalia. Apparently the owners thought it a selling point.
  • Humans on a short leash.
    Awkward animal stories abound in realtor news, from leaving appointments covered in hair and drool, to walking funny following one-too-many friendly “hellos.” Homeowners who over-indulge their four-legged family can often unknowingly create an overabundance of realty related laughter – and pain!
  • You’re up past MY bedtime.
    One agent repeatedly fielded calls after 9:30pm from a seller who was moving out of state and was extremely concerned about carrying two mortgages. How many times have you received calls or texts from a client at an inappropriate time because your realty business was deemed a 24/7 operation?
  • Reality TV.
    Once during a showing that was attended by not only the seller, but the buyer and many extended family members, a relatively loudly declared the need for a purchase offer $50,000 under asking price. The seller inquired, “Why?” “That’s what they do on HGTV.”

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Is Concierge Service for Your Real Estate Clients in Your Future?

After The Sale is Finalized
After The Sale is Finalized

A new brokerage in Dallas, Real Estate Concierges, is surpassing the limits of the traditional real estate business model, offering clients services for life – not just a single transaction. Could this new model be in your future?

A new paradigm
In this trying and changing time for real estate professionals, with the reputation of the industry at large far from its best and rapidly changing technology altering transactions from start to finish, some real estate clientele are considering how integral real estate agents are to the buying and selling process. The new concierge model, however, turns that thought on its head…

The Alpha and Omega of services
Going beyond the transaction to justify traditional commissions and address the eroding value some consumers feel real estate professionals bring to the deal, Dallas’ concierge model doesn’t end where typical real estate transactions do. Instead of parting ways with clients at the purchase or sale, the Dallas brokerage’s concierge service steps in where most firms step out…

  • Helping with change of address services.
  • Providing tax and accounting information pursuant to home ownership.
  • Offering advice on what to do after a home is burgled.
  • Referrals for handyman and other professional repair services.
  • And much, much more.

Is it profitable?
Real Estate Concierges firm employs three full-time agents ready to handle customer service calls day or night in addition to an on-staff handyman (free for the first two hours following closing and $50/hour thereafter). The brokerage is not only profitable, but on track to close 25 transaction this year. With their new spin on real estate services, the firm’s co-founders expect to build long-lasting relationships with clients, capturing repeat business and referrals, thus securing their future in the real estate industry.

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