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Top Tips from the Movers and Shakers in Real Estate

Moving Your Real Estate Business Forward
Moving Your Real Estate Business Forward

Want to spin your business forward? Movers and shakers in the real estate market are here to share a host of real estate selling tips with you, designed to keep you and the industry on a path to success…

What insight are real estate sales superstars passing on?

  • Don’t worry on a bad review.
    According to sales associate Jill Biggs from Hoboken, New Jersey’s Coldwell Banker, a bad review won’t necessarily impact your business negatively. 4.5 stars out of 5 can make you look more believable and real.
  • Don’t just put a number out there.
    Your ranking doesn’t tell customers who you are: “Number 32 of the top 250 agents.” According to Sherry Chris, president and CEO of BHG Real Estate, share your success stories to clue customers in on what you have to offer.
  • Don’t limit yourself.
    Kara Swisher, executive editor of the technology news site Re/code, points to learning from leaders in other industries, such as Amazon Prime, and how they cater to today’s on-demand customer base.
  • Don’t wait till you’re ready.
    When marketing to niche groups (or just marketing in general), Seth Godin, marketing expert and author, states: “ready means you’re sure it’s going to work.” Marketing, however, is experimental.
  • Don’t be afraid of specializing.
    Marguerite Giguere, sales associate at Windermere Real Estate in Tacoma, Washington, points out the narrower your niche gets, the more successful you can become as clientele identify you as someone sent to serve them specifically.
  • Don’t neglect first-hand experience.
    Technology users with first-hand experience often offer superior insight to product vendors. Boost your learning curve by turning to a colleague on your level, according to John De Souza, president of Cressy & Everett in South Bend, Indiana.
  • Don’t ignore peers.
    Also from John De Souza: Help, rather than criticizing. “I’m too busy,” means, “I don’t think that’s important enough for the time that I have.”

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How to Help Your Seller Get Top Dollar for Their Home Sale

Tips For Getting Top Dollar
Tips For Getting Top Dollar

Want top dollar when selling a home? For those in the market, these real estate selling tips may offer a reality check.

  • Don’t go it alone.
    Hiring a realtor gives you an edge by providing a broader audience through advertising, and helping your home move faster thanks to appropriate pricing – the single most important factor in netting a great return. It’s a delicate balance best left to professionals: Too high and it could sit; too low and it’ll sell fast – for less than its worth.
  • Upgrade from selfies.
    Professional, well-lit photos are key to getting buyers in the door. Especially in today’s tech-savvy market where potential buyers do a fly-by on Zillow and render a verdict – based on those pictures – as to whether or not a home is worth their in-person time.
  • Bust out the vac.
    And while you’re at it, do some decluttering. Nothing looks worse – or smaller – than a home that hasn’t seen any deep cleaning action since 1972 and looks like it belongs on an episode of Hoarders. This should be on your must-do list before any listing photos are taken.
  • Stop living in the past.
    The Al Bundy-style couch may be comfy, and those sticky tiles in the kitchen may have been a rockin’ deal 20 years ago, but it’ll give buyers the wrong impression of your home. The most important updates to buyers include those that you’ll leave behind, such as new flooring, fresh paint, and more lighting, as well as those that you’ll take with you – current furniture and less clutter.
  • Be ready.
    There’s a reason most real estate selling tips point to move-in-ready as fast to sell. The more readily available your house is for potential buyers to slide into, the more showings you’ll get and the quicker the house will sell.

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Help Divorcing Sellers Understand Their Options

Help Divorcees
Help Divorcees

No matter how amicable the divorce, the reality of dividing and liquidating assets – especially large ones like homes – is never easy. Help your clients in this trying time, with real estate selling tips that help them better understand their options.

