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The 2018 Real Estate Market Heats Us

Trends: the 2018 Real Estate Market Heats Up

With experts predicting sizzling summer market conditions to continue in many states, what real estate trends are integral to buyer and seller success?

2018 Sales a Week Faster than Last Year

Priced right, the pressure of a faster home sale has been relieved, and negotiating power improved.

Fierce competition means 10%+ cash down and mortgage pre-approval is imperative for proving commitment to purchase. To win a home, buyers must be first out of the gate, searching daily with their list of prioritized must-haves. Then they must stand out from the competition, sweetening the pot with the help of a good agent who can draft an enticing offer.

Tip: Including a personalized photo and letter about who buyers are and why they love the home promotes a personal connection.

Higher Prices for 2018 than Last Year
Prices from February 2017-2018 have increased a shocking 10%!

Higher sticker prices are dominating real estate trends, prompting sellers to make big plans for pocketing the payback and downsizing, or upgrading HOME 2.0.

With only 1 of 3 homes priced under $200,000, and HALF of buyers competing for them, it’s integral in these market conditions for buyers to:
-Crunch the numbers, determining how much home they can truly afford prior to shopping.
-Stay within these constraints, and avoid getting impatient or competitive to avoid financial disaster. (Hello, 2008 housing crisis).
-Sacrifice some ‘wants’ for an affordable home.
-Expand search criteria/area to find more affordable homes.

Market Hot Spots
These top 10 market hot spots could see even more extreme competition:

1. San Francisco, California
2. Midland, Texas
3. Vallejo, California
4. San Jose, California
5. Sacramento, California
6. Denver, Colorado
7. Santa Rosa, California
8 Colorado Springs, Colorado
9. San Diego, California
10. Stockton, California

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Sellers in a rush to leave their current home? Selling a home super-fast is possible – with the right tactics. In today’s real estate selling tips, we’ll look at advice from the experts at on how to sell a home fast, bringing in buyers in 2 weeks or less to seal the deal.

Cinch a Speedy Sale with these Expert Real Estate Selling Tips from

1. Entice with price.
In real estate, price is everything, affecting whether a property sits or sells. The asking price says a lot about the seriousness and motivation of the seller. Consider listing at an aggressive, not ambitious asking price if you want to move the home fast.

2. Make it irresistible.
Dress it up. Stage it. Give it that ‘wow’ factor. You want to create ambiance on the level of a home decorating magazine. Sellers new to the concept of staging? Giving them a few tips ensures success.

3. Set a deadline…
A deadline for receiving offers. Think ‘Black Friday’ when it comes to real estate: You want to move your product (house) fast, and have priced accordingly – good deals don’t last.

4. Offer incentives.
Consider sweetening the deal by offering to contribute to the buyer’s closing costs, throwing in a year’s worth of cleaning services, or contributing to homeowner’s association dues. Get creative and tailor your offerings to what’s important to buyers in your market.

5. Tell your neighbors.
Someone may have a friend interested in moving to the neighborhood, or a family member who wishes to be closer.

6. Stay flexible.
It’s important to roll with the punches throughout the process. If someone wants to see your home at 6 pm in the middle of dinner – let them in with a smile.

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Protect Your Listings and Sellers: How to Deal with Squatters

Selling Tips
Prevent Squatting

Sellers and buyers beware. In the latest real estate news, squatters are on the rise in vacant homes nationwide. Though laws vary on said persona non grata from state to state, you can help prevent the escalation of squatting-related issues in your properties.

Why is squatting on the rise?
Squatters have always existed, but the trend is typically subsequent of larger issues. Common after the 2006 housing bubble popped, and despite the upturn in the market, economic pressures are again resulting in squatting issues. Among them: stagnant wages, high rental rates, and a lack of alternatives for affordable housing in many area markets.

Internet home listings and the availability of squatting tips and tricks, both free and for purchase on the Internet, further add fuel to squatting campfires.

Prevent squatting in homes:

• Keep things clean.
Overgrown, unkempt homes are a flashing advertisement for those looking for a hideout. Keep grass cut, bushes trimmed, trash cleared, and the home’s exterior as clean as possible.

• Don’t advertise empty homes.
Keep blinds closed so whatever – or whoever – is inside remains in question.

• Fake habitation.
Especially in unlisted homes or those without signage. Add a lamp with a timer in select rooms.

• Enlist help.
Ask neighbors to park in the driveway and keep an eye on the property, leaving them a card with your contact information. It’s in their best interest and many are happy to help.

• Follow-up.
In most states, establishing utilities and establishing residency with bills can be sufficient to legally prove residency – which complicates or delays squatter eviction. Check mailboxes regularly for out of the ordinary posts and contact utility companies regarding your home’s vacancy status to head off issues at the pass.

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