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Zillow Introduces Snaphouse

Zillow Introduces Snaphouse – Could This be Your Future Sales Tool?

Taking advantage of Snapchat and its biggest Snap-Stars, Zillow is seeking out the Millennial market with new, reality-TV-like real estate listings via YouTube. One of the more interesting real estate trends for 2016, Zillow attempts to make home ownership look cool to a generation who’s been dragging their feet on entering the market.

Welcome to a strange marketing technique
Hosted by “A Cereal Production” founder Harris Markowitz, whose content is geared toward the social media genre, the “Welcome to Snaphouse” video introduces the concept with copious Malibu Snap-House home footage pre-intro. The premise: “Zillow wanted to know what would happen if five of the biggest and best creators on Snapchat were put together in a crazy awesome house for 24 hours with one mission: To create.”

Cut – and cut – and cut
In the first 60 seconds, the video is broken up by 10 cuts. House-specific footage is silent with subtitles, a stark contrast to the overly animated voices of Snap-Stars through the nearly 5-minute video. Probably fine for socially-inclined Gen-Y and Z, but annoyingly choppy for X-ers and Boomers, who generally don’t get the concept.

Home listing? Or “reality” show?
Following the intro and copious silent home footage, Snap-Stars discuss their idea of a dream home, favorite rooms… and lots of other extraneous information. If Snapchat and socially-addicted, over-sharing individuals didn’t annoy you before, they will now.

To be continued…
Follow-up videos in the SnapHouse are shorter, approximately 1-minute clips of SnapStars being creative, telling their professional selfie-taking stories, and filming it within the house. With a paltry 14,000 views and videos that don’t rank in Google searches, it remains to be seen if this will be one of the real estate trends for 2016 that sticks around.

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Take Advantage of Mobile Marketing for a Rockin’ New Real Estate Business Year

Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing

Among the top real estate trends you need to be aware of if you want to gain an edge in 2016: Mobile marketing. And changing your marketing tactics to reflect this technology trend could rock your world. Here’s how to take advantage:

  • Somebody’s Watching Me
    • Trend: Video ads.
    • Takeaway: Video ads will dominate across all platforms, with YouTube, Facebook, and Bing making this mode bigger. Video offers amazing benefits, not the least of which include drastically improved search engine results, sharing, and content retention. Stop stalling. If you’re not using video, you’re losing profits.
  • Start Me Up (I’ll Never Stop)
    • Trend: Dedicated apps are on the rise.
    • Takeaway: Apps can do everything websites can… But are more convenient, accessible and intuitive. Are you taking advantage of our new Facebook App?
  • Bust A Move
    • Trend: Total mobile domination (over desktop).
    • Takeaway: This year, Google announced mobile has overtaken desktop in 10 different countries. Sites not optimized for mobile viewing will soon be phased out. Keeping up with technology is essential to your business. If your site’s not mobile, you can’t afford to wait any longer – or you may find yourself waiting around for customers. That’s why all of our services included a FREE mobile website, FREE QR codes for all your marketing materials, and mobile lead capture services.
  • Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto
    • Trend: Digital assistants take over the search market.
    • Takeaway: Assistants like Siri and Cortana use traditional search engines when they can’t find information, so your search info needs to be easily accessible to them. Include more photos and videos. Digital assistants can’t bypass you to provide visual content—they route to your site directly.

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Know How to Explain the Mediation Clause in Your Real Estate Contract to Buyer and Sellers

You’re about to close the deal, and up pops the paperwork full of fancy legalese on mediation. Do you have the selling tips you need to break it down for your clients without losing the sale?

Dealing with disputes
Real estate disagreements come in all shapes, from the sobering to the stupid. Mediation is just one way of dealing with them in the rare instance they should arise.

Why mediation?
Society is growing increasingly litigious, at great monetary, time, and emotional expense to the parties involved – not to mention the economy. Mediation offers a popular alternative, rising in frequency of use due to its unique ability to reduce these tolls.

Baby steps
Mediation is the first step toward dispute resolution. More informal than arbitration, it occurs outside the court system, involving a neutral third party – the mediator – whose goal is to assist parties in the dispute in reaching a mutually acceptable settlement to the dispute.

Leave your debate skills at the door
Mediation is a non-adversarial process. There are no arguments or cases made to the mediator as there would be in a court case or arbitration. Instead, the mediator guides both parties to a mutually satisfactory solution. Compromises and trade-offs are encouraged, and after a settlement is reached an agreement is signed by parties involved.

Paying your fair share
When it comes to mediation costs, it is typical for parties to equally divide fees, which typically include an initial filing/processing fee and hourly fees for the dispute resolution itself. There are also many free or nominal cost available by local government agencies as well.

Not the only egg in the basket
Should mediation be unsuccessful, you are not contractually bound. Dispute resolution via arbitration or litigation can still be pursued.

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When Real Estate Agents Say This, It Really Means That

Real estate humor? We swear, it’s not an oxymoron. How far are you pushing the envelope in your efforts to sell a home? Lighten up and laugh at yourself.

What are you really saying when you’re describing listings?

  • A charming home…
    Not old enough to be historic, but too old to be considered new… This home is experiencing a mid-life crisis.
  • Original condition…
    Bring your duct tape and WD40, if this home was a car, it’d be wearing a “HONK IF PARTS FALL OFF” bumper sticker.
  • A turn of the century, historic home…
    Probable electrical, plumbing, lead paint, and asbestos issues, with the added bonus of no storage space.
  • This house is low maintenance…
    This house hasn’t been maintained in 25 years.
  • Architect ready…
    You’d better be married to one, this total gut job is going to cost you some serious green.
  • This home is cozy…
    You’ll outgrow this house before you get the moving van unloaded.
  • Conveniently located…
    Let your imagination run wild… Could be located right next to anything: the expressway, airport, train depot, industrial area, or wildlife refuge, even the local Walmart.
  • Recently updated home…
    The seller bought this home as a foreclosure – and repainted the interior.
  • Pool home…
    Kiss your free time good-bye and bring your checkbook for the added insurance, repair, pool care, chemicals, safety equipment…
  • Rustic…
    Plumbing consists of an outhouse or composting toilet.
  • Finishing touches needed…
    We hope you’re good with drywall, trim, paint, flooring…
  • A once in a lifetime opportunity…
    You might want to avoid this phrase unless you want to be the butt of future real estate humor jokes. The only thing that’s once in a lifetime is death.

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