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Cook Up Online Leads with These Essential Ingredients

Online Real Estate Leads
Online Real Estate Leads

Do you have the right blend of real estate business tips to get your lead generation to rise? A mishmash of marketing and management technologies can yield delicious results.

What key ingredients do you need to cook up online leads?

  • A website that works.
    We don’t mean bland, merely functional sites. You want a spicy, well-designed site with a blog and IDX (internet data exchange) to pump up the flavor, build your brand and reel in prospects.
  • Landing pages for landing leads.
    Where potential clients land after clicking on your online advertisements, these stand-alone web pages must be intriguing, enticing customers to provide contact information to gain access to features or information promised in your ads. Highly-specific pages ensure optimum results.
  • Online advertising.
    The gluten of your lead generation recipe, paid online ads via search engines, listing portals, Facebook, and more can help hold marketing efforts together.
  • Email marketing.
    Drip email marketing, the sending of periodic emails to customers, can keep your name at the forefront. To prevent becoming stale, however, limit unrequited attempts at contact from initial canned drip marketing emails to 30 days, or hire a copywriter to keep content fresh and topics current.
  • Auto-responding technology.
    As in cooking, timing is everything. Don’t leave prospects to stew. Enlist the help of email and text auto-responders, and hire additional staff if necessary to provide prompt information to prospective leads garnered via social media, listing portals, and search engine ads. With today’s technology, customers expect a speedy response. An added garnish: Texting someone before calling makes them more likely to take your call!
  • Market reports.
    For seller leads, sending market updates to leads can help you rise to the top of the competition.

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Inbound Marketing May be the “Secret Sauce” to Your Organic Placement

The Secret Sauce
The Secret Sauce

Are you keeping up with the times, oozing web content in various forms to effectively communicate to the world who your business is? Content marketing is crucial to your bottom line, so if you want to remain competitive in today’s market, you can’t fall behind. Why is it the gravy of your business’ success? Quite simply, because it gets results.

Why content marketing has flavor:

  • Performed correctly, it helps you build your brand online, earning the trust (and business!) of customers without your presence.
  • It drives down the cost of customer leads, producing 3x more than paid searches and costing 62% less per lead than other methods.
  • Content marketing increases the efficiency of closing sales.
  • It is preferred by 70% of consumers over advertising.
  • 78% of consumers believe businesses providing custom content are interested in building good consumer relationships.
  • It increases revenue and lowers sales costs exponentially by reducing the cost of paid searches, improving SEO, and increasing the usefulness of email and retargeting, creating a domino effect for other marketing efforts.

Hot sauce: Your best content marketing bets…

  • Blogging
    Highly effective for generating leads, blogging gives potential customers an authentic taste of your business. New content keeps visitors coming back, with active blogs generating 67% more leads, driving 8x more traffic to (even small) sites than those with postponing posters.
  • Podcasting
    Providing an intimate connection to prospects, podcasting builds loyalty. With powerful audio capable of marketing across multiple channels, it simplifies content creation to a 15-20 minute talk. After a little up-front work and resource allocation, it can significantly cuts future marketing costs.
  • Videos
    Marketing incognito, videos show you in action, providing a direct, real-time connection to consumers without face-to-face interaction. With audiences 10x more likely to share/embed/comment, videos cook up over-the-top results.

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Warning: Negative Real Estate Game Changers Part Two

Real Estate Market
Real Estate Market

Continued from Tuesday.

Brokers, beware!

  • CFPB/RESPA regulations resulting from the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Financial Protection Act of 2010 could turn out to be costly for real estate professionals not in compliance (there has been little or no effective enforcement thus far).
  • Big brokerages could become vulnerable to paper brokerages, undermining and possibly leading to massive changes in the IDX and MLS system.
  • Multiple, conflicting data sources could erode consumer confidence, leading to widespread industry changes to data creation, compilation, distribution, and the search process itself.
  • New business models, such as technology powered, agent-centric, flat or transaction based fee, salaried, or auctioneering models, could go mainstream, such as the interdependent/team models of the 1990s and 2000s.
  • Portals, which have already triggered a transformation of the brokerage business model, could undermine brokerages when it comes to lead generation for agents.
  • The runaway train of technology may make it increasingly difficult for small real estate entrepreneurs to remain competitive against mega-corps, such as publicly funded technology companies.
  • Courtesy of apps and technology, FSBO could develop into a DIY model, costing real estate professionals billions in commissions.

MLS malcontent/menaces:

  • The current MLS-centered era could come to an end in favor of new ways for real estate professionals to gain back control of listings and syndication, such as Project Upstream.
  • A consolidated, national MLS could become a reality, making obsolete today’s multitudinous local and small MLSs.
  • The low-level security of the MLS could fall victim to a cyber-attack, particularly those MLSs whose information is outsourced to third-party providers.
  • Off-MLS listings may further unravel the MLS and create legal risks as well.
  • Industry infighting between various brokerage sizes/styles regarding the future of the MLS.

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Staying Out of the Spam Bucket: Tips for Great Real Estate Copy…

Words have power, effecting your persona, sales and growth.  The right words help your real estate marketing content stand out – the right way. They keep digital content from ending up kissing cousins with file 13, and print work out of your prospect’s stack of puppy poopy papers. Is your content good, or garbage-worthy?

How can you keep your marketing out of the proverbial compost? With these common sense real estate business tips:

  • Pick up a book.
    To be well-written, you must be well-read. Crack open a book and munch lunch with “Everybody Writes” by Ann Handley or “Epic Content Marketing” by Joe Pulizzi to start – and make reading a habit.
  • Don’t pull it out of your…
    Practice writing, gathering your thoughts on post-its, napkins, a smart device, or computer before putting them into print. This will help you develop rhythm, voice, and style. Great writing takes work.
  • Be short-winded.
    Witty as you may be, clients don’t want to waste their time reading unnecessary material. A key facet of great content is tightening – like you try to do at the airport with your free carry-on bag.
  • Use your noodle.
    Research and think things through before publishing or posting to social media – hastily created content may come back to bite you in the butt.
  • Recognize when you don’t “have it.”
    It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses is among the most essential real estate business tips. If that’s you, hire someone. Ghostwriters can really help you pull your thoughts together and make something spectacular, turning individual and team ideas into blogposts, and churning out content faster.

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