Typical options for divorcing sellers include…

  • Sell and share
    Selling the home and sharing the proceeds often offers an agreeable solution, provided the agent involved is in-the-know, not just on the real value of the home, but the goals of the clients (i.e. out fast at a lesser price, or willing to wait for true market).
  • Spouse buyout
    If one spouse wants to remain in the home, a common solution is for the remaining spouse to refinance the home to pay off the current mortgage, giving the spouse an agreed upon amount.
  • Spouse stays to raise kids until predetermined date
    Letting one spouse to remain until the kids complete high school may work for some, however capital gains tax issues can make this situation tricky and tough on the departing spouse. Consult the divorce attorney about the possibility of a clause in the divorce agreement for the vacating spouse to keep the home as a “primary residence for tax purposes.”
  • Other extenuating circumstances…
    • Rental properties
      Couples who own rental properties should strategize different scenarios with a tax advisor and attorney to protect their financial health.
    • Vacation homes
      Vacation homes can also be complicated due to capital gains. Professional help is also advised here to avoid complications.

Uncle Sam’s hand
Regardless of the option sellers choose following divorce, it’s always advisable to consult with a tax advisor, lawyer, or accountant prior to taking the final step. This ensures sellers understand the complete tax implications of their choice, which cannot be avoided.

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How to Creatively Get More Seller Leads with Video

Tips to Connecting the “Right” Way with Your Clients

Connecting The Right Way
Connecting The Right Way

There’s no single most effective way to contact clients. That said, however, some methods, such as texting, are dramatically undervalued according to real estate selling tips. The majority of agents are missing out on what clients crave – a fast response – and that’s offered simply and easily with the communication medium of texting.

What’s the BFD?
Like instant messaging from days of yore, texting is fast. Unfortunately, only about 15% of agents are using this resource – though according to the California Association of Realtors, 40% of respondents list texting as their preferred method of communication. With text messages having an open rate of 98%, that’s some seriously missed opportunity.

BRB: How fast are responses expected?
Are you missing the crucial five-minute window for initial contact?

  • Instant: 49%
  • 30 minutes: 78%
  • 60 minutes: 94%

GR8 real estate selling tips for effective texting:

  • Be proactive.
    Don’t chitchat. Let your prospect know about upcoming showing times, and try to make an appointment.
  • Be prompt.
    Texting prospects expect rapid TLC. If a text was sent, a prompt response is expected – even if it’s merely, “In a meeting, give me 10…”
  • Don’t forget the link.
    Always include a link to the suggested property top keep clients informed and/or browsing.
  • Save the emoticons for friends.
    Keeping it professional is preferable. So no ROTFLMAO either.
  • Get it in writing.
    CYA. Unless you have an established, solid relationship with a prospect, always get major decisions in writing, especially those that could make or break a contract.
  • Don’t be a dummy.
    We hope you’ve figured out by now texting and driving is bad. Pull over. And if you can’t control yourself, store your phone out of reach.

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How to "Get Busy" During the Holidays to "Stay Busy" in January

What to Say to Get Your Prospect to List in December and January

Holiday Real Estate
Holiday Real Estate

Leads drying up with your yule tide spirit this holiday season? Save yourself from your inner Scrooge with these real estate selling tips that’ll put a little jingle in your pocket.

Don’t let prospects be miserly – Fill them in on the gifts of buying and selling during the holiday season:

  • Real estate selling tips for sellers:
    • Less competition for the months of November and December.
      Unmotivated sellers take their homes off the market over the holidays, putting them back on in January with a glut of other listings.
    • Homes show well over the holidays.
      Warm fires, decorations, the smell of fresh baked cookies…
    • Buyers who peruse homes over the holidays are serious.
      Some want to relocate by Christmas, some are getting transferred and need to relocate for the New Year… But if they’re out during this busy season, they’re motivated.
    • In a college town? It’s a prime time to sell.
      People will be buying homes or investment properties to house children beginning college in January.
    • If you sell now, there will be more inventory on the market when YOU buy.
      This puts you in the driver’s seat for negotiations.
  • Real estate selling tips for buyers:
    • Sellers whose homes are on the market over the holidays are motivated to sell.
      So there may be more room to negotiate price.
    • Undivided realtor attention.
      Since this is not typically a busy time for realtors, you are more likely to top billing from your realtor – and increased attention and discounts with related services (movers, mortgage brokers, etc.).
  • Real estate selling tips for everyone:
    • Life changes don’t go on hold for the holidays.
      New jobs, marriages, retirement… This is opportunity time!

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