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November May Just End Up Being Your Best Month

Getting a Price Drop: How to Have the “Tough Love” Talk with Your Seller

Sometimes in the realty industry, a little tough love is called for. It’s never easy. It’s certainly not fun. But it’s always necessary. How can you get through it without the emotional blowback? We’ve got the real estate selling tips to help you lay on the tough love, and not only survive, but thrive…

How to Help Sellers Get Past Ugly Home Sales Obstacles
Open a sellers’ eyes to listing issues without stumbling clumsily through your explanation or alienating them:

– Seller Has Listed Over CMA
“We began marketing your listing at what the industry refers to as the ‘seller’s price,’ the amount you hoped to get for you home. Following 3 weeks with no offers, it appears the market is not on par with this preliminary pricing. I’ve double-checked our original market analysis, and have a copy for your review, and I’d like to suggest offering your home at a price the market indicates, in this case, $XX.”

– The Price You Put on the Home is Too High
“I am in a position of having to deliver some difficult news. It is one of the toughest parts of my job, but I wouldn’t be providing you the level of service you deserve if I didn’t. My initial price recommendation was based on what you were looking to take away from the home sale, but the market is telling us that pricing is incorrect. I would like to get together with you and discuss price adjustment options.”

– Price is Right, But No Offers
“Homes that linger on the market are either priced to high or in poor shape. Since your home is in excellent condition, I believe the market is telling us we missed the correct price. I suggest we lower your listing price by $XX and see if that nets offers.”

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Great School Districts Help Sell Homes!

5 Tips for Pricing Homes in Great School Districts

For families on the hunt for a new place to live, school district quality is of prime concern. Whether trying to keep kids close to friends in an existing district or seeking out one where the proverbial grass is greener, many are willing to pay up. But how much should real estate selling be influenced by proximity to a great school?

Setting Home Prices in Good School Districts Without Pricing Out Buyers
When puzzling out prices, consider…

  1. Statistics Lie
    Though 1-in-10 would pay 20% more, and 1-in-5 pay 10% more for homes in good districts, a significant portion of buyers will NOT pay these inflated prices for the school alone. And we all know the dangers of overpricing listings.
  2. Location is King
    As always, look to current sales in the area as a means of determining home value, running a full market analysis based on the school district as a factor.
  3. The Need for a Specific Locale Varies by School Type
    Public school ratings should be key when determining sales price. Though it is convenient for families to be close to private, charter, and magnet schools, public schools alone require an address in a specific area to attend.
  4. ‘Parent-Approved’ Walking Distance
    Homes within walking distance from schools can go at a premium. However, how far you think a child can safely walk home may differ greatly from what a parent thinks. Consider instead how many children are walking home in the afternoon – a couple, or masses – when setting your price.
  5. What Really Matters to Buyers
    In the end, the majority of parents choose the option best-suited for their child over square footage and amenities. Be mindful when raising prices, however. Your listing won’t be the only one on the market, and greedy pricing can push cash-strapped parents to acceptable neighboring schools.

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Time to Get Listed for the Season

Living the Dream: Taming Seller Expectations

In today’s sellers’ market, it’s easy for homeowners looking to list to be living with their head in the clouds. In this week’s real estate agent selling tips, we’ll look into common seller misconceptions that can cause homes to remain on the listing market.

Do You Need to Bring Sellers Down from these Listing Myths?

* You’ll always make money
Selling a home for more than was paid for it isn’t a given, and varies by market. This is where sales data offers key insight into realistic values.

* Price high to reel-in the dough
Sky-high pricing schemes can lead to listing lag-times. In essence, you’re sacrificing prime advertising time on the off-chance someone will overpay for your home. (Buyer’s agents advise shoppers to steer clear of these homes.)

* Overpriced? It’s no big deal to lower it later
Reality is, shoppers assume listings that have labored on the market have something wrong with them, and will look elsewhere – or underbid. Pricing right from the start facilitates a quick, easy sale.

* Low pricing stifles offers
This often counterintuitive strategy can offer big returns, drumming up massive interest – and bidding wars – as the competitive spirit (and egos) come into play.

* Past appraisals provide accurate pricing
Appraisals from past refinancing are out of date and do not properly reflect current value information. Much can change in a few months. The most reliable appraisals should be current – no more than 60 days old.

* Just add the cost of renovations onto the home price
Sellers often assume whatever money they’ve shelled out for recent renovations will be returned in-kind. But the truth is: the full investment is rarely recouped. On average, sellers earn back 64% of home improvements investments – but this return varies greatly by renovation/addition type.

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