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The 2018 Real Estate Market Heats Us

Inman’s Savvy Predictions for Real Estate Selling in 2017

Can This Near-Term Market Boost Go The Distance?

According to Brad Inman, founder and sole owner of Inman, real estate selling’s leading name in news, 2017 promises to be a fun and exciting year…

What does this innovator and thought leader predict for 2017 that others may have overlooked?

• In 2017, home sellers will come out on top
Between the market itself and home seller-centered tech innovations such as Opendoor and Knock, sellers are expected to sit down to – and leave the table – smiling throughout the majority of the year.

• The market to experience a temporary boost
Thanks to the Donald, job creation, and IRA jumps. However, this may not hold thanks to robot job theft.

• A woman won’t lead the country, but one will lead the NAR
Inman forecasts the National Association of Realtors will make a woman the CEO, despite “the old guard” lobbying for one of its own.

• Zillow will venture overseas
Acquiring a European portal in efforts to fill valuation expectations.

Opendoor will do just that for nontraditional sellers
Becoming the second-largest broker in the U.S. after NRT, offering sellers the certainty they cannot get with traditional tactics.

• Redfin hits Wall Street
Taking the money and running to capture more share in existing markets as well as on the recruiting lines to fuel innovative and technological advancements.

• DocuSign hits the street, too
The IPO of the paperless crusader could be huge.

• Equity sharing goes mainstream
Supported by Freddie, Fannie, and other big lenders as buyers short on funds look for solutions to down payment dilemmas in pricey markets.

• The luxury market re-emerges post-facelift
Walkable neighborhoods are what all buyers are ogling, and as high-end cash hoarders tiptoe back into the market, green will fly.

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The Internet is a Big Place. Make Sure People Can Get Results on Search Engines.

Smart Lead Capture Embraces the World of Mobile for You

Some of the hardest real estate business tips for agents to embrace involve technology. Learning curves can be overwhelming, especially for busy agents. However, in today’s world most of us are already heavily embedded in the high-tech communication form of choice: Texting. Used widely across all populations, Millennials can’t get enough of it; Generation Z, next in line for first home purchases, can’t put it down. Gen X’rs, Boomers and even some of their senior predecessors have jumped on the texting bandwagon. Are you taking advantage?

A must-have for every agent
People never leave home without their smartphone, enjoying it as a means of fast, easy access to people and information. With Smart Lead Capture, providing this on-demand access can also be fast and easy for you, trimming response time from hours to seconds, and snagging potential clients before they go elsewhere.

Mobile is the wave of the future…
And incorporating it into your marketing practices is surprisingly easy. Chances are you already use it as a primary means of communication, but have been shying away from integrating it more fully into your marketing agenda due to “the fear factor.” Luckily, Smart Lead Capture embraces the world of mobile for you.

Simple implementation that allays fears
Add a property listing and the Smart Lead Capture System automatically generates a mobile property website and Smart Capture Code. Add codes to digital and print marketing materials with a quick cut-and-paste or pre-printed stickers, and prospects can easily “text for more information.” This will allow you to capture clients fast and first with the help of immediate lead alert texts and a rapid auto-response, which will provide the quick follow-up that’s necessary to build relationships in today’s mobile world.

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What is Compass and Why Is It In the News?

What’s Compass and Why Is It In the News?

Functioning like a traditional broker, Compass marries agent and buyer needs with today’s technology, reducing the time and friction commonplace in real estate selling and purchasing. According to company founder Ori Allon, Compass aims to make the experience more “transparent, convenient, expedient, and intuitive” for all parties involved.

Interesting advantages
Closely resembling Redfin in its infancy, Compass offers cutting-edge tools for both agents and consumers.

For agents…
Much of the software Compass offers to agents exists in other forms. However, its services are said to include “proprietary agent technology,” including:

• An agent-only app, touted to reduce the necessity of traversing multiple platforms, and instead replacing them with Compass’ “one-stop marketing, property valuation, and open house capabilities.”

