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Tips for Using Music in Your Real Estate Videos

Professionals are increasingly turning to real estate video marketing to showcase listings. However faux pas abound, from shoddy photos and footage, to irritating, offensive background music that sends potential clients screaming (while covering their ears) in the opposite direction. In today’s video marketing tips, we’re going to look closer at the latter, lending an ear to learning about music selection…

(Don’t) Play that Funky Music
Instead of Dick Clark’s top 40 countdown hits, real estate video marketing should take advantage of instrumental music tracks that set a warm, relaxed tone, engaging the listener, but not overpowering the message (the home listing). Recognizable tunes that have the viewer singing/humming along shift attention from the home to the music, which is not where you want to be. Match your selection to the pace/content of listing video content to add interest, keeping prospects engrossed in the experience.

What About a Voice-Over?
Most videos don’t need a voice track at all. A simple text cue of home features works better, especially with regionally-specific accents (Texas, Tennessee, New York, New England).

Jam-Free Music Access
To avoid legal hoopla (legal action and fines), look to ‘royalty-free’ music. With royalty-free music, you pay one set price, and can use it over-and-over (separately on videos, website, blogs/vlogs) at no additional cost. Watch out for music that’s not royalty-free, or you’ll be forking over every time someone clicks on your video link.

Where to Find Music to Sway Customers
Virtuets, the latest video builder tool from Properties Online, offers a host of royalty-free music for your selection. This service is free with most of our products. Prefer to do-it-yourself, or looking for a wider selection? YouTube also provides free, royalty-free music to account holders. For a small fee, sites like Pond5 and also offer realty-specific options.

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Don't Just do Listing Videos! What Else to Put in Your Online Business Video Library.

Don’t Just do Listing Videos! What Else to Put in Your Online Business Video Library

Feel like video usage in real estate marketing is falling short of your expectations? You may not be leveraging it to its fullest potential. A successful video marketing approach should encompass much more than simple listing videos. What are you missing?

Other Essential Real Estate Videos Include:

Just Sold Videos
The flipside of listings videos are easy to create and use the same files. These videos show off your sales success, offering potential new listing clientele the capability to see first-hand the genre of homes you typically represent and recent sales in their area.

Welcome Home Videos
Once you receive notice an offer has been accepted, create and send a “Welcome Home” video using your listing files, inserting a slide thanking the clients for their business. Excited new homeowners often share these with family and friends – so don’t forget to include a call-to-action button and link to your site.

Neighborhood Profiles
If you specialize in particular communities, neighborhood videos are a must, offering shoppers information on area amenities such as parks, recreation, schools, shopping, dining, and nearby attractions.

About Me Videos
These videos help potential clients put a face and personality with your name, and are a terrific opportunity to show how you stand out from other agents. What types of things should you include? A headshot, awards you’ve received, client testimonials, things you’re involved with in the community (charitable organizations, volunteerism), and most importantly, your contact information.

How-To Videos
Listing and buying particulars can be overwhelming. Simplify things with simple, instructional videos to help them through the process. These show you understand your clients’ needs intimately, add value to your services, and draw prospective clients to your web/social domains.

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Virtuets – The Top Real Estate Sellers’ Secret

As video use in real estate marketing continues to climb the popularity charts as the preferred way for home shoppers to gain information nationwide, “average Joe” agents are becoming increasingly aware of top real estate sellers’ secret weapon: Virtuets video marketing.

A Standout Property Sales & Marketing Medium
Video is highly leveraged content, and the next best thing to face-to-face interaction. And leading agents know a good video sales strategy can help them decrease their workload, accelerate the sales process, and improve closure rates, providing information that only costs a click to potential buyers. But what about the agent cost? Those missing out often wrongly assume a massive time or monetary investment to glean the advantages of video, but that’s just not so if you know the secret: Virtuets.

Virtuets Does the Work for You
Free with Listings Unlimited, our latest video builder tool creates professional, HD-quality property listing videos within minutes, including a custom call-to-action with each video showcase along with contact and brand information, making sharing your properties (and your amazing video skills) a snap. Not a Listings Unlimited user? By the project and by the month licensing options are also available, which include our entire suite of buyer and seller promotional videos.

