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What Makes Buyers Walk a Sale?

Are You Ready for Virtual Reality in the Real Estate Marketplace?

Today, 20 million buyers are taking advantage of virtual reality (VR), and that number expected to reach 50 million by the end of this year and a whopping billion by 2023. Experts predict VR will change the industry the way the Internet and video use in real estate marketing did, so how long will it be before you market a home in VR?

The Timing is Right
With Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg 2014 investment in the industry, VR technology has rapidly matured, getting easier to use and coming down significantly in price. In fact, it’s a foregone conclusion that VR will be a part of the industry, and companies like Matterport and Realvision are paving the way.

Get a Load of That!
In some cities, such as Minneapolis, VR has already joined aerially droned tours as standard fare for agents, allowing prospective buyers to shop without ever engaging in a physical showing. Used with goggles and headsets, and paired with a smartphone or computer, VR gives shoppers a viewing experience that makes them feel like a part of the image – not viewing it from the outside or single perspective, but providing a comprehensive look at every interior surface.

How’s It Work?
Agents hire companies with high-tech software. Gamers have been using similar tech for years, with computer-generated imagery and environments. It stitches together photos, compiling to create 360-degree room views impossible to beat with traditional slideshows and video fares.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
While VR creates a strong emotional response that static images cannot, it allows buyers to get a true feel for spaces sometimes hundreds of miles away. VR tech also makes it more difficult to conceal problem features you wish buyers wouldn’t see.

Video usage in real estate marketing is moving faster than you think. Don’t fall behind and miss out on its amazing advantages. Hop aboard with the help of Properties Online today.

First Impressions are Everything: Draw Potential Buyers in with a Welcoming Interior

Summertime Sales Boosting Home Staging Tips

With the summer busy season in full swing, buyers are taking advantage of the beautiful weather, looking for the perfect home to get their families resettled in before the start of the next school year. Are your sellers doing what it takes to market their home effectively and earn top dollar? Impressions of the home are made within the first 15-20 seconds it’s viewed, and passing along a few simple real estate selling tips can help them present it in the best possible light.

Heat up summer sales with these real estate selling tips for effective home staging:

  • Spruce up the exterior.
    It’s the first impression buyers get. Keep the lawn neat and tidy, tackle weeds, and keep clutter cleared. Anything that looks high maintenance is going to turn-off potential buyers.
  • Update the interior.
    Tastes have changed in recent years. Kitchens are hot, and stained cabinets are not – especially darker varieties. White cabinets are currently very popular. For baths, updating out of style brass hardware for chrome or silver is also recommended. In the rest of your home, a fresh coat of light neutral paint, neatly applied, can also clean and brighten things up considerably.
  • Seek out a stager.
    From photos to figurines, collectibles are clutter, and poor furniture arrangement can ruin a space. A stager offers a neutral third party opinion, taking some of the pressure off agents and helping prod sellers in the right direction. Many brokers include this with the listing.
  • Know when to leave well-enough alone.
    In today’s lending environment, it’s difficult to do improvements before closing. Consider saving major improvements for the buyer, whose tastes may be radically different, and opting to pay closing costs instead. This allows the buyer the necessary cash for improvements, making your home more appealing.

Heat up summer sales with these and other real estate selling tips from Properties Online.

What Home Design Trends Will be Popular in 2016

Au Natural
Au Natural

Real estate trends are always changing, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up – for you and your clients. Avoid yesterday’s shag, ensuring a stylishly staged setting with the help of these interior home design tips.

Stage your homes right with these up-and-coming real estate trends for 2016:

  • Warm-up colors.
    Accent colors like gold, gray and dusty rose are expected to be in the spotlight for 2016. In these uncertain times, the public is turning towards softer shades such as these to inspire a sense of peace.
  • Don’t neglect neutrals.
    Neutral shades like gray, beige and cream are in high-demand. They work great not only as starting points on walls and surfaces, but in the form of couches, armchairs and area rugs as well.
  • Know your “IT” colors:
    The world’s unofficial color authority, Pantone, reports rose quartz and iced coffee will be next spring’s big thing.
  • Understate bling.
    Shimmer and shine, or the illusion of those things, will be present in fabrics, as will bolder colors as accents in the form of decorative vases, paintings and sculptures.
  • Go au-natural.
    Natural materials such as metal, reclaimed wood, and leather mixed and matched between coffee and side table accents are no longer taboo. Mixed materials, patterns, and vintages are no longer shunned, but a widely accepted practice.
  • Clean-up lines.
    Say goodbye to clunky, carved furniture and frou-frou florals. Order and sophisticated lines are in. Clean and industrial, coupled with fabrics and fibers with a natural, organic feel that are comforting and soothing.
  • Lively, livable living spaces.
    Forget formal living spaces in favor of functional, inviting spaces with a wholesome feel. Think more casual-beachy feel, unhampered by clutter or a sense of formality.

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