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Market Watch: Medical Office Real Estate May Be the Next Big Trend

In recent years, medical office real estate has experienced exponential growth. Are you allocating your real estate marketing dollars accordingly? Broad and encompassing, this segment includes everything from hospital and primary care facilities, to psychiatric/counseling offices, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage space.

What’s Driving the Trend?
Supply and demand: Demand for services from the aging Baby Boomer population, coupled with their retirement. Doubling in size from 2015 to 2055, those over 65 will comprise nearly 23% of total population according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates. This has put medical office space in the spotlight, for investment buyers and practitioners alike, for the foreseeable future.

The Heartbeat of the Future
The future of this market, though positive, may experience some dips and dives in response to changing legislature such as the Affordable Care Act, and others, leading to unpredictability in certain markets. Investment in medical office space rose from sub-$4-billion in 2010 to $10.2-billion in 2016, and on-the-whole this sector is expected to continue its climb.

Taking Stock
To what location should your real estate marketing endeavors hone-in on? Generally, medical office space is found either on-campus, in busy, populous areas such as a large hospital or health complexes offering in- and out-patient services; or in medical office spaces in community settings, such as clinics/outpatient facilities situated for more convenient patient access. Some of these even blur the line between clinical/retail space. (Think: Drugstore health clinics.)

Big Picture
Healthcare providers are trustworthy tenants and a safe investment. However there are some shifts, with larger medical practices swallowing up smaller one-and-two person offices, and leading to the need for larger, flexible spaces to meet this demand. As providers scramble to cut-costs and retain customers, those facilities in less-costly, patient proximal locales suited to accommodate cutting-edge, money-saving technology will rise to the top.

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What Are the Emerging Real Estate Trends for 2018?

Emerging Real Estate Trends for 2018 – A Must Read

As we glide into the New Year, anticipating real estate marketing trends can help you avoid the mistakes of previous years. The question begs, which trends should be on your radar? In the final weeks of 2017, real estate experts and economists provided these insights for anticipated market shifts in the coming sales year.

Millennials will comprise the largest segment of homebuyers.
The largest proportion of homebuyers, Millennials could comprise up to 43% of the buyer’s market by the end of 2018. Income growth will see them gravitating to larger mortgages, however home shortages will push their growing families to suburban and secondary markets to maintain affordability and uphold quality of life.

Gen Z will sneak into the market.
Those investing in real estate marketing would be wise not to disregard Gen-Z buyers, who may just be entering the market, but whose wide-ranging tastes and preferences may pose a wild card within the industry. Though this segment is expected to gravitate to urban settings, their individualized inclinations may offer off-the-beaten path opportunities in more miniscule starter homes, energy-efficient digs, multi-family properties and other non-traditional home possibilities.

Millions of Americans will become eligible to re-enter the market following foreclosure.
Dubbed ‘Boomerang Buyers,’ roughly 1.5-million of the 10-million Americans forced into foreclosure in 2007-2009 will begin re-entering the housing market in the coming year, many from Gen-X. Expect these buyers to be practical and cautious. This segment relies heavily on social media and online reviews, so testimonials and success stories could net a huge payoff.

Creative financing will become more mainstream.
Selling a property with multiple owners, multiple funding sources (crowd-funding; peer-to-peer lending), and alternate currency (Bitcoin) will add complexity, and also opportunity, in 2018.

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What Are the Emerging Real Estate Trends for 2018?

Forbes Commentator on the 2018 Real Estate Forecast

In real estate news, the national real estate forecast for 2018-2019 is pointing to declining demand for new (not replacement) single family dwellings (houses, apartments, condos, and mobile homes). What are the driving forces behind the prediction for housing market deceleration?

Population Growth Slams on the Brakes
The biggest driver of housing demand growth, population growth is at its slowest in recent years. Last year, the U.S. population rose a meager 0.7% – the lowest gain on the books since 1937. Before the last recession, growth hovered around 1.2%, which isn’t as close to that 0.7% as you think: At that growth rate, housing built for new demand is far less than those needed to accommodate 1.2% population growth, a mere 58%. Forget old housing start averages. Look to the previous year’s builds and expect moderate additions.

