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Real Estate Concierge: Should You Hire One?

This week I’m doing things a little differently, by sharing with you an interview I conducted with forward-thinking Northern California-based licensed real estate agent Jenna Evans. Jenna, in true entrepreneurial fashion, used her real estate license and vast experience in real estate to create a new career as a Real Estate Concierge.

Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Blogging. Do you do it? As a real estate professional on the Internet, you’d probably have to be living under a rock to not have heard of some of its many benefits. It takes time, yes, but once you get into the habit it really isn’t so hard. What can be difficult is getting people to actually find and read your blog. That’s why I was so excited to see Josh Coffy’s FlightMedia Blog post “25 Bite Sized Action Steps to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog.” In his fantastic article, he outlines 25 relatively simple things you can do to get more traffic to your blog.

Finding True Job Satisfaction in Real Estate

Real Estate is an entrepreneurial business. Each agent or broker who makes it, puts his or her heart, soul, spirit, effort, professional and personal self on the line every day. In some ways, this puts you a step ahead of the general population, because it’s unlikely you went into the risks of entrepreneurship for something you didn’t feel passionate about. Sure, some people are only in for the money, but, from experience, they don’t end up succeeding as well as those who do it for the love of the industry itself, the freedom of self-employment, and the ability to have just that little bit more control over their lives. With risk comes reward, and that reward is job satisfaction.

Do You REALLY Know Your Customer?

The most successful real estate professionals are “people” people. Even in the modern world, where more and more of the real estate transaction takes place online, the business itself is conducted by real people, in often intense and stressful situations … Really get to know your customer, and you’ll likely get to know them again, as well as some of their friends, family or colleagues.