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What Experts Want You to Know About Drone Use in the Real Estate Industry

What Experts Want You to Know About Drone Usage in the Real Estate Industry

At a recent REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo, industry experts joined forces, sharing knowledge about safely aligning drone technology with video use in real estate marketing.

Who’s Got the Bird’s Eye View?
Jim Williams, manager of the FAA’s Unmanned Aerial Systems Integration Office; Doug Trudeau, associate broker at Tierra Antigua Realty in Tucson and the first realtor to apply for and receive a waiver for drone use (before drone flight certification was redesigned to omit manned flight licensing requirements); and associate counsel for the NAR, Lesley Walker.

What Guidance Did These Industry Experts Have To Offer on Drone Tech?

  • Don’t Be Careless
    Following rules without paying attention is the drone operating equivalent of texting while driving. Crashes are not uncommon, and overlooking potential dangers could be catastrophic. Batteries can be highly explosive on impact, resulting in serious injury – or even catastrophic wildfire. Don’t be so eager to use drones that you overlook risks.
  • Look Before You Leap
    Adding a drone to your business isn’t cheap. Equipment exceeds $1,000 and there are continuing costs, including liability insurance, adding another $600-800 per year.
  • Avoid Done ‘Spam’
    Avoid overusing this latest tech toy. Be mindful to keep videos short (under 2-minutes), with only 10-20 seconds of high-flying footage. And don’t fly so high/far that you lose the home to the surrounding environment. All footage should offer value.
  • Know Who’s in Charge
    If you notice a realtor operating unsafely, report it to the FAA. The NAR enforces the realtor code of ethics, not flying (or traffic) infractions. Also be aware – governance of drone use goes beyond the FAA to encompass federal, state, and local laws and enforcement. If you mess up – it’s not just the FAA you need to worry about.

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Real Estate Agents Love Drones Even As Their Regulation is Evolving

Video usage in real estate marketing in rising to the top of every agent’s must-have list. And flying next to it: Drones, which are providing interesting new opportunities for area realtors to rise-above the competition with cutting-edge videography and aerial photography services. The best news? New legislation is making it increasingly easier for you to put drones to work for your business.

Clear Skies Ahead
In June 2016, an FAA ruling cleared the way for a much easier path to commercial drone operation. No longer requiring a manned pilot’s license, the drone flight certification process has become much more straight-forward, requiring a knowledge test every 24 months and adherence to flight restrictions, such as flying over people, at night, and beyond visual-line-of-sight.

As Drone Usage Grows, Rules May Evolve
Though the path to drone flight certification and regulations is easier, the National Association of Realtors is continuing to push for additional changes, such as participating in Federal Aviation Administration rule-making committees in hopes of opening more opportunities for realtors.

Among them? Flights beyond visual line of sight, crucial for shots of large buildings and tracts of land which cannot be traversed by foot. Also, permitting drone flights over people, where many opportunities exist such as the creation of neighborhood and area amenity marketing materials.

More Affordable Technology and Trimmings
As drone technology continues to improve and come down in price, realtors are jumping on board. Even insurers are offering specific coverage for drone pilots who utilize drones at a lower frequency. Such policies allow these pilots to save a buck on insurance with a bit of additional safety training and corresponding certificate. This is making drones ever more affordable for the everyday agent.

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Use of Drones is Growing Outside of Luxury Real Estate Categories

Think drone technology is only worth it for McMansions? Think again. In today’s dog-eat-dog cyberworld of listings – it’s hard to stand out from the pack. Drop-in drone technology is topping the list of real estate selling tips that give you the edge you need to produce those sky-high sales numbers that you’ve been lusting after.

Fly It & Buy It
High-quality video and photography offer an amazing return-on-investment, differentiating property listings with dramatic photography for MLS photos and video listings. And it’s applicable to more than multi-million dollar homes.

Bring Property Advantages to Life with Drone Technology:

  • Fly from the driveway to the front door for a walkup.
  • Give a 360-degree fly-by of home exteriors.
  • Offer potential buyers a better idea of views, property landscape, and footprint.
  • Create a flowing, whole-house motion tour in HD.

Ready, Aim, Fire!
The latest and best real estate technology, using drone photography as your real estate marketing weapon of choice can really help you narrow-in on your target audience. And it can be added to your arsenal for as little as $1,000 (and FAA flight training), or farmed out to a drone photographer, then used to create compelling, professional-quality videos that far surpass ground-based shots.

Action-Packed Footage – In Minutes
Paired with Properties Online’s newest video builder, drone and ground-based footage can be assembled in minutes into a stunning video that will knock the socks of clients, and earn you those much-needed referrals with very little time investment. Our latest software:

  • Automatically adds captions, voice-overs, listing data and agent information.
  • Goes beyond default options to offer customization for color, design, content, logos, Spanish translations, and IDX-compliant versions for listings.
  • Automatically syndicates to YouTube, and provides an easy way for social sharing.

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