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Promote Yourself by Video to Increase Exposure and Sales

Will Opendoor Revolutionize Real Estate Buying?

A new, Phoenix-based real estate tech start-up is making its mark in real estate trends for 2016. Making “instant offers,” Opendoor is snapping up homes in a matter of days, then turning around to flip the properties for profit.

How does it work?
Opendoor touts its simplification of the home selling process, leaving behind the repeated cleanings, showings, and strangers traipsing through your home with a typical sale. But their biggest advantage is time savings. Fill out a fast, free survey listing the unique facets of your home, and Opendoor will send you a competitive offer based on this and a comparative market analysis. If you accept, they confirm with a free home inspection, then you choose your move-out date, anywhere from 3-60 days following contract. Opendoor even arranges escrow.

What do customers think?
Opendoor’s website is packed with positive customer reviews, including an AAA “A-rating” and an impressive 4.1 of 5 stars in Google reviews.

Is it making any money?
According to Wall Street Journal, the company made $80 million in October in a third funding round led by Access Industries owner and billionaire Len Blavatnik. Valued by the investor at roughly $580 million, as of mid-December, Opendoor had purchased and sold more than 200 homes at an estimated profit of between $10,000-15,000 per home. This includes the approximately 9% in fees earned from sellers, less the costs of reselling the home.

Where is it opening its doors to home sellers?
After a successful launch in Phoenix, Opendoor is now live in its second market: Dallas, with plans to expand as its funds allow. Will the company move beyond real estate trends for 2016 in their quest to take-on additional markets? Only time will tell.

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Trying to Break into the Luxury Home Real Estate Business?

How to Understand the Luxury Buyer – They Are Different

Looking to break into the lucrative luxury market? To meet the needs of this unique and high-demand segment, you’ll need the right real estate selling tips. Luxury home buyers are not your average clientele.

What do luxury buyers love?

• Buzzworthy reputations
Both yours as an agent – and the property’s. Wary of the intentions and the opinions of others, they will often choose an agent based on personal recommendation, and will gravitate toward properties with a newsworthy buzz in social media, amongst friends, and in the community. To keep a specific property in the spotlight and ramp up interest, never neglect to spread the word amongst your most socially active contacts.

• Ultra-exclusivity
You should not and will not sell a home to a luxury buyer in the same way as you would a typical client. Luxury buyers see themselves as special and expect to be treated as such, with invitation-only open houses, private viewings, professionally presented information via luxury home booklets (for each listing of interest), live music, fine food and wine . . . the works.

• Emotional connection
Luxury buyers will happily shell out big bucks for homes they experience a connection with, which you can bring to light with the right marketing efforts. The best real estate selling tips to evoke this emotional connection involve helping buyers see themselves at the property.

Rather than describing the home as having a fabulous outdoor living space on your marketing booklet or in conversation, establish an emotional connection by suggesting how your client could host a fantastic graduation party or family reunion in that space. Helping prospective buyers imagine themselves in these situations evokes an emotional connection and positive feelings toward the listing.

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Do You Need to “Buy” the Look of Success with Designer Clothes and Bags?

Dress For Success?
Dress For Success?

While Shakespeare is generally credited with popularizing the saying that “clothes make the man” in his classic play Hamlet, the idea actually originated way back in the Middle Ages. How does this age-old concept apply to your current real estate business?

Agents and other professionals have long used clothing and other external trappings to demonstrate their success. They drive a BMW or Mercedes, have designer labels on their clothes, and get their hair done and their nails manicured on a regular basis.

Do you really need to dress in Chanel or Armani to sell a home? The labels themselves are not as important as simply looking your best at all times. Your appearance is a vital part of your brand, reinforcing the message you want to send to existing and potential clients.

Our society has become increasingly relaxed in clothing and grooming standards. A golf shirt and khakis are considered business casual while piercings and tattoos have gone mainstream. Maintaining a professional appearance projects confidence and authority, inspiring trust in your clients, and it sets you apart from your competition.

This doesn’t hold true only for home showings or other business meetings. You never know when you will run into a client or prospective client, so you should look your best throughout any work day. Even if you’re spending the day in the office, a professional appearance shows respect for your co-workers.

It’s not just your clients who are influenced by your appearance. Studies have shown that individuals are more focused and alert while wearing professional attire. It also helps your mind differentiate between work time and personal time.

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