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Real Estate Agents: How to Get Started With a Virtual Assistant

Relax and Let Your Virtual Assistant Help
Relax and Let Your Virtual Assistant Help

Are you being held back by the multitude of details that must be handled outside your usual selling activities? Effective real estate agent management requires admitting when you need help. You may wish to consider hiring a virtual assistant to boost productivity and make better use of your time.

Virtual assistant? You mean like Siri or Cortana?
No. A virtual assistant is simply a personal assistant that helps you from a remote location with anything from social media and web errands to closings and paperwork.

Do I really need a virtual assistant?
Lead generation, lead conversion, and business support are essential to your business, and even the most successful real estate agent management professionals struggle juggling these tasks. If the following describe you, a virtual assistant can help:

• You’re a control freak.
As any successful CEO will tell you, you do not have to do it all yourself to get the job done right. Doing something outside your skill level means paying yourself top dollar for amateur results. Take off your web designer hat, hand it to a pro, and go sell homes.

• You forgot. Again.
When things start falling through the cracks that’s a surefire sign you need help. Get it now before your lead generation and closing activities suffer.

But I have an on-site assistant…
On-site assistants only work for those who are gifted motivators and managers – and they cost more. Working with virtual assistants is nothing like working with an on-site assistant and should NOT be treated that way.

Virtual assistants require no support, space, or equipment, and you only pay for the services you use: A special project, updating listings, transaction management – you name it. All it takes is hiring the right professional.

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2016 Consumer Trends that Impact Real Estate

Real Estate
Real Estate

Times are constantly changing. Are your methods of doing business keeping up? Here is a look at the consumer trends that are driving today’s real estate customer…

What’s most important to 2016’s real estate clients?

  • Consumers want to use their phones – even over their computers.
    That doesn’t mean simply texting. Consumers are looking for a high quality mobile consumer experience – that’s the whole package – from accurate home data on your listing site to financing tips on your blog.
  • Consumers expect rapid response times.
    In this mobile era, the buffer on return contact has shrunken considerably – clients expect rapid response. Providing this to existing clients sets you apart. For an added boost, return responses in kind: Text for text, email for email, PDF for PDF, catering to their methodology likes – not yours.
  • Consumers want syndication.
    Consumer trends show sellers love syndication via video, social media, and property website portals because it means more exposure for them – and a better chance of selling. Buyers love syndication because it allows for a more personal connection to homes. Are you spreading the word? Try kicking it up a notch with the syndication of open houses via live streaming apps.
  • Consumers are actively seeking social connections for every purchase.
    Buyers love searching for homes with the help of important people from their lives, but did you know sellers can take advantage too? 70% of users rely on social data – reviews and opinions – over hard data. Have you considered linking sellers and buyers via social networks? Seller posts are a great way to fill in potential buyers with information on everything from convenient parking and local amenities to photos of the home site and family through the seasons, offering a truer feel and a site-specific emotional connection.

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Green and Smart Homes Top the Want List for Luxury Home Buyers

The Future of Luxury Homes
The Future of Luxury Homes

Ultra-high net worth (UHNW) individuals, those with a net worth of at least $30 million, are changing real estate trends – and not just for the ultra-rich. According to Wealth-X and Sotheby’s International Realty UHNW Luxury Real Estate: Multi-Use Homers Report, topping the want list of the world’s wealthiest individuals: Homes that are both smart and green.

A Smart investment
Smart homes, offer amenities those with UHNW long for, including top-of-the-line security, energy management systems, HVAC control, health monitoring, media, music, and more. Further driving the trend: Almost 10% of Americans with UHNW made their moolah in the tech industry.

Putting the green in greenbacks
UHNW real estate investors also want green homes. Home that are not only sustainably sourced and constructed, but environmentally friendly and sustainable with features like solar power, geo-thermal heating and cooling, rainwater collection, and efficient appliances.

Sphere of influence
UHNW buyers are fueling real estate trends, shifting consumer perception with the help of other knowledgeable homebuyers to invoke a 10% rise in LEED-certified homes in the U.S. – double in Canada. The market has been quick to respond.

