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How to Creatively Get More Seller Leads with Video

How to Creatively Get More Seller Leads

Highly coveted, seller leads can help you gain more control of your time, represent both sides of a real estate deal, easily take-on additional clients, and earn higher commissions, especially in today’s low-inventory market. Do you have the real estate marketing tips you need to snag these valuable, yet elusive leads?

Seller Lead, Where for Art Thou?
According to 2014 NAR stats, 64% of sellers look to an agent’s referrals. The remaining sellers turn to other channels. Finding an agent runs a myriad of ways ranging from open houses to simple website research. How can you home in on these new seller leads?

Attract More Seller Leads with these Creative Real Estate Marketing Tips:

– Leverage Home Buyers
Handing over the keys doesn’t mean the transaction is over. Never overlook the importance of keeping in contact. Steadfast follow-up, from closing gifts to holiday cards, are a great way to earn seller referrals.

– Set Your Sights On FSBO
90% of FSBO listings never result in a completed transaction, typically from lack of knowledge and resources, overpricing, and poor marketing. Offering your services in the form of a free, no obligation consultation can help you swoop-in and save the day for stressed-out FSBO sellers.

– Give Expired Listings a Second Chance at Life
Much like FSBO properties, overpricing and poor marketing can leave properties to linger on the market. Though expired listings on your MLS sheet may have previously worked with another agent, the lack of a deal may motivate them to explore new avenues.

– Find an (Extended) Friend on Facebook
Search the box at the top of your profile page using keywords associated with selling a home (“packing,” “house hunting,” “moving…”), reaching out and snagging seller leads on social media.

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What to Know About the Luxury Real Estate Market in These Uncertain Times

You Can Make Mistakes with Home Staging – What Not to Do

Home staging can be a seller’s best friend, slashing sales time and boosting profits when done correctly. Poorly performed, however, it could be the nail in the proverbial coffin of the sale. In today’s real estate marketing tips, we’ll take an up-close look at staging, and why what seems cut-and-dry can backfire on those who miss the details.

Home Staging Mistakes that Can Sink Sales

– Overwhelming Design
Good home stagers know the home should be the belle of the ball, not its contents. Look to staging pros who know how to subtly achieve a winning design, without smacking buyers in the face with it as soon as they walk through the door.

– Bland Schemes
On the flipside, those versed in real estate marketing know homes that don’t venture far from the realm of ivory/beige won’t stand out in the minds of buyers. You’ll need some pops of color here and there.

– The Lone Aesthetic
If you’re staging a Victorian, don’t place fainting couches and oil lamps in every room. Buyers won’t be able to see their things in the space. Instead, opt for an eclectic mix, or more traditional, timeless pieces.

– Fake-Outs
If a potential stager suggests artificial fruit or inflatables, run in the other direction. Keep it real. Fake items blast buyers with the message this is not their home.

– Poor Scaling
Not staging to the right scale can kill a sale. Furniture and accessories should match home scale and proportion. Too small, and spaces look barren and lifeless, not spacious. Too large, and spaces feel cramped. You need to show good use of the room. Ditto for artwork. Too small = visual clutter. Avoid items smaller than a softball.

– Closed Doors
While this might appear ‘neat,’ closing doors limits movement, and can lead to buyers missing entire sections of a home.

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Is Your Seller Pushing for a Listing Price You Consider Unrealistic?

Unrealistic Expectations
Unrealistic Expectations

Thanks to recent upswings in the housing market, a common argument in favor of higher home prices is “the market is back”. While today’s market is improving, how much “more” is realistic? And how do you rein-in unrealistic homeowners in your effort to set a real estate selling price?

A delicate balance…
Your goal must be to earn top dollar for sellers without overpricing listings which can result in appraisal issues down the road. And you must be able to do this without losing the listing to another agent in the habit of overpromising. A tough road to travel indeed!

Follow these steps when setting a real estate selling price with unrealistic clients:

  • Do your homework.
    Before you arrive at the listing appointment, know what price the seller is expecting to prepare your strategy. If it’s unrealistic, how did they come up with it? (It’s often either ignorance or arrogance.)
  • Know your numbers.
    Knowledge = confidence. Ignorance = fear. Stay on top of local numbers and ditch emotional, fear-based reactions in favor of factual knowledge so sellers will both see the light and have confidence in you!
  • Stay on top of market/micromarket prices.
    What are the facts?
    • Average days on the market…
    • Neighborhood list-to-sell price ratios…
    • Competition…
    • What’s not in the MLS – new construction, FSBOs, pocket listings…
  • Get pending listing 4-1-1.
    Pricing intel from these agents could give you a competitive advantage over other area listings when setting the price.
  • Go armed with a net sheet.
    Using net sheet programs, your title/escrow agent, or your own, compile a net sheet based on a HUD statement: priced low to sell immediately or high to test the market. Ask clients, “What time frame works for you?”

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Could Facebook Ads Be a Hidden Secret to Success?

According to a recent Inman reader poll, real estate promotion driven by Facebook is being utilized by 27.35% of agents. If the remaining agents were aware of the benefits of Facebook, that number could be much higher.

Why cash in on Facebook bennies?
Nearly every real estate transaction begins with online research. Real estate professionals, home buyers, sellers and investors all rely very heavily on the internet for real estate transactions. Today’s opportunities in social networking make getting involved more important than ever. With so many existing and new users signing on daily, potential opportunities for new clients and business contacts make Facebook an essential component in effective real estate promotion.

Misnomers may have you missing out…
So it’s important to understand what Facebook is and what it isn’t.

  • Facebook is NOT…
  • Facebook is not time consuming.
  • Facebook is not just for kids. Its fastest growing demographic are those 35 and older.
  • Your Facebook business fan page is not a place to post personal and private information. Use privacy setting wisely.
  • With Facebook, it is not necessary to have thousands of friends to accomplish real estate promotion goals.
  • Facebook is…
  • Facebook is fun and free, and an effective campaign can be waged in less than 5 minutes a day.
  • Facebook is one of the most widely used social networks in the world, reported to have over 300 million active users.
  • Facebook is a great place for networking. Everyone knows someone, who may know someone, with real estate interests. Establish authority, respect and credibility and they will come to you!
  • Facebook is a great place to get the most of hyper-targeted ads, grabbing potential clients with interesting, relevant, useful content.

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