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MLM for Brokers - The Technology Your Agents Want and Need

MLM for Brokers – The Technology Your Agents Want and Need

Do your agents have the tools they need to ensure the success of their real estate career – and your business? Forty-five percent of agents are looking for more technology tools from their brokers – tools that offer an edge in today’s tech-driven world. In this month’s real estate business tips, we’ll discuss an easy and affordable way to incorporate these features into your brokerage services with MLM for Brokers.

What is it?
Think of our system as “property management autopilot.” When used in conjunction with Listings Unlimited, this turnkey system can take listings from the MLS or an XML feed, quickly generating amazing marketing collateral for agents, further adding automation to the real estate sales process with the latest tools and technology on the market.

Giving agents the tech they crave:

  • Collateral to-go
    From print to web-ready PDF & HTML flyers to our amazing YouTube video-builder.
  • Sharing tools
    Agents can easily add agent or listing websites to any social network with fast and simple listing syndication, or take advantage of our exclusive Facebook App for easy wall posting to business pages and addition of links to personal business and property sites.
  • Smart Lead Capture
    The ultimate in modern technology, Smart Lead Capture takes advantage of the smartphone explosion. A complete mobile lead capture platform, this tool allows agents to snag clients fast with a “text for more information” feature, inclusive of auto-responders and lead alerts for the fast, real-time follow-ups that mean the difference between a sale and a lost customer in today’s information on-demand mobile market.

This technology only touches the surface of the many products available to your tech-starved agents through Properties Online services. For brokerages looking to take – and keep – their agents and firm on top in the coming years, heeding tech-driven real estate business tips will be key to success. Open a new door to your real estate selling future. Contact Properties Online today.

Important Trends to Keep You In The Know

Relocation Gurus Ride a Buying Crest From Interstate Relocations

Shy of the big three – Florida, California, and New York – very few individuals making moves across state lines have ever set foot in their soon-to-be new stomping grounds. As costs continue to increase for air travel and road trips, journey-centered travel itineraries are now much more infrequent. The result is the average adult today has traveled to a relatively few 12 states. For them, real estate buying can be a stressful shot-in-the-dark and their numbers are quite large: around five million Americans relocating annually

Become a balm for your baffled buyer’s frazzled nerves…

• Bridge the excitement gap.
Relocating buyers may be excited about a new job, but if they’re shopping in an area they’ve never even visited, that can seriously detract from interest levels.

• Be a tour-guide.
Differentiate yourself with service specialized for interstate buyers. Help them find their way, affirming the area’s strong points and that everything will be okay – and you’ll have a client for life. Not sure where to find the best 4-1-1? Your area chamber of commerce or visitor’s bureau will be glad to provide information – after all, your new clients will also be boosting the area economy.

• Expect freak-outs.
Real estate buying out of state – especially in a completely unknown one – is an entirely different experience than a move across town. Expect clients to be more freaked-out than usual about their purchase, so come packing with that tour-guide hat, brochures and maps at the ready.

• Don’t waste time.
Even large corporations “specializing” in moving employees climbing the corporate ladder often give only a few days to shop and purchase a home in new locales. A daunting endeavor for uninformed buyers. Agents who push homes outside of budget or listing requirements may find themselves sidelined by frustrated, time-strapped buyers. Have relevant home listings at-the-ready, making optimal use of time, and your clients will thank you.

Take the stress out of the real estate buying and selling process. Discover the benefits of Properties Online today.

Market Your Properties for Success With Specialized Tools

It’s Time to Team Up to Boost Sales and Productivity

What tops today’s list of real estate selling tips for boosting sales and productivity? Giving teams a try. Real estate teams are on the rise, with transaction rates far outpacing those of top-producing individual agents.

Go team!
A recent Real Trends report noted between 35,000 and 50,000 real estate teams in the US, with 37% of teams formed between one-to-three years ago and 26% formed just one year ago. (Rankings are based on submissions, with some top-producing teams, agents and brokerages declining to submit their numbers for a variety of reasons.)

Reaching new heights…

• Team submissions grew from 2,233 in 2012, to 4,335 in 2015, growing by 94%. Though this number accounts for only the country’s highest-producing teams, this is enormous growth for a three-year period.