The (rich) girl next door
UHNW buyers are branching out beyond modern urban hubs to markets such as Miami, Long Island, Caribbean areas, private islands, and Europe. The U.S. is the most popular location for second homes among the ultra-wealthy. And with 79% of UHNW’s owning two or more (50% with three or more), there’s more opportunity in this niche market than ever.

UHNWI need real estate agents too
Do you know how to cater to UHNWI? Intelligence and prospecting firms like Wealth-X can help you determine if growing a business relationship with these individuals may be in your real estate future.

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How to "Get Busy" During the Holidays to "Stay Busy" in January

What to Say to Get Your Prospect to List in December and January

Holiday Real Estate
Holiday Real Estate

Leads drying up with your yule tide spirit this holiday season? Save yourself from your inner Scrooge with these real estate selling tips that’ll put a little jingle in your pocket.

Don’t let prospects be miserly – Fill them in on the gifts of buying and selling during the holiday season:

  • Real estate selling tips for sellers:
    • Less competition for the months of November and December.
      Unmotivated sellers take their homes off the market over the holidays, putting them back on in January with a glut of other listings.
    • Homes show well over the holidays.
      Warm fires, decorations, the smell of fresh baked cookies…
    • Buyers who peruse homes over the holidays are serious.
      Some want to relocate by Christmas, some are getting transferred and need to relocate for the New Year… But if they’re out during this busy season, they’re motivated.
    • In a college town? It’s a prime time to sell.
      People will be buying homes or investment properties to house children beginning college in January.
    • If you sell now, there will be more inventory on the market when YOU buy.
      This puts you in the driver’s seat for negotiations.
  • Real estate selling tips for buyers:
    • Sellers whose homes are on the market over the holidays are motivated to sell.
      So there may be more room to negotiate price.
    • Undivided realtor attention.
      Since this is not typically a busy time for realtors, you are more likely to top billing from your realtor – and increased attention and discounts with related services (movers, mortgage brokers, etc.).
  • Real estate selling tips for everyone:
    • Life changes don’t go on hold for the holidays.
      New jobs, marriages, retirement… This is opportunity time!

Don’t let the ghost of Christmas’ past ruin your present. Put yourself on the path to a brighter future with the help of real estate selling tips from Properties Online today.

Real Estate Fraud Ring Broken Up in Brownsville Texas

Group Caught in Real Estate Fraud
Group Caught in Real Estate Fraud

In realtor news, a Cameron County Texas real estate scam that defrauded its victims out of more than $400,000 from 2013 to the present has finally been exposed and dismantled.

Operation Surreal Estate
When fraud victims went to the Cameron County District Attorney seeking help, “Operation Surreal Estate,” was launched. It lasted several months of 2015, unveiling a crime ring led by 27-year-old Brownsville man Allan Ramirez Rodriguez.

The Scam?
The investigation uncovered Rodriguez’s attempts to convince buyers to purchase or invest in properties, providing false deeds for properties never owned by himself or his accomplices. The group even went so far as to attend public auctions in an effort to appear legitimate.

Oceans 7
According to realtor news, Rodriguez and several accomplices were arrested and charged, while two others remain on the wanted list:

  • Allan Ramirez Rodriguez, 27, Brownsville
    Wanted for three counts of theft of property, three counts of engaging in organized criminal activity, and secure execution document by deception.
  • Yolanda Rodriguez Ramirez, 59, Brownsville
    Facing charges of engaging in organized criminal activity.
  • Melissa Rangel Ramirez, 27, Brownsville
    Facing charges of theft of property and engaging in organized criminal activity.
  • Sergio Alberto Alcocer, 35, Olmito
    Facing charges of two counts of theft of property and two counts of engaging in organized criminal activity.
  • Jesus Edward Ibarra, 29, Brownsville
    In federal custody, facing charges of theft of property, engaging in organized criminal activity and impersonating a public servant.
  • On the “Wanted List”:
    • Rene Ramirez, 57, Harlingen
      Wanted for engaging in organized criminal activity.
    • Luis Fernando Blanco, 22, Brownsville
      Wanted for theft of property, two counts of engaging in organized criminal activity and secure execution document by deception.

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