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Relocation Gurus Ride a Buying Crest From Interstate Relocations

Shy of the big three – Florida, California, and New York – very few individuals making moves across state lines have ever set foot in their soon-to-be new stomping grounds. As costs continue to increase for air travel and road trips, journey-centered travel itineraries are now much more infrequent. The result is the average adult today has traveled to a relatively few 12 states. For them, real estate buying can be a stressful shot-in-the-dark and their numbers are quite large: around five million Americans relocating annually

Become a balm for your baffled buyer’s frazzled nerves…

• Bridge the excitement gap.
Relocating buyers may be excited about a new job, but if they’re shopping in an area they’ve never even visited, that can seriously detract from interest levels.

• Be a tour-guide.
Differentiate yourself with service specialized for interstate buyers. Help them find their way, affirming the area’s strong points and that everything will be okay – and you’ll have a client for life. Not sure where to find the best 4-1-1? Your area chamber of commerce or visitor’s bureau will be glad to provide information – after all, your new clients will also be boosting the area economy.

• Expect freak-outs.
Real estate buying out of state – especially in a completely unknown one – is an entirely different experience than a move across town. Expect clients to be more freaked-out than usual about their purchase, so come packing with that tour-guide hat, brochures and maps at the ready.

• Don’t waste time.
Even large corporations “specializing” in moving employees climbing the corporate ladder often give only a few days to shop and purchase a home in new locales. A daunting endeavor for uninformed buyers. Agents who push homes outside of budget or listing requirements may find themselves sidelined by frustrated, time-strapped buyers. Have relevant home listings at-the-ready, making optimal use of time, and your clients will thank you.

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Why Single Listing Domain Names Work Best

Single Listing Domain Names work Best
Single Listing Domain Names work Best

Ninety percent of buyers use the internet to search for homes. Fortunately, a direct line to these buyers can be tapped with single property websites. The gold standard in real estate marketing, single property websites can help you win listings and cinch sales.

How do single property websites snag sellers and bag buyers?

  • Improved search engine optimization.
    According to top real estate selling tips, single listing domain names, such as, offer unique advantages. Increased content improves search engine optimization (SEO), boosting your listing to the top of the page in online searches, marketing properties to their fullest capacity, and ultimately leading buyers to you.
  • Ease of access and use.
    Address based single listing domain names are easy to remember and marketed in print more simply and professionally, making them a snap for potential buyers to pull-up online whether the domain name is located directly or identified via online search.
  • Simplified digital marketing.
    Single property websites hosted by Listing Domains offer nearly unlimited reach, connecting you to a myriad of potential clients via custom designed links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Craigslist, Pinterest, and more.
  • Dedication.
    Dedicated to an individual listing, single property websites make sellers smile with unlimited photos, videos, links, and ample space for property information such as automatic maps, school, and community information.

Clients aren’t the only beneficiaries.
There are also a host of reasons real estate selling tips point to single listing domain names for listing agents. Agents with single property sites secure more listings and produce better outcomes than those without. Costs are minimal and your workload light with website design in as little as 5 minutes and built-in listing promotion tools that leave you to spend time where it’s needed most – with clients.

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