• The top 250 ranked teams completed 61,321 transactions in 2011. In 2015, that number jumped to 70,873. The top 250 individual agents completed 45,074 in 2011 and 35,833 in 2015, respectively. This indicates a 16% increase in transaction volume for teams versus an almost 20% decrease by individuals during the same time periods.

Why do teams work?
Because teams, under one or two team trainers/leaders, work collectively to reach sales goals, agents are able to reap the rewards of sales while easily maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Something unheard of with superhero individual associates working 75+ hour weeks.

How can you foster a team?
Starting a team is among the easiest real estate selling tips to implement. Most teams begin with an administrative person assisting one or two sales associates… And the team grows from there. Why an administrative assistant first? To provide functionality and test the team’s culture. Before starting a team, however, set yourself up for success by ensuring that you have the personal brand/culture – and leads – to support it.

Looking for real estate selling tips with your best interests at heart? Properties Online is on your team.

Home Staging Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

The Wow Factor Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive – Staging Tips

While staging a home is very important when you are trying to move it quickly, spending too much on the staging process can take a big bite out of your profits. Here are a few real estate selling tips to help you stage a home without having to break the bank:

Depersonalize the Space

One person’s dream might be a potential buyer’s nightmare when it comes to decor. Small touches of personality generally are not a big deal, but when an entire room is dedicated to the owner’s clown painting collection, it can turn a lot of people off. Putting away items that are too personalized, such as eccentric collections and personal photos, for what should be a generic home showing is the key to getting people to imagine themselves in the space.

Highlight the Positive Features

Draw special attention to the aspects of a home that buyers typically love. If there is a fireplace, get a fire roaring (except in the middle of the summer) and show the home at night. Homes with several bedrooms should be given their own theme to highlight the fact that there are many different bedrooms for children to choose from. Water features should be turned on and any other outdoor areas should be prominently featured on your website so potential buyers know what to look for.

Stimulate Olfactory Nerves

Opening up the windows to get some fresh air in a stuffy house is a great way to get musty smells out before a potential buyer shows up. When you do not have that option, or even if you do but want to add to it, buying a few air fresheners will make a home smell pleasant, helping buyers to associate the house with positive thoughts.

For more staging tips, or to learn about how the web is becoming the dominant avenue for residential real estate sales, visit us at Properties Online.

Video Usage in Real Estate, the Stats Are In

Have You Seen These Important 2016 Trends Yet?

Are real estate trends for 2016 going to make this a boom or bust year? It’s not all sunshine and daisies – but things are looking pretty good so far for the year. What’s trending?

  • Prices and mortgage rates are rising.
    Gaining since mid-2012, both are still climbing, just at a slower pace than recent years, inspiring confidence and prompting many to take advantage of rates before they continue to climb higher.
  • Millennials are driving the market.
    Buyers age 25-34 are now the largest share of first-time buyers (68%) and largest share of home buyers overall (38%).
  • Urban sales are rising.
    Particularly in 18-hour cities as Millennials drive sales back into town from the burbs in search of late-night options.
  • Amenities are evolving.
    Developers are ditching swimming pool construction in favor of outdoor theater and large, 24-hour, state-of-the-art fitness and spa amenities.
  • Beacon technology reduces the need for on-site handholding.
    One of the major real estate trends for 2016, Beacon texts area listings, provides detailed information during tire-kicking/open houses, and reduces time consuming one-on-one meetings.
  • Regulatory changes begin…
    Including the frustrating implementation of TRID (TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure), combining four complicated disclosures (The Good Faith Estimate, Initial Truth-in-Lending Statement, HUD-1 Statement and Final Truth-in-Lending Statement) down to two (Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure), but unfortunately slowing down transactions with financing, appraisal, and inspection issues in efforts to increase transaction clarity for buyers.
  • Online funding is moving on up.
    Becoming increasingly accepted, especially as several marketplace lenders have been eaten up by consolidations or gone out of business.
  • Mortgage brokers are moving in…
    As part of real estate agency in-house teams, they’re quickly closing deals and snapping up the best interest rates for buyers.

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