Justifiable Benefits…

  • The preferred messaging medium
    An ingrained habit, 78% watch videos online weekly – 55% daily.
  • Boosts rank
    Search engines, especially Google, love videos.
  • Builds relationships
    Similar to in-person interactions, live demos are seen as genuine, gaining trust.
  • Magnifies word-of-mouth
    92% of mobile video consumers share them with others – something you won’t pull-off with email marketing.
  • Delivers to today’s mobile, instant-gratification generation
    On Facebook, more than 65% of videos are viewed on mobile devices – and buyers “want it now.” Capitalizing on this keeps customers under your wing.

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Things You Don’t Know About Mold that Could Land You in Hot Water

Do Real Estate Videos Offer More than Video Showcase Tours? Pros and Cons.

Do neighboring agents joining the 3-D video showcase brigade have you peeking over the fence? In this week’s real estate selling tips we’ll uncover why tried-and-true video is the way to go for showcasing your properties.

No Need to Keep Up with the Jones’s – Great Listing Videos Outperform in Every Way…

  • Setting the right mood.
    The dead, eerie silence of 3-D tours can set the wrong mood. The music of real estate videos better allows you to set the tone of the tour, portraying just the right image for the lifestyle you’re looking to attract.
  • Adding feel and purpose.
    Real estate video voice-overs let you point out features that may go overlooked, providing the personal feeling of a live walk-through – without the stress. Love the spotlight? Step in-front of the camera and flaunt your personality and expertise.
  • Offering timely information.
    Video won’t test the attention span of buyers with a choppy, time-consuming tour experience. The constant stop-and-go feel of 3-D tours, with its confusing and frustrating movement issues, suck-up the time of viewers. A fluid and well-planned video walk-through, however, preserves patience, deftly giving viewers a thorough tour in just 2-3 minutes.
  • Creating a more complete feel of space.
    Going from incomplete, interior-only views to extensive inside and out coverage, including drone shots and neighborhood amenities.
  • Returning your investment.
    With far more affordable and effective bang for your back than pricey 3-D camera tech.

Wish You Had the Time for ANY Kind of Video? Now You Do!
Forget about slaving away for hours or those lackluster slide show wizards. With Properties Online’s latest video builder addition, you can now create a video in just minutes, with all the bells, whistles, and customizations you need to build your brand and your business.

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Should Your Real Estate Video Try to Go Viral?

Video: Your Website’s New “Must Have”

Video is the most powerful, under-utilized form of marketing in real estate – the online equivalent of putting a puppy in the hands of a prospective buyer. And you don’t have to be selling a luxury home for video to be advantageous. Video doesn’t just appeal to buyers – sellers are recognizing its success and value and demanding it – video is the future.

Video gets right to the heart of buyers, telling the story of “what it’s like to live here…”
Differentiating itself from the multitudes of lemming-like real estate websites, listings with property videos leap off the page, coming to life and connecting with viewers in ways photography can’t… Demonstrating the flow of a home, capturing emotionally appealing shots through footage of gardens, neighborhoods, amenities, and nightlife… All a prospective client has to do is click “play.”

How critical are real estate videos when it comes to marketing?

  • Video listings get far more hits than your typical listing stills.
  • Videos keep most visitors on websites six times longer than those without.
  • Viewers retain 95 percent of the message, versus 10 percent of written messages.
  • Properly site-mapped videos are 53 percent more likely to rank on the first page of results on Google – over blogs and traditional sites.
  • The impression the value of real estate video gives prospective clients creates an overall view of an agent as someone who can effectively service their needs.

Not your family film reel…
Video listings are incredibly powerful – if they’re done right. Avoid nausea-inducing Blair Witch tributes by following best practices, including:

  • Utilizing the correct equipment.
  • Gathering sufficient footage.
  • Developing a clear, effective message.
  • A final video with a short, but adequate length.

Over 50% of the US population is consuming online video. Are you cashing in? Don’t miss out. Revolutionize your real estate business today.