Pent-Up Demand is Puttering Out
Non-rental housing of mostly single-family homes and some condos is currently at an average vacancy rate of 1.4-1.5%, compared to 2.9% during the recession. Supply is no tighter than normal, and though nationwide price increases are a bit on the high-side, a housing bubble is not imminent.

Employment and Wages are Out of Gas
With job growth relatively slow and wage inflation yet to accelerate, people are less able to live on their own, whether that means moving out of a parent’s basement or absconding from an ex-spouse. Though wage rates are expected to improve next year, the change is not expected soon enough to influence demand for housing.

Local Fluctuations Pose Obstacles
Though these forces drive new demand nationally, local fluctuations should be expected. Real estate news pointing to an excess of homes in Flint or Detroit will not help those searching for homes in Miami or NYC. Looking to the above demographics in your state or metropolitan area may reinforce or negate this ‘new build’ barometer.

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Bitcoin is Now Being Used for Real Estate Transactions

Bitcoin Now Accepted for Real Estate Transactions in NYC and Miami

What real estate news is shocking agents and brokers across the country? How many people have bitcoin – and are looking to use the cryptocurrency in their next real estate transaction. Offers from bitcoin buyers are popping up across the map, and agents and sellers are opening up to the concept of the new monetary medium.

Pushing the Boundaries of Sales
Real estate teams nationwide are rapidly taking notice of Bitcoin, tapping into the emerging market with online marketing targeted to bitcoin investors. What do sellers think? It doesn’t seem to matter where the money comes from, so long as closings commence and titles transfer. And the Bitcoin bonus? It transfers far faster than 401k withdrawals, converting to cash in minutes via global Bitcoin payment service providers. It’s also easily held by trusted third-party escrow services.

How Prevalent is Buying Real Estate with Bitcoin?
According to real estate news, Bitcoin is boosting sales in:

– Miami: A man unloaded his Coral Gables home for a jaw-dropping $6-million, approximately 1,600 bitcoin currency (BTC), drawing increased interest to Miami for worldwide Bitcoin buyers.

– New York City: The Big Apple is taking a bite out of Bitcoin, with Magnum Real Estate opening the firm’s doors to Bitcoin deposits. The city is known for marketing homes and apartments available for Bitcoin, with commercial space expected to follow suit.

– Lake Tahoe: The sale of a 1.4-acre California property on a 42-site resort for $1.6-million (2,739 BTC) in 2013 has opened new avenues for residential and commercial Bitcoin sales.

Looking to the Future
Though you may have some explaining to do, real estate news points to studies showing a growing knowledge of cryptocurrency as well as the willingness to invest in and use Bitcoin across all age groups.

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New Year, New Issues: The Most Influential Factors of 2018

Increases in New Home Sales, Home Prices, and Bidding Wars All Predicted for 2018

As a frenzied year comes to a close, there’s little indication of real estate sales slowing down anytime soon. Given the ever-present demand and housing shortages in most markets, we see the 2018 real estate trends continuing to include high prices and competitive bidding—with buyers growing more flexible to find their next home.

Selling Like Hotcakes

Real estate in 2018 may not see quite the same eye-popping numbers as 2017, but growth will continue. forecasts a 2.8% rise in existing home sales, up to 5.8 million. New construction sales will see an 8% increase to reach about 670,000.

Bidding Wars for Real Estate in 2018

Sellers should feel confident about setting high asking prices. Following a 5% surge for 2017, another 3.5% increase looks like a strong bet. One broker told the NAR he’s seen bids reach 30% over asking in Seattle.

Multiple factors are buoying home prices. Builders cannot keep up with demand. Young buyers want to live near city centers. Owners are holding on as prices rise a bit further. Simply put, there’s no reason for sellers to compromise on price. With smart real estate marketing, any seller can find a buyer willing to meet or even exceed the asking price.

Buyers Casting a Wide Net

On the buyers’ side of 2018 real estate trends, the expectation is that fewer boxes will be checked. With low inventory, buyers are compromising on one or more big wishlist items, be it a particular neighborhood, their commute time, or even the size of the house.

Even in an aggressive market, it takes work to attract the right home buyer. People will put in a bid on a home that doesn’t match all their criteria, but only if you make the house discoverable.

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