• A valuation and CMA tool allowing agents to “value properties better than any tool in the country.”

• A listing strategy tool complete with insight into which month might be best for listing, and best pricing strategy by month.

• Dynamic, “national real-time market reports” versus “stale” quarterly reports commonly found elsewhere.

• The ability to create high-quality collateral in seconds via their proprietary open house and “show sheet” tool.

For consumers…
Buyers and sellers can search for standard metrics such as bedrooms, bathrooms, or lot size, but may also search more advanced metrics like days on the market, peruse a year-over-year analysis of median price per square foot, or gain insight into negotiability.

Service areas
Compass currently has a presence in Washington, DC, Miami, Boston and Cambridge, the Hamptons, Aspen, Colorado, and the California markets of Beverly Hills, Malibu, Pasadena, and Santa Barbara. According to company reports, its real estate selling through the site equates to about $7 billion annually.

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What Experts Want You to Know About Drone Use in the Real Estate Industry

Don’t Crash & Burn: Using Drones for Real Estate Photography

Welcome to the future of real estate selling, where tiny, pint-size planes can give you an edge. Much like your listing photos and videos, when it comes to using drones to boost the popularity of your properties, it pays to aim for high quality.

View from above
Touted by agents as the most important new technology affecting real estate selling since the Internet, video tours bearing dramatic drone photography have become the weapon of choice for high flyers, showcasing large landscapes, unbelievable views, and breathtaking exteriors in a way never before possible. In the wrong hands, however, results could disappoint.

 Knowing when to deplane
As agents welcome sellers aboard, it pays to keep in mind the listing should be more than just in-flight entertainment. Drones are useful, but should never be used to shoot ALL the content. Certain images are not well-suited for a fly-by, specifically:

• One size does not fit all
Standard shots commonly seen in listings, such as street-level views, or in-home shots are best taken by hand from certain angles to improve the look of the home.

• How small is too small?
Avoid drones for smaller interiors, such as condos or apartments.

• Even drones can run into a problem
Homes hidden by trees or buildings.

Flying high
Ensure drone success by hiring a professional. Drones require a pilot’s license, and a lot more than RC car skills. Expect services to cost more than a land-loving photographer, as they involve taking the time to splice multiple clips of raw footage. Be sure your contractor employs a “3-axis gimbal” drone for steady, flowing shots. Later on, you may want to take a course, earn your own wings, and fly your own shoots.

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Promote Yourself by Video to Increase Exposure and Sales

Will Opendoor Revolutionize Real Estate Buying?

A new, Phoenix-based real estate tech start-up is making its mark in real estate trends for 2016. Making “instant offers,” Opendoor is snapping up homes in a matter of days, then turning around to flip the properties for profit.

How does it work?
Opendoor touts its simplification of the home selling process, leaving behind the repeated cleanings, showings, and strangers traipsing through your home with a typical sale. But their biggest advantage is time savings. Fill out a fast, free survey listing the unique facets of your home, and Opendoor will send you a competitive offer based on this and a comparative market analysis. If you accept, they confirm with a free home inspection, then you choose your move-out date, anywhere from 3-60 days following contract. Opendoor even arranges escrow.

What do customers think?
Opendoor’s website is packed with positive customer reviews, including an AAA “A-rating” and an impressive 4.1 of 5 stars in Google reviews.

Is it making any money?
According to Wall Street Journal, the company made $80 million in October in a third funding round led by Access Industries owner and billionaire Len Blavatnik. Valued by the investor at roughly $580 million, as of mid-December, Opendoor had purchased and sold more than 200 homes at an estimated profit of between $10,000-15,000 per home. This includes the approximately 9% in fees earned from sellers, less the costs of reselling the home.

Where is it opening its doors to home sellers?
After a successful launch in Phoenix, Opendoor is now live in its second market: Dallas, with plans to expand as its funds allow. Will the company move beyond real estate trends for 2016 in their quest to take-on additional markets? Only time will